“Accidents happen but it’s how we respond and learn from them that really matters.—Anonymous

sex injuries

When movies show sex, things tend to go smoothly. Maybe one person will fall off the bed from time to time. Otherwise, things are uneventful. But in real life, sexual encounters with your spouse can sometimes result in sex injuries. 

There’s a wide variety of the kinds of sex injuries you might experience in the bedroom—everything from minor boo-boos to “We’re going to the emergency room.”

Sexual intimacy is already a taboo topic for many people, so it’s rare to hear people talk about any incidents that may occur. 

But since 48% of couples in the ONE Family say they’ve gotten injured having sex, it’s time to have this discussion. 

Couples have experienced all kinds of sex injuries. 

Some spouses have pulled muscles; others have smacked their heads on furniture. 

Certain accidents leave spouses with a bloody nose, black eye, or rug burns. 

People experience abrasions, cuts, scratches, and more. There are accidental kicks and headbutts. Ovarian cysts might pop. 

Above all, the top sex injury is cramping, whether foot, leg, butt, arm, or otherwise. 

Clearly, sex injuries are common amongst the ONE Family. And many of them are unavoidable.

But since marriage doesn’t come with a manual, you might not know how to respond when something like this happens. 

So what do you do? 

First, apologize for causing pain if you caused an injury. Obviously, it was never your intention to hurt your spouse.  

Second, find out what would help right now. Does your spouse need an ice pack, a bandage, or a trip to the ER? Can one of you help the other, or are you both injured? 

Finally, care for one another. Your spouse might need help from you in the coming days if they tweaked their back or broke their nose. 

You’ll also need to engage your emotional intimacy. Be gracious as you work through the situation and the recovery period together. 

A sex injury doesn’t have to ruin your future sexual encounters. However, you may need to consider trying new positions or using sex furniture

You can avoid some sex injuries by taking preventative measures. For example, keep your nails trimmed to avoid scratching your spouse. 

If you struggle with cramping, stretch certain muscles before sex. You can even use Überlube to massage muscles prior to sex and then use it during intercourse. 

Additionally, make sure you’re getting the right amounts of nutrients, such as potassium, sodium, and magnesium. Please consult your doctor or medical provider with questions or concerns. 

Some couples have never experienced a sex injury. If that’s you, great! The best time to have this conversation is before anything happens. That way, you have a plan for how to respond. 

If you’re part of the 48% of couples in the ONE Family who have experienced sex injuries, consider how you’ve responded in the past. Did you work through the issue with love? If not, have this conversation again. 

Ultimately, boo-boos and sex injuries in the bedroom are an opportunity to strengthen your emotional intimacy. 

You’re not alone if this happens to you. But you have to take action to address the situation and work together to find a solution. 

Remember, your wedding vows said, “in sickness and in health.” Sex injuries fall into that category, too.


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