“I don’t want flowers on Valentine’s Day because that is what you are supposed to do. I want flowers on Tuesday because you thought of me on your way home.”Anonymous

giving flowers

Oftentimes it’s the little gestures that you can do that can strengthen or break cause cracks in a marriage. 

So let’s talk about flowers. Not important you might think?

Flowers are one of these little gestures that can really impact the two of you in seemingly unexpected ways.

Even if you are someone who says or thinks that you “don’t care about flowers, they just die anyway”, you may begin to realize that flowers do mean something. 

Flowers can be a simple acknowledgement that he randomly thought of you and grabbed them on his way home. It could also be something that you’ve grown to love being greeted by when you walk into the kitchen. 

You may even have found that a certain flower brings back memories of when you dated or the first time you got them on your birthday. 

It probably comes as no surprise that the most common times for you to give flowers or get flowers are on a birthday, anniversary, for Valentine’s Day and for Mother’s Day. 

But giving flowers can mean a lot more. They aren’t limited when it comes to whom you give them too. Guys can love flowers too.  

Yes, flowers are beautiful. And yet they also can make you feel valued, appreciated, seen, loved, confident, secure and so many more things. 

Over time though when you think about it, you will realize that giving flowers, and receiving flowers, can have quite an impact on a person. 

You can create a lot of warm fuzzies, when you know how flowers make your spouse feel. Plus knowing what your spouse’s favorite flowers are or even conveying the meaning behind flowers can create a meaningful gesture.

So don’t just wing it at the grocery store or the gas station when you’re looking to buy flowers. Take a minute and think what the power of some beautiful blossoms may have on your spouse.

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