What’s more jolly than a sexy holiday? We’re reaching the time of year when the festivities are at an all-time high. Will you take advantage of the romantic atmosphere or let the season’s busyness wreck your love life?


Last year, 54% of the ONE Family said that their sexual intimacy took a hit around the holiday season. Unfortunately, it’s common for couples to have less sex during the busy holiday months. But that doesn’t mean it should happen!

There are a few key strategies you can use to ensure your marriage doesn’t miss a beat this year. With these creative ideas, you can keep things fun and sexy throughout the holiday season.

Start Here

During the holiday season, you have to be intentional if you want to keep your marriage strong. It won’t happen all on its own. Don’t get to January and wonder why you feel disconnected from your spouse.

By following the three steps below, you can ensure the two of you are on the same page about how to enjoy a sexy holiday. Then, continue reading to find sexy gifts and experiences you can give your spouse this holiday season.

Redefine Sexual Intimacy

First, expand your definition of sexual intimacy. It’s far easier to have a sexy holiday season when you count all aspects of sexual intimacy: romance, foreplay, initiation, and sexual intercourse.

That means you need to make time for each of those elements.

Within the ONE Family, 56% of you said that sex during the holiday season is often just a quickie. During such a busy season, don’t allow tasks and responsibilities to become more important than sex.

When your Sexual Intimacy Pillar is neglected, cracks begin to form. Instead, set aside intentional time for sexual intimacy.

Discuss Holiday Sexpectations with Your Spouse

Be honest: Your spouse cannot meet any sexual expectations you don’t communicate. So be open about your desires this holiday season.

Before the chaos of the holiday season begins, share your “sexpectations” with your spouse.

Do you want to try some new positions? Are you going to purchase a sound machine so you can be loud even when guests are in town?

One of the most important things you can do with your spouse during the holidays is to set expectations. Have the conversation early!

Determine Whether Your Spouse Prefers Gifts or Experiences

The Emotional Intimacy Pillar is also in danger during the holidays, as you and your spouse are pulled in different directions. Make it a priority to connect each day through intentional conversation.

One important discussion to have is whether your spouse likes gifts or experiences. A 2022 poll of the ONE Family found that 80% of you prefer experiences over gifts. Do you know if your spouse falls into that statistic?

Your spouse’s preference may also change from year to year. So, ask them! In fact, learning more about your spouse’s preferences is a great way to strengthen your closeness and connection (in other words, intimacy).

Sexy Holiday Ideas for the Spouse Who Loves Gifts

Gift-giving is a great way to have a sexy holiday. Here are some sexy gifts you and your spouse might enjoy this holiday season:

1. New Sex Toys

Has your spouse been talking about the Bedroom Adventure Bundle recently? Do they have their eyes on a PrimO® Rechargeable Vibe? The holiday season is your chance to put your emotional intimacy to work by knowing what your spouse wants.

Sexy toys are a great way to spice up your holiday season. It’s a fun new experience the two of you can share. Plus, the fun continues into the new year.

2. Sexy Furniture

Several couples in the ONE Family love the Liberator collection of sex wedges, ramps, and pillows. The holiday season is the perfect time to add sexy furniture to your toolbox.

Check out the Liberator Flip Ramp for the perfect combination of functionality and discretion. The ramp allows for deeper penetration and support while blending into your room seamlessly as a stylish ottoman.

Are you looking to start with something smaller? The curved Liberator Jaz Motion Pillow provides more traction and stability while creating a natural rocking motion.

With these pieces of sex furniture, you and your spouse can spice up your sexual intimacy with new positions and angles.

3. Boudoir Photo Album

Many spouses enjoy receiving sexy photos of their love. Why not schedule a boudoir photo shoot and give your spouse the photo album? Or take your own photos with a selfie timer and print them at home.

Not only is the boudoir photo album a sexy gift to receive, but you might find that the experience helps you feel more confident and sexy in your own body.

4. His & Hers Stocking Stuffers

This holiday season, keep small stockings in your bedroom. Then, fill them with sexy gifts for the two of you to enjoy.

For example, slip a bottle of Überlube into the stocking and prompt your spouse to open it the next time you are having sex.

The best part is that these stockings can be kept away from prying eyes, so you can add adult items without worrying about anyone else seeing them.

5. Be The Sexy Gift!

Keep it simple: Invite your spouse to bed while you wear a big red bow. In essence, you are the gift!

It’s easy to keep this tradition going throughout the holiday season if you each wear the bow when you initiate. Talk about festive!

Sexy Holiday Ideas for the Spouse Who Loves Experiences 

If your spouse doesn’t prefer gifts, you might feel like it’s too hard to make this holiday season memorable for them. Fear not! Here are four sexy holiday ideas for the spouse who prefers experiences:

6. Plan a Sexy Weekend Getaway

In the midst of busy schedules, stress, and sickness, intentional time with your spouse often lands on the back burner. Make this holiday season extra special (and sexy!) by getting away together.

Plan a romantic weekend getaway where you take in new sights or simply spend quality time together.

This might be the perfect weekend to try a new sex position from the Position Pack. Or take along a pack of conversation starters to help jumpstart your conversations.

Pro Tip: If a full weekend isn’t feasible, plan a night away at a nearby hotel. Simply getting out of your house and having a new experience can boost recreational intimacy and many other pillars. 

7. Take on a Sex Challenge

Have the two of you always wanted to try a sex challenge? This year, make it happen!

There’s no better time to prioritize sexual intimacy than the busy holiday season. For example, you could begin the 7 Days of Sex Challenge one week before Christmas. What a fun and sexy way to celebrate the holiday!

Alternatively, there’s a week between Christmas and New Year’s. Keep the festivities going throughout that week by experiencing sexual intimacy with your spouse each day.

8. Give a Sexy Massage

It’s a busy and often stressful time of the year. Give your spouse a relaxing break with a sexy massage this holiday season!

Stock up on some lotions, oils, and candles. Next, set the scene with mood lighting or soft music. Then, treat your spouse to a wonderful massage. The best part is that the two of you can decide whether it will have a sexy ending.

9. Go on a Holiday Date

There are so many fun and romantic activities to do during the holiday season. Remember, romance is a vital component of sexual intimacy! So if your spouse prefers experiences, find out which romantic activity would mean the most to them and plan an entire date around it.

Take them to their favorite restaurant—or a new one they’ve always wanted to try. Then, head out for ice skating, hot chocolate, window shopping, a Christmas parade, or some other event.

When your night is over, you might enjoy a kiss under the mistletoe. It might even lead to something more!

Begin the Intimacy Lifestyle This Year 

As you’re approaching the end of the year, consider what is important to you as a couple. Hopefully, closeness and connection (in other words, intimacy) rank at the top of the list.

You can experience intimacy even during the busiest holiday season by setting expectations, expanding your definition of sexual intimacy, and surprising your spouse with the gifts or experiences they would love most.

If you’re ready to make a shift in your marriage this holiday season, check out the Intimacy Lifestyle Planner.

This three-page planner provides the framework you need to define how intimacy will look in your marriage. The Intimacy Lifestyle is the best way to be intentional about intimacy in your marriage. Grab your Intimacy Lifestyle Planner today and have yourself a sexy holiday season.

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