We sure hope so because we’re having 7 straight days of it starting June 6th.

If you haven’t already signed up and would like to join over 60+ couples please add a comment to the Announcing “7 Days of Sex Challenge” post.

Make sure to leave your names, how long you have been married, and which state you reside?

Who’s Doing This Anyway?

Couples from all walks of life are taking part in the 7 Days of Sex Challenge for many reasons.  Whatever their reasons for doing the challenge one thing is for sure, spending 7 days being intimate with each other will have a positive impact on their marriage.

Here is some fun stats on who’s doing the 7 Days of Sex Challenge

Years Married

0 to 5 years – 18 couples
6 to 10 years – 16 couples
11 to 15 years – 13 couples
16 to 20 years – 4 couples
21 to 25 years – 1 couple
26 to 30 years – 5 couples
31 to 35 years – 1 couple
36 to 40 years – 2 couples
41 to 50 years – 1 couple

Where They’re From

Alaska – 1 couple
California – 7 couples
Colorado – 2 couples
Connecticut – 1 couple
Florida – 1 couple
Georgia – 1 couple
Hawaii – 1 couple
Iowa – 1 couple
Illinois – 1 couple
Indiana – 2 couples
Louisiana – 1 couple
Massachusetts – 1 couple
Maryland – 1 couple
Michigan – 4 couples
Mississippi – 1 couple
North Carolina – 5 couples
North Dakota – 1 couple
New Jersey – 2 couples
Nevada – 1 couple
New York – 1 couple
Oregon – 2 couples
Pennsylvania – 6 couples
South Carolina – 2 couples
Tennessee – 1 couples
Texas – 2 couples
Virgina – 2 couples
Washington 2 couples
Wisconsin – 3 couples
Alberta, Canada – 1 couple
Ontario, Canada – 2 couples
Australia – 1 couple

Check out the 7 Days of Sex Challenge Google Map

What’s Next

If you have joined the challenge we are very excited to hear from you every day about how you are doing.  By commenting you are also entered into the random prize drawing for that day and ultimately the Grand Prize drawing on Monday June 13th.

Starting on Sunday at 12am PST we’ll have a post on www.oneextraordinarymarriage.com titled, 7 Days of Sex Challenge: Day 1 – Here We Go! Each day there after we’ll have a post with the day we are on and another topic.  Please leave your comment by 11:59pm PST.

Are you still on the fence?  Don’t wait any longer.  Sign up and see for yourself what 7 Days of Sex can do to your marriage.  If you are ready make sure you leave your comment on the Announcing “7 Days of Sex Challenge” post.

So, Are You Ready?

What’s going on in your mind as we approach the first day of the 7 Days of Sex Challenge?

Please note: We reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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  1. So glad to see Pennsylvania well represented. My parents are leading the Love & Respect class at our church. I'm hoping to recruit a few more participants before the challenge begins this weekend.

  2. I hope the class your folks are leading is going great. I've heard that the Love & Respect book is really good. Haven't read it yet, but need to. Thank you so much Megan for telling those at your church about the challenge.

  3. Get on Stu via Twitter. We would love to have him and his wife joining us. Pennsylvania is well represented for sure and we just had our first couple from South Africa sign up this morning.

  4. Oh yeah! Good idea. By the way, Firstborn and one of his pitchers are at LaJolla Shores all day today for a family get together. If you go there and listen for the two teenage boys that talk like rednecks you'll have found them! LOL Yesterday the went deep sea fishing and found out its much different than fishing in Tennessee!

  5. OK, here's a testimony to prayer… we signed up a few days ago and are looking forward to it, but this morning wake up to find that our AC is dead. Not to mention thoughts of budget breaking repairs, having no AC in north Florida in June doesn't bode well for seven days! 🙂 But prayers were answered (simple cheap repair) and we're back experiencing a cool spell even though it feels like 101 outside! It's interesting how things just “happen” to try to sidetrack us when we commit to strengthening our relationships. Coincidence? Don't think so…..Relying on Him, and praying for all of us couples, John & Tina.

  6. Amen! Yes, Satan will try to derail each of the 90 couples that are doing the challenge. He doesn't want us to have extraordinary marriages and if he can stop us he will.

    We are thrilled that your AC is working and that your prayers have been answered. Praise God.

    Thank you for the prayers you are sending up to our Lord for all of us.

    Your a blessing to all of us.

  7. We had to start tonight because we are going on vacation with the in-laws next Saturday, and nothing ends the romance like your nosy in-laws in the next room (or like your 2-year-old having to sleep in the room with you!). So here is our report – Day 1 was great! We are actually really excited about this challenge and reconnecting because we just found out that we will be adopting a baby in just 3 short months and have had a lot of stress associated with the birthmom! So thank you for challenging us to make each other top priority and thanks for the give-away!

    Jamie and Katie
    Married 7 1/2 years
    South Carolina

  8. .Can we sign up still? We are from Kansas and I don't see anyone from
    Here on you're list. We spent our weekend out of town so we started a day early on the 7 day schedule