Do you remember the last time your spouse gave you a handwritten love note? Maybe you have a stash of letters and cards saved to remember special moments from your relationship. 

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Love notes are a powerful way to build emotional intimacy with your spouse. Yet many couples forget about the art of love letters once they’re married. 

If you haven’t written your spouse a love note recently, you might wonder where to begin. With the FREE 21 Little Love Notes and the quick tips below, you can get back to wooing your spouse with words in no time. 

The Power of Love Notes

First things first, you have to know how important love notes can be. 

Even though writing a note may seem like a small act, it can leave a lasting impact on your spouse. Your words have power, especially when you’re expressing gratitude, affection, or desire. 

Those few moments you spend writing a love note demonstrate that you value and prioritize your spouse. It’s an incredible return on investment! 

Love notes can also help to keep romance alive in your relationship, which is also vital for sexual intimacy. Some notes can be sweet, while others are sexy. For example, a little note to your spouse about what you want to do in the bedroom that night can build anticipation for both of you. 

But perhaps best of all, love notes store cherished memories. You might share small stories that describe your relationship, mention a date you went on recently, or explain how your spouse still gives you butterflies. What a beautiful gift it will be to look back on those notes in five, ten, or twenty years! 

Tips For a Great Love Note

If you’re not sure where to start for writing a great love note to your spouse, here are some tips to help you in the process: 

1. Remove Distractions 

You won’t be able to write a heartfelt letter to your spouse if you’re scrolling on social media or watching a show in the background.

So, put down your phone or laptop. Then, find a pen and a piece of paper. 

2. Find Inspiration

The second step for writing love notes is to decide what you will write about. There are plenty of different directions you can take. For example, you can write a love note to: 

  • Compliment a physical aspect of your spouse. This could be their eyes, smile, body, and so on. 
  • Express gratitude for who your spouse is or something they have done. 
  • Reminisce on a fond memory. For example, write about your first date, wedding day, or a simple moment together.
  • Share a sexy message, whether something you like doing with them in the bedroom, a sexy product you want to try, or a fun memory of a recent encounter. 
  • Tell your spouse how much you miss them during the day or when they’re away. 

3. Show, Don’t Tell

When it comes to writing a love note, try to illustrate things instead of just saying them. Use adjectives and descriptive language to paint a picture for your spouse. 

Here are some things you can describe in a love letter to your spouse: 

  • The way their smile lights up a room
  • How you felt seeing them for the first time
  • Your favorite memory of the two of you
  • The qualities about them that you admire
  • An inside joke you share that always makes you laugh

Those descriptive words take your love note from average to extraordinary! 

For example, there’s a huge difference between “You’re a great spouse” and “I see how strong and capable you are. It impresses me every day, and I love being on the same team as you as we go through life.” 

Or consider the difference between “Thanks for taking out the trash” and “I feel so cared for when you do things around the house, like taking out the trash or making sure the doors are locked at night. Our marriage is my favorite thing.” 

7 tips for the perfect love note

4. Add a Personal Touch

A love letter can be more than just words. It can be an experience. 

Consider adding a spritz of your signature scent to the paper or envelope. You can also include a small doodle to illustrate what you’re writing about. Or put on some lipstick and add a kiss to the bottom of the letter. 

5. Find the Right Time and Place 

To share your letter, you’ll need to decide on a time and place. Don’t overthink this one! 

You could put a sexy love note on your spouse’s pillow before bed. If you wrote a note with a compliment, you could tape it to the mirror for them to see as they get ready for work. Slip a love note into their lunch box or purse. 

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with being short and sweet with a note. A simple “You look beautiful” or “I’m proud of you” after a hard day can cheer up your spouse.

6. Be Authentic 

The most important part of your love note is that it comes from your heart. Don’t try to write what you think your spouse wants to hear. And don’t copy straight from the internet. 

A love note is most powerful when it is genuine. So be yourself as you write.

7. Write More Than One Love Note

No one masters something right away. In fact, the art of writing a love note takes practice. 

So don’t give up after writing just one love note. 

Try setting a reminder on your phone once a week to write a little love letter to your spouse. It doesn’t have to take more than five minutes. But the small practice will make an incredible difference over time. Plus, it’ll give your spouse tons of sweet letters to cherish for years to come. 

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