As a wife, you need a marriage community to help you face your unique challenges and demands. When you surround yourself with other wives who are excited to do marriage well, you and your marriage can thrive. 


Community is essential in every aspect of your life. Yet so often, it’s easy to think that you’re supposed to do marriage all alone. 

While some aspects of marriage are sacred and private between husband and wife, you can learn countless strategies to strengthen your marriage from other married people. 

In fact, there are seven reasons wives need a marriage community. 

Why You Need a Marriage Community as a Wife

Before you read this list, remember that both husbands and wives need a marriage community. 

Many of the reasons below apply to husbands, as well. However, as you’ll see below, each section is tailored to a wife’s experience. 

A Marriage Community Encourages Positivity

One of the top reasons you need a marriage community as a wife is to help you maintain a positive attitude about marriage. 

These days, it’s common to see wives venting frustrations about marriage or negativity toward their husbands. These habits erode the foundation of a marriage over time. 

Instead, you need encouragement and support from a marriage community that sees the beauty amid the challenges. 

Marriage is a mixture of valleys and mountaintops. There may be seasons when you feel close and connected (in other words, intimate) with your spouse. And there may be times when you feel disconnected.

The role of a marriage community is to remind you of the commitments you made on your wedding day. Wives with similar experiences can give you encouragement. Within a marriage community, you can find the support you need to keep moving forward.  

A Marriage Community Fosters Honesty and Vulnerability 

While the relationship between you and your husband is unique, there are some aspects of married life that your husband might not fully understand. For example, issues related to body image, initiating sex, and communicating desires can be difficult to address with your husband. 

Maybe you feel a lack of confidence in the bedroom because you got the message growing up that “good girls don’t do that.” Maybe you struggle to understand your body. Or maybe your husband doesn’t know when you are initiating.

Within a marriage community, you can express your concerns and challenges openly and honestly.

Other wives can empathize with your experiences. They have been there before. And they have insight into the strategies you can use to become a more confident wife. 

A Marriage Community Addresses Important Topics

Your past experiences influence how you view sex. If you grew up feeling like sex was dirty or something to avoid, you may struggle to have an open dialogue with your husband about sexual intimacy. 

That’s where a community of other wives can be incredibly powerful. A marriage community can help you feel more comfortable talking about important topics such as libido, oral sex, toys, new positions, initiating sex, and more.  

You can discuss with others how sex is a gift to explore. You can learn more about your body, get tips for initiating sex, gain confidence in the bedroom, and truly enjoy sexual intimacy with your husband. 

In the same way that you might listen to a podcast to help jumpstart a conversation about sex with your husband, a marriage community can help you do the same thing. Equipped with thoughts and ideas from other wives, you can confidently approach important conversations with your husband.  

A Marriage Community Celebrates Your Victories

You deserve a support system to celebrate with you when you experience great things in your marriage. Overcoming challenges is a testament to your resilience and commitment to your marriage. It’s always more fun when you have others cheering you on. 

It doesn’t have to only be victories in your marriage, either. But as you already know, anything that affects you will affect your marriage. 

As you grow and develop into the person you want to be, your marriage can do the same. 

So, surround yourself with other women who want you to succeed. Become part of a group that resists comparison. Instead, be around others who recognize the potential in your marriage and want to help you reach it.  

A Marriage Community Understands Your Goals 

Extraordinary couples recognize the value of The 6 Pillars of Intimacy® in a marriage. They don’t view intimacy as just sex. Instead, they know the pillars include emotional, physical, financial, spiritual, recreational, and sexual intimacy

There are wives out there like you who want more than “good enough.” They want happy and healthy marriages. 

It is life-changing to be part of a community that wants a strong marriage in every aspect. That’s why having a marriage community as a wife is so important. 

A Marriage Community Proves You’re Not Alone 

As a wife, you will face challenges and struggles that your husband never will. Your bodies and brains are simply different. You need the support of other women who understand what you are experiencing. 

Whether you’re raising young children, trying to manage your household, caring for aging parents, sending your children off to college, dealing with hormonal imbalances, or facing any other stressor, others have been exactly where you are right now. 

You are not alone. And a marriage community is one of the best reminders that you can get through whatever you are facing. 

A Marriage Community Connects You to Resources 

In addition to emotional support, a marriage community can help propel you toward even greater growth by connecting you to new resources. 

When other women know your marriage story, they can recommend podcasts, books, conferences, marriage coaching, and other resources. You can not only learn from others but also pour into a new generation of wives encountering the joys and challenges of marriage for the first time. 

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