There is only 10 days left before the 1st Annual 7 Days of Sex Challenge from June 6th-12th, 2010 and it is going to be amazing.

We are very excited to have each of you join us for this challenge.  As of the writing of this post we have 40 couples from 3 countries and 26 states.

If you haven’t signed up make sure to add your comment to the 7 Days of Sex Challenge post so we know to expect you.

Please continue to share the 7 Days of Sex Challenge on Facebook, Twitter, as a blog post, or any other way you like to stay in touch with your friends and family.

We know that each of you are in it for the sex, but you might be asking yourself about the prizes we’ve been talking about.  Here they are…

How Do We Win a Prize?

Every day, you’ll need to leave a comment on the appropriate days post letting the ONE Community know that you have completed that days challenge.  Your post can be as simple as “We did it!” or you can tell us about what made the day special, challenging, fun, etc.  All comments need to be made by 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time to be eligible for the prizes. We hope this is simple, but if you have any questions please leave a comment below.

By leaving your comment you will be entered into that days drawing.  Don’t forget, you MUST subscribe to ONE Extraordinary Marriage via either RSS or iTunes to be eligible for a prize.  Each day we will put your names into a hat and pick a winner.  We will contact you the following day to let you know if you won.  Please be advised if we get a bit behind it is because we are also doing the challenge.  Many of our prizes are electronic so we’ll be asking for an email address.  If it is a physical product or book we’ll get your address.  We’ll make sure everything is delivered in a timely fashion.

Now For The Prizes!

We owe a big thank you to all of our sponsors for bringing these amazing prizes to you for the 1st Annual 7 Days of Sex Challenge.  All of those who have signed up for the challenge on Announcing “7 Days of Sex Challenge” are eligible for the Day 0 prize.  If you haven’t signed up make sure to do so on the Announcing “7 Days of Sex Challenge” post.  To be eligible for the daily prizes you must leave a comment by 11:59pm PST.  Those who complete ALL 7 Days will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing on Monday June 13th.

The Line Up of Prizes…

Day 0 – The Romance Rescue: How to Have Really Great Sex When You’re Not in the Mood

Day 1 – 52 Weeks of Romance Scratch-Off Cards, Romantic Dice, and 2 samples of non-warming lubricant

Day 2 – The 7 Days Sex Challenge (ebook)

Day 3 – Working It All Out: Work, Family, Kids, & Intimacy

Day 4 – Foreplay Connect Game (Similar to Connect 4, but for grown-ups) and 2 sample lubricants

Day 5 – Simple Marriage: The Path to Experiencing More in Marriage and Life & 5 Ways an Intimate Marriage Can Change the World (audio)

Day 6 – Get Naked: Stripping Down to Money & Marriage (ebook)

Day 7 – Just the Two of Us: Tips for Great Dates (Audio)

Grand Prize – Stripped Down: 13 Keys to Unlocking Intimacy in Your Marriage (Book)& $30 Visa Gift Card.

Make Sure to Thank and Visit our Sponsors!

We have been truly blessed with the response for prizes for the 1st Annual 7 Days of Sex Challenge.  Without them we wouldn’t have the lineup of prizes that we do.  Take a moment and let these folks know that you appreciate their generosity.  Here is the list of sponsors committed to making the 1st Annual 7 Days of Sex Challenge a success.  Not only have they supported, but have also joined the challenge.

Gina Parris – The Romance Rescue (@ginaparris on Twitter)

Dawn & Jenn – Intentional Moments (@loveonpurpose)

Jim & Carrie – The Intimate Couple

Cory Allen – Simple Marriage (@simplemarriage)

Stu Gray – The Marry Blogger (@themarryblogger)

Derek Sisterhen – Past Due (@djsisterhen)

Dutin Reichman – Engaged Marraige (@engagedmarriage)

Share IT!

Finally, please don’t forget to let everyone you know about the 1st Annual 7 Days of Sex Challenge.  This is our chance to make a change in not only our marriage, but the marriages around us.  We are looking forward to having an amazing 7 days with each of you.

Please note: We reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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  1. Just wondering, my boyfriend and I have been together for over 12 years. We're not married, but we'd like to take part in this challenge. Is it just for “married” couples with a paper and everything… or can “married” couples with-OUT a paper take part too? Both of our families consider us the same as married. LOL! If that counts!

  2. Oh yes, this should be good. Mr. Parris is rarely this excited about my challenges. The Romance Rescue is a fun program, especially for those of us who sometimes don't know if we even care to keep up with our mate!
    And do note – its now just a one-time purchase with immediate benefit. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. David and Dianne
    Live in PA
    Married 28 years
    Up for the challenge (by faith). I know God will use this, if we follow thew. Pray for Dianne,not so sure.

  4. Alisa

    Thanks for the prayer. It's what will make this a week to remember. Dianne is now on board. We have started fasting till next week. Expecting a great week. God bless you and your ministry.