Your overall day-to-day energy and your sexual libido are intertwined – you could say that they are joined like two peas in a pod.

7 Mistakes You're Making in the Bedroom Your sexual passion is as unique as your finger print. Only you have your finger print and the same is with your sexual passion.

You express your sexual passion in your own special way.

You do this by the way you touch your spouse, make eye contact, breathe before and during sexual intercourse, the way you kiss, and how you move with your spouse.

These are unique to you and you alone.

Unfortunately, work, over involved parenting, filling every moment of your day being busy, household obligations, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, taking on to many church activities, and lack of exercise can lead to a lack of sexual desire on your part. Leaving you and your spouse at a stalemate in the bedroom.

7 Mistakes You’re Making in the Bedroom

1. Your bedroom is uninviting. There are clothes all over the place, the pictures of your in-laws stare at you, the lighting is harsh and unromantic, and the kid(s) sleeping in your bed doesn’t help.

Making your room inviting is a weekly task that each of you can do. Instead of pointing fingers about who should clean the room make it a game together to keep it clean. Give points for tasks completed and then treats for earning these points.

2. Not sharing your likes, desires, and favorite positions. Your spouse can’t read your mind when it pertains to your sexual passion. The best way to make sure that your spouse knows what you desire is to talk together about this outside the bedroom.

Grab our 19 Questions to Amazing Sex to get the conversation started and share with each other what you’d like to do in the bedroom.

3. Electronics devices have become your night light. Make your bedroom an electronic free zone. That’s right get rid of all the electronics. There is nothing more frustrating then rolling over to a spouse who is completely engaged with something on their iPad.

We recently had an issue with our phones in our bedroom. In an attempt to track our our sleep patterns we uploaded an app to them. It was a great app and yet when we were rolling over each morning checking our phones we knew there was an issue and they had to go.

Which would you rather be doing, looking at your phone or having morning sex?

4. Hiding that beautiful body of yours. To often you are hiding behind what you are wearing. You will not let your spouse see that beautiful body you have because of your own image of your body. Believe us when we say that your spouse loves you for who you are. Let them enjoy the visual beauty you have.

5. Spiritual intimacy is on the back burner. Making love and praying together are two of the most intimate activities you can do together. Often fear will stop you from opening up and praying. Don’t let fear hold you back from an intimate opportunity to connect with your spouse.

For years we struggled making prayer an intimate part of our marriage. Once we let go of our own egos and began to come from a place of thankfulness that is when we finally begin to enjoy this special time together.

6. Expecting spontaneous sex. Having spontaneous sex is amazing! The problem is that life happens in your marriage and sex ends up not happening spontaneously. Actually, it doesn’t happen at all. Don’t let weeks pass by without sharing your unique sexual passion. Make time each week to be intimate by scheduling sex.

7. Same time, same place, same position. It’s time to break out of the routine(s) you have around you sex life. A fun way to do this is by playing a fun board game together. By picking one of these games you don’t have to think of something new to do. Just follow the direction on the game of choice and go from there.

We’ve had sexual ruts in our marriage. During one of these dry patches we decided to pick up Foreplay Dice to spice up the bedroom. It was just what we needed to get past our hangups and launch us into a season of sexual passion.

Keep Experimenting

It’s up to you and your spouse to not fall into these mistakes for long periods of time. Pick the one that is hindering you right now and try something new in your bedroom. Each time you do you will learn something about yourself and your spouse.

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