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sex pillows and wedges

Over the last thirteen years, members of the ONE Family have transformed their marriage by shifting perspectives about sex. 

You’ve shifted your perspective about sex being a night-only bedroom activity. Instead, you can have sex at different times and in various locations in and out of your home. 

You’ve also shifted your perspective about sex positions. By looking beyond your usual two or three positions and trying new sex positions, you strengthen your sexual intimacy.

There’s another way to (quite literally!) shift your perspective about sex: pillows and wedges. 

Sex pillows and wedges are game changers in marriage. 

They change your physical perspective during sex—no matter the time of day, location, or position—and therefore change your sexual experience. 

Something as simple as elevating your head, torso, pelvic area, or even your legs can create a brand-new experience for the two of you. As a result, your sexual intimacy changes, and your marriage grows stronger. 

Sex pillows, wedges, and ramps have incredible benefits, yet 53% of the ONE Family have never tried using these items during sex. 

That means 53% of you are missing out on benefits like these: 

  • Improved sexual experience
  • New possibilities for more pleasure
  • Deeper and more intense thrusting
  • Added support for new and familiar positions
  • Reduced or eliminated body aches and pains during sex

Incorporating sex pillows and wedges into your sexual intimacy can enhance what you are already doing and equip you to try new things. There’s also an added element of excitement. These things strengthen your sexual intimacy. 

A common question about using sex pillows, ramps, or wedges is whether they can ease pain. The short answer is yes. Many couples who struggle with chronic back or hip pain report pain-free sex when using sex furniture. 

Sexual intimacy is not enjoyable when you are in pain. You can reduce or eliminate pain by elevating parts of your body with sex pillows and ramps. If you struggle with pain while sleeping, these items can even strengthen your physical intimacy by helping you touch your spouse throughout the night. 

The great news about sex furniture is that you can use it creatively. 

From head to toe, you can place sex pillows and wedges in different areas to experience new sensations. You can use it to elevate your head and torso, raise your pelvic area or legs, or even create a rocking motion (depending on the item you use). 

Sex pillows and wedges can also help with height differences by bringing the two of you closer together. The elevation of certain body parts helps close the distance. Items like these can create new opportunities for standing positions too.

Whether you experience a major height difference or not, sex furniture can boost your physical intimacy by bringing your body and face closer to your spouse’s. This helps you connect in new ways through loving touches during sex. 

You might be wondering how to store sex furniture. 

Depending on its size, it may fit under your bed or in a closet. Some items look like typical pieces of furniture. 

If you’re concerned about how to store sex pillows and wedges, start small. For example, the Liberator Jaz Motion sex pillow can fit under most beds, or you can tuck it away in your closet. 

As always, with sexual intimacy, only go as far as the most conservative spouse wants. A sex pillow, wedge, or ramp enhances the experience for sex positions you already use, so even a conservative spouse may feel comfortable trying it. 

But if one of you is resistant to using sex furniture, talk about why. Use this as an opportunity to strengthen your emotional intimacy.

From changing up the missionary position to trying new positions to enhancing oral sex, pillows and wedges really can make a difference. 

Like with any new tool, it may take time to get the hang of sex pillows, wedges, or ramps. But eventually, you’ll discover strategies that work best for you. 

With sex pillows and wedges, you can deepen your sexual intimacy and grow closer to your spouse in each of the 6 Pillars of Intimacy®. As a result, you’ll experience the extraordinary marriage you deserve and desire.


Liberator Pillows and Wedges

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