Feeling like you and your spouse have drifted apart? Are you stuck in a rut and wishing you could get the spark back? When you’re in this place, you need simple and practical ways to strengthen your marriage.


We’ve compiled seven ideas to help you take action and deepen the intimacy in your marriage. By incorporating some of these tips into your marriage, you can begin to experience a happier, closer, and more passionate relationship with your spouse.

These tips, inspired by some of our favorite marriage resources, will help you grow closer and more connected with your spouse.

7 Simple Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

Below are seven incredible ways to strengthen your marriage, from relationship resources to practical activities you can do together. Get started today!

1. Exchange Love Letters Every Month 

Imagine having a year’s worth of love letters shared between you and your spouse. Love notes are a simple way to keep the romance alive and show your partner how much you care.

Try writing love notes to each other each month. To help you get started, download our FREE 21 Little Love Notes guide.

2. Discuss Your Sex Life

Sexual intimacy is a crucial part of marriage, and improving it requires open communication. It might seem obvious to some couples, but you can’t enhance your sex life without talking about it.

A simple way to bring up this conversation is by asking a question. The 19 Questions to Amazing Sex Marriage Guide offers thought-provoking questions that help you explore each other’s desires. With new prompts and knowledge, you can deepen your sexual closeness as a couple.

3. Laugh About Your Differences

Differences are inevitable. Sometimes, those differences lead to conflict. But what if you knew how to laugh at your differences?

A practical way to strengthen your marriage is to seek out marriage materials that help you embrace the messiness of marriage with humor and wisdom. Look for relatable books, shows, movies, and more that provide encouragement. Even better, seek out resources that teach strategies for building a strong and resilient relationship, even when things aren’t picture-perfect.

4. Engage Multiple Pillars at Once

While focusing on one of The 6 Pillars of Intimacy® at a time has its benefits, it can also be helpful to engage in activities where you engage multiple pillars at the same time.

For example, cuddle up with your spouse while having a deep conversation to engage both your physical and emotional intimacies.

Or jump in the shower together to engage your emotional and physical (and possibly sexual!) intimacies.

Alternatively, incorporate a fun sexy game into your sex routine to build recreational and sexual intimacy.

5. Learn About Your Libido 

Understanding the complexities of your desire and orgasms can enhance sexual intimacy for both you and your spouse.

There are several books and courses to help you learn more about your body. Click here to see some of our favorite books addressing anatomy, orgasms, physical health, and more. 

By learning more about your sex organs and body, you can improve your sexual relationship and deepen your connection with your spouse.

6. Commemorate Your Favorite Moments

Capturing and reflecting on your marriage helps keep the magic alive. Try creating a photo album with your favorite pictures or writing in a journal.

If you’re looking for exciting ideas to add joy back into your relationship, check out these Alphabet Date Ideas!

7. Invest in Marriage Resources and Encouragement

Creating an extraordinary marriage is a process—not a one-and-done task. That means you need to continue learning about how to strengthen your marriage.

Investing in resources like seminars, magazines, or marriage books can provide valuable insights and inspiration.

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