“One single vulnerability is all an attacker needs.” —Window Snyder

security features

Have you ever had your social media accounts hacked? 

It’s an overwhelming feeling when you realize you didn’t have security features in place. You may feel violated, angry, and frustrated. Social media accounts are a part of you in ways you might not realize until someone has hacked them. 

Social media accounts are a part of how we connect with others, how we share our passions and our lives. So it’s natural to feel violated. 

These are the same emotions you’ve likely felt if there has been an intruder in your marriage. You literally feel as if something is stealing the relationship (a part of you) away. 

Just as you may feel with any type of intrusion in your life, you may wonder how on Earth this could happen in the first place and wonder why the guardrails, to keep you safe, failed. 

You may have also wondered what would happen next? 

If you have ever had to recover from a social media hack, you know it’s an interesting time of back and forth with Instagram and Facebook

It goes a little something like this. 

We think we can help you! Oh, sorry we can’t.

Let’s try this! Nope, that will not work.

You quickly realize you are getting nowhere fast. 

It’s kind of like when things initially go haywire in your marriage and you think “let’s do this”, it’ll fix everything. But mitigating things on your own when it all goes haywire is not always an easy fix. Sometimes you need an expert to help you along the way.  

You also need to have security systems in place. For digital accounts, it’s called 2 Factor Authentication.   

In your marriage, it’s how the two of you communicate when someone (another person) or something (porn, drugs, secret spending) is trying to hack its way into your marriage? 

You also need to understand you may need outside help. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith to get the help that you need. The same is true in marriage.

You may need to trust someone else. Someone who has a track record of supporting others who have gone through the same thing. But in getting that help, you have to be completely vulnerable with that other person in order to recover.

If you have tried to do things on your own or with resources/people that you think should be able to get the job done and it’s not happening, it’s time to try something new.

Asking for help when all seems lost may be hard, but it also may be the step in the right direction that you need to recover and move forward.

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