Have you ever turned down sex in the winter because you were too cold?

Maybe you couldn’t imagine taking off your cozy pajamas or breaking out of your cocoon of blankets. Or perhaps the thought of your spouse’s icy hands on your exposed skin made you shiver.


Being cold is a common excuse to reject sexual intimacy during the colder months. But you might underestimate the negative effects it can have on you and your marriage. 

This winter, keep your sexual intimacy strong by finding solutions to the cold. 

The Importance of Sexual Intimacy

Sexual intimacy strengthens your emotional connection with your spouse and heightens your trust in each other. Without sex, you and your spouse miss out on opportunities to be completely vulnerable and open with each other. 

When you dismiss sex because you’re too cold, you also miss out on many health benefits. Sexual intimacy can help to lower stress levels, boost your mood, and build your immune system. 

Winter can be a challenging season. Shorter days mean less sunlight and Vitamin D. Don’t allow the harsh conditions of winter to put a strain on your marriage, too.  

You Deserve Hot Sex This Winter

If you blow off sex throughout winter, you’re missing out on a quarter of the year when you can experience closeness and connection with your spouse. 

In addition, being “too cold” for sex introduces rejection into your bedroom. This doesn’t foster an environment of openness or vulnerability.

If you spend all winter dismissing sex or settling for “quickies,” you might find that cracks develop in your Sexual Intimacy Pillar. You may begin feeling disconnected from your spouse or fall into the trap of “roommate syndrome.” 

You deserve to experience the best connection possible with your spouse—even in winter. When you feel warm and comfortable, your body can relax. You can be fully present with your spouse and enjoy the sexual encounter. 

Don’t settle for lackluster sexual experiences all winter because of the cold. Take action today to heat up your sex life. 

7 Solutions to Cold Winter Sex

Thankfully, there are many solutions to the cold. Read below for ideas and products that can warm you up so you can experience sexual intimacy in the chilly winter months.  

Take a Warm Shower

During the winter months, your shower may be your greatest resource. Stay warm under the water while having shower sex. You can also use the shower for foreplay, allowing it to raise your body temperature before you hop under the covers. 

Use a Heating Pad

You may already own a heating pad to help with sore muscles or cramps. Consider new ways to use the heating pad to keep you warm during sex. Try putting the heating pad under your back or near your feet to help keep your body temperature higher. If a heating pad is too small, invest in a heated blanket.

Transform Your Room With an Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace can improve your sexual intimacy in multiple ways during winter. Not only will the fireplace emit heat to keep you warm, but it also provides a cozy ambiance.  

Buy a Tower Space Heater

Consider setting up a tower space heater by your bed (or wherever you are having sex!) to direct warmth toward yourselves. This can be a great alternative to turning on the heat for your entire home. 

Get Warmer Sheets

If your sheets aren’t warm, you might find yourself pinned down in bed by half a dozen blankets or covered head to toe in pajamas. These situations can make it difficult to engage in foreplay or intercourse.

Change out your bedding for flannel or fleece sheets to make the bed warmer. Then, shed your layers and enjoy skin-to-skin contact with your spouse. 

Light Some Candles

If an electric fireplace doesn’t work for you or your space, you can still achieve a similar ambiance and warmth with candles. Candles can help warm up your room while creating a romantic environment. 

Turn Up the Heat! 

Some people want to save money in the winter by using as little heat as possible. In reality, you may only save a few dollars a month. Your marriage is worth far more than that!

Splurge a little on your love this winter by turning up the heat. You won’t believe the difference a few degrees can make

Think Outside the Box

Ultimately, there’s a simple solution to the cold impeding your sexual intimacy: get extra heat! 

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Find creative solutions that work for you. Most importantly, don’t let the cold become an excuse for limiting or rejecting sex with your spouse. 

As you warm up your sex life this winter, focus on all areas of your sexual intimacy. It’s more than just intercourse. Focus on romance, initiation, and foreplay, too. 

Get Personal Help if the Issue Runs Deeper

It can seem trivial, but avoiding sex because of the cold can undermine your marriage. If this excuse often arises in your marriage, it may be time to consider personal help. Apply for Marriage Coaching today and begin pursuing a stronger marriage this winter.

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