Forget ‘You had me at hello.’ You had me at ‘Let’s pray together’ —Anonymous

pray together

What does it mean for you to pray together? Isn’t prayer supposed to be something that you do quietly by yourself? Why would you want to pray out loud or in front of one another?

When you stand together in prayer and say, “not today devil”, you are activating your faith. By speaking your intentions out loud, you change so many things beyond simply the act of praying. 

Praying aloud and together is powerful. It’s a way of connecting your hearts and recentering your marriage. 

It’s also a completely different level of intimacy which can feel very powerful and very humbling. Even further, it’s a way for you to express your gratitude individually and together. 

This shared experience can enable you to support each other as you collectively believe for and release those things not in your control. 

Prayer alone is powerful. Praying together magnifies the stabilizing, powerful feelings because you are doing it as a unified team. 

See, anything that you do that brings unity to your marriage can really be seen as sticking it to the devil. 

It’s not hard to see that in the world today there is an attack on marriage. Infidelity, broken trust, pornography, busyness, distractions, you name it. There are so many things that keep husbands and wives from strengthening The 6 Pillars of Intimacy

These things further chip away at your unity by distracting you from finding comfort in one another, from being united. It’s easy to feel like things are out of control when you are not unified in your efforts.

This is where praying together can make such a difference. But here’s the thing, you don’t need to complicate it. You don’t have to have fancy words or set aside hours to pray. 

Start right where you are. 

Choose to be fully in the moment with your spouse. Inviting God to be a part of your marriage, to help the two of you navigate any and all situations that you may be facing is a powerful experience and one way to say…not today, devil.

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