“Travel is an investment in your marriage.—Anonymous


Every time the ONE Family gets together, marriages experience breakthroughs. The 2024 Marriage Getaway was no different. This was a time for couples to getaway together, invest in their relationship, and connect with friends in the ONE Family. 

Getting away together is more than just a vacation. Something incredible happens when you get away from the routine of life together and commit to strengthening your marriage at the same time.

When you add in The 6 Pillars of Intimacy® framework, you accelerate breakthrough.

You probably know how easy it is to take a trip together that doesn’t strengthen your marriage. You do one thing while your spouse does another. Instead of returning home with a better relationship, you feel even less connected. 

That’s why a Marriage Getaway is a game changer. Because when you’re intentional, you can make an investment that pays off tenfold. 

Couples in all stages of marriage experienced that on the 2024 Marriage Getaway. 

There were couples who had been married for three years to 43 years. Some couples were new to the ONE Family; others had been around since the early years. There were parents of infants all the way to empty nesters. 

But every couple in attendance did one crucial thing: they joined a community of couples who desire extraordinary marriages. 

Extraordinary marriages don’t happen in isolation. You need insight and encouragement from others to help you find solutions to your challenges. 

For couples on a Marriage Getaway, this often looks like laughter, deep conversations, and adventure with others. At times, it looks like couples shedding tears with one another, talking about how to get through rough patches and stay strong as a couple. 

In these chance conversations, something invaluable happens. You realize, “I’m not the only one,” or “We’re not the only ones dealing with this.” 

There’s a lot of marriage wisdom in the room when you attend a Marriage Getaway. And since you become fast friends with the other couples who want extraordinary marriages, learning from each other is simple. 

Of course, a Marriage Getaway is also a time to connect with your spouse. You get one-on-one alone time. That means no kids, no work, and no responsibilities. 

You can sit poolside or walk on the beach. In the group workshops, you can learn how to get vulnerable with your spouse, ask important questions, and step outside your comfort zone. 

Couples experienced breakthroughs in various Pillars of Intimacy®, from emotional to physical, spiritual, and more.

But best of all, there’s a ripple effect that happens. 

Couples who getaway together impact more than their own marriage; they impact the people around them. 

Extraordinary couples are a shining light in an often dark world. 

When you’re intentional about your marriage, you create a legacy for your family and community. The encouraging conversations you have with other couples can lead to lasting change. 

A small wave can change the tide of the entire ocean. 

Is it time for you to invest in your marriage? Register for The 6 Pillars at Sea Marriage Getaway and join us in April 2025.


The 6 Pillars at Sea Marriage Getaway

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