Do something different! God intended us to enjoy sex so make sure you do.


Go somewhere, discuss different positions and then do them, make love during the day, keep your eyes open when climaxing, use a flavored lubricant, whipped cream, or anything else that would get you from doing what you have done in the past.

It’s time for a change and this week is the perfect time to do so. Go make it happen.

Tell the ONE Community how Day 2 has gone for the two of you. When posting your comment please leave your names and where you reside.

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7 Days of Sex Challenge Book Kindle Edition

As C.S. Lewis once said“Sex that is too serious is deprived of the romp and fun that is essential to a healthy enjoyment of sex.”

After reading this book, you’ll be armed with the knowledge on what you need to do to have your own 7 Days of Sex Challenge. Every year our marriages need to be growing and  it is important for you to accomplish something that will set it up for a lot of growth.

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111 thoughts on “7 DAYS OF SEX CHALLENGE: DAY 2 – CHANGE IT UP

  1. This is one advantage to my husband being laid off & kids still in school. We have the house to ourselves!!! Day One went fantastic!

  2. We doubled up on Day 1 because my hubby is away on business today. But, this challenge has certainly changed the dynamics of our phone conversations…as we are in anticipation of day 3! And, I think we are definately missing each other more because of a great Day 1! I'll have to plan an extra-special night for his return tomorrow (I just hope he gets in on time for us to get Day 3 in!)
    -D & S (PA)

  3. Managed a quickie this morning before Ian's 48-hour shift. I think we'll have to double up on Wednesday 🙂 It was a bit difficult – I swear our kids can smell the pheromones.

  4. Sorry- was too busy to post for Day one. We had a long day and finished it off right. 😉

    Our Power went out last night… and kept coming on and going out again allllll night. So we weren't doing a lot of sleeping- and we made the most of it! Day 2- check!

    S & E, California!

  5. Dawn, it's great that you can already see the impact on your marriage. As for him getting home with enough time tomorrow…there was one night when we did the 60 nights of sex that Tony got home at 11:54pm…we had a lot of laughs as we made those last 6 minutes count.

  6. Just checking in. We are so on the same page with you! I can tell God was speaking to us! Before I even read Day 2 here my husband came home from work on lunch and we made love during his lunch break (during the daytime) and talked about changing it up with different positions. So it was neat to read this blog afterwards. 🙂 So Day One (Check) Day Two (Check)

  7. Day 2, we certainly changed it up. DH came home – I made a “picnic” with edibles for dinner. I felt appreciated today. Connie from Maryland.

  8. I don't think you have us recorded on your map. We are in Arizona. You don't have any listed for Arizona. We've been married 7 years

  9. Phil & Lisa, PA

    Two words: Strip poker. I (wife) lost, but does anyone really lose in a game of strip poker between a husband and wife?

  10. Day 2. We just did it under the stars on our deck. I can't believe we've been in this house nearly 6 years and we've never done it on our beautiful deck. Thanks for encouraging us to change it up. It was really nice. We had an owl hooting the whole time. I guess he knows who in Roanoke, Va.

  11. I'm posting this while waiting for the kids to get to bed so that “the Plan” can happen tonight! (I know that I won't get back to the computer 😉 tonight!) I've created a steamy video playlist on youtube (i'm going to email it to you to share with the group if anyone would like it!) that is all setup in the bedroom. Candles are glowing, wine is waiting to be uncorked, massage oil is warming….I think you get the idea of “the Plan”. I can hardly wait to give him my undivided attention! Last night was fun! This will be even better! 🙂 – Shawna & Bruce, Alberta Canada

  12. Day 2 was a big hit! We changed it up with a little extra foreplay. I (wife) lit the whole house with candles and then allowed my husband to do different things in each room. In the kitchen, he could only kiss me but had to keep his hands behind his back. Then he could pick one piece of clothing to take off. Only touching (and dancing) in the living room. Then no touching in the hall – until we reached the bedroom. He loved the teasing!=)

  13. Corbin & Erin from Iowa did the whole tea light candles in the bedroom. Long day of work and we are all tired so it when't quick.

  14. Very cool stories below! Our evening wasn't quite as exciting as some of those, but included some nice lotions and massages. Day 2 in the books!

  15. Shawna, first of all, thank you for the playlist, we are including it as part of Day 4's post. Secondly, WOW! “The Plan” sounds like a sure fire way to sweep him off of his feet. Love how you are romancing your husband.

  16. Day 2 was again just after midnight. We changed it up by going to the guest bedroom. It felt like we were breaking the rules since it was in a room without a lock and our son was still up.. We laughed and had fun trying to be quiet while incorporating a bit more foreplay. Steve & Brenda from Oregon. .

  17. Thanks so much for letting us know…with all of the activity that we have had we haven't updated the summary page but are keeping up with the Google Map. We will do a comprehensive summary at the end of the week as more people are still joining in.

  18. Well, we didn't get to change it up too much because my husband was exhausted. BUT, normally, it wouldn't have happened at all because he was so tired. Just so glad that we both made the effort 🙂

    Tara & Dan in CA

  19. Michael & Jennifer from California…. Almost started in the car to meet the dead line =P Out sight seeing today….Did it at our friends house that we are visiting, just a little bit quieter than usual.

  20. ok we're coming down long enough to write this ^_^.. nite nite..see'in stars and in Love…..onto day 3

  21. Sorry this is late, but we finished too late to post. Day 2 was great. We took a walk after dinner and we were able to tlak and connect without the pressures of the day and the family. When we got home, Jennifer told me her yeast infection was getting better and she was up for an attempt. We took it very slow and it was amazing. We are looking forward to day 3!

  22. We were both exhausted after a long day of work, doctor appointments, general Monday-ness, but we still had something to look forward to at the end of the day and we made time to enjoy each other. It's helping our joint prayer life also. 2 days 2 done, working on #3!

  23. John, glad to hear that it's helping your prayer life and giving the two of you something to look forward to when its “just one of those days”.

    Can you respond back with where you are from so that I can log your comment? Thanks!

  24. We had a late start but we will make up for it….Day 2 done so we will have to make up Day 1! So blessed! The best was my husbands face when I told him, last night what I signed us up for!!! PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Corenae and Jeff, Michigan

  25. Day two completed. I was reminded why morning sex is the best…after a really long day we finally made it to bed and did it. It was definately a quickie. I am starting to wonder if Amy is enjoying this, I don't think so, it seems like we (or I) am just going thru the motions (which normally doesn't bother me). I really want this week to draw us closer and not just be about the sex. Can you guys pray for us that we will be more than physical?? Thanks!
    Married 12 yrs in SC

  26. We will absolutely be praying that this is more than just a physical experience. I (Alisa) would suggest taking some time to talk through what the two of you are experiencing and feeling. Spend some time being emotionally intimate and find out what is going on.

  27. We were so totally exhausted because of our fun Day 1 events cutting our sleep time in half, that we both unexpectedly passed out before 10pm… and before we could complete our fun. 🙁 But we both slept really well which has been eluding us the past couple of months with worries over other things. Those worries I now realize are what have caused our diminishing intimate time together, and neither of us want that to happen!

    Not too long ago we were the couple that bragged to eachother that daily sex was a given, it was squeezing in 2-3 times that was the challenge. We both want to be back there so much. We don't want that to end just because finances have fluctuated or we're getting older or that we have 7 kids.

    So we missed out on Day 2 but I don't think either of us regretted it overly much because we both feel so great and rested this morning for the first time in a while. Day 3… va va voom.. can't wait for tonight!! Especially since the only one that will be home is the 1 year old. 😀

    Stephanee & Ronnie, Texas, married 3 years

    (but we have 7 kids between us, 3 full time, 4 frequently. Ages 1-15)

  28. No changing it up for us for day two. Still in Gatlinburg in a cabin with family till this afternoon. It was a late late night but day two was a success.

    T & L in Gatlinburg right now, but from the Atlanta GA area.

  29. Awesome post Stephanee. We love that Day 1 was so enjoyable that you two were able to have some of the best sleep in months. That is a huge bonus for you guys. We have learned that sleep is something we need and if we don't get enough of it we are not in the mood for sex.

    Even though you've missed Day 2 we are excited to hear about Day 3-7. Sounds like this weeks is already helping you focus on each other again even with the life circumstances. When we focus on our marriage, lift each other up, and take the time to nurture one another it is amazing to see the changes in our marriages.

    Keep it up and we look forward to your Day 3 post.

  30. Day two turned out to be a blessing. After spending the day taking a hard look at our finances and sitting down to restructure them, we both were more than stressed and welcomed the chance to forget about it and focus on each other. Afterwards, we both felt much less stressed and our thought processes were clearer. And instead of tossing and turning all night because of the stress, we both slept like babies.

  31. Last night was a tough start but in the end it was
    wounderful I have a good idea for tonight it's going
    to be under the stars. 😉

  32. How funny! I didn't even realize it was two checks on day two. I love it!

    Hoping for a check check check check check check check too!

  33. We accomplished day 2 last night–didn't want to get out of bed to post. Lovin' it!

  34. Day 2 Kim and Shane Michigan posting 6/8/10 320pm est for day 2. We both worked during the day then had a memorial service to attend an hour away. We ended up in traffic and our hour trip took two and walking in late to the memorial. 🙁 Had a nice talk on the way theere. Had dinner out with friends and did not get home until 1120pm. Shane said he would skip the extra work he needed to do for a presentation today and get up early to work on it. So I took advantage. No major changes but enjoyed our time together. We spilled over into Day 3 but just counting it as day 2.
    Shane is not a morning person so he made a sacrafice to make day 2 work and I told him this am how much I appreciated it. He said “this is important, I wanted to make it work”. Hoping not to make it so late again tonight. Praying for everyone to grow in communication, intimacy and love. Kim

  35. Derek, love the play on words for Wednesday. Remember to take each day as it comes and to really talk about what is going on between the two of you. All of the little things really do make a difference when you are trying to do something like this.

  36. What a day the two of you had. It's awesome to hear that Shane was willing to sacrifice the extra sleep so that the two of you could have the time together. Your prayers for everyone are so appreciated as they are much needed.

  37. Glad that you stayed in bed to enjoy each other (that's why we don't the winner for the previous day isn't selected until later). Sounds like the two of you are really having a great time.

  38. Wow! You worked through and in so many forms of intimacy yesterday and came out with a clearer perspective-that's FANTASTIC. Plus, it doesn't hurt that you had a great stress releaser!!

  39. Done! It was wonderful:) My hubby is working a 24 hour shift, so we will have to double up on Wednesday:)

  40. We listened to the change it up and the three kinds of sex, we were heading for a quickie but ended up with her being satisfied too. Thanks for the helps we are looking forward to day three.

  41. We started a day late due to husband's work schedule. Day 1 started with opening up emotionally, which has been a struggle for us. It lead to great sex and cuddling afterward. Day 2 was hard. All day we looked forward to being together physically and emotionally, however in-law issues caused a huge fight. I went to work out and burn off some of the anger. This helped me take time to realize what the real issue was. I got home, gave him a huge hug, apologized and then told him “I hear make-up sex is very cool”. He giggled and then realized I wasn't kidding :). It was such a great cure for us.

  42. Hi again! Thought I would take care of day 2 while I was on and it was GREAT! She surprised me and I really like that. We have two foster kids 11 and 7, mother-in-law (24/7 care) and a live in care giver to help with her, so other rooms will be a challenge…… but hey………we love a challenge!
    See ya tomorrow!

    Andy and Yvonne from Iowa

    • Kudos to Yvonne for Taking the Lead. Way to go!!! It is truly a blessing for us guys when this happens in our marriage. I know that I sure do enjoy it.

      You two have a lot on your plate at home. This week will be a challenge for sure, but as we have seen over this past year couples find way to make “it” happen. ; )

      Keep it up and can’t wait to hear how tomorrow goes.


  43. Day two. I don’t think my husband expected me to continue this challenge. We ended up going to bed a little later due to our grandson being in the NICU. However, we, I made it a priority for both of us. We did go out on a date and talked some. We tried a new position and it was difficult but we managed one that worked. Now on to day 3.

    • Even with all that’s on your plate you made this happen. Kudos to you for going into another position after the first one didn’t work out as planned. That happens to us as well from time to time. Love you guys.