Prayer is powerful. Personally, saying a prayer for my wife is a simple way to build spiritual intimacy and support her in our relationship. 


In the rush of daily life, it’s easy to forget how important all of The 6 Pillars of Intimacy® are in keeping you feeling close and connected to your spouse. 

You can get caught up in thinking that only the big things matter: extravagant dates, long conversations, passionate sex. 

In reality, small habits build the strongest foundation of intimacy in your marriage. 

One such habit is praying for your spouse. 

While praying with your spouse is something that brings you both closer together, you can also strengthen your marriage by praying for your spouse. 

Maybe praying together isn’t easy right now, or your spouse may not be interested. But praying for your wife, even by yourself, is a practical way to be intentional and take action. 

So, if you’ve ever wanted to say a prayer for your wife but didn’t know where to start, you’re in luck. 

Husbands, here are 10 prayers to pray over your wife: 

Praying for My Wife’s Strength

Dear God, I lift up my wife to you and pray that you increase her strength and courage. Give her the resilience to face any challenges that come her way today. May she find strength in you when she feels weak. Help her to stand firm in her identity as a daughter of God and to walk confidently in the path you have set before her.

A Prayer for My Wife’s Courage

Heavenly Father, in moments of uncertainty or self-doubt, please wrap my wife in your peace and comfort. Be her refuge and stronghold. Calm any anxious thoughts. I pray that she would turn to you as a source of calm in the middle of the storm. Let her find rest in you. 

Praying for My Wife’s Health

Lord, I entrust my wife’s health and well-being into your hands. Please sustain her with energy and motivation. Renew her body each day and protect her against illness and fatigueI ask that you fill her with strength each day to tackle her responsibilities with joy. 

A Prayer for My Wife’s Confidence

God, please help my wife to see herself through your eyes—as a beloved daughter, fearfully and wonderfully made. Remove any doubts or insecurities from her mind that might warp her perception of herself. Instead, fill her with confidence. Help her see her worth, value, and beauty every day of her life

A Prayer for My Wife as a Mother

Dear Father, please bless my wife in her role as a mother. Grant her wisdom and patience as she nurtures and guides our children. Equip her to shape their hearts and minds according to your will. I pray that she finds joy and fulfillment in her motherhood journey. Help her cherish each moment with our children and guide them in the loving way you guide us. 

Praying for My Wife’s Community

Heavenly Father, I pray that you surround my wife with genuine friendships and a supportive community of like-minded women. I ask that she find encouragement and comfort from other women who understand where she is at in life. Let them be bold women who can share in both her trials and triumphs. And give them wisdom as they share stories and advice to encourage my wife. 

A Prayer for My Wife’s Dreams

Lord, give my wife clarity and commitment to pursue her dreams. As you lead her in your will, please grant her the courage to step boldly into your plans for her life. I pray that her efforts will be fruitful and fulfilling as she uses the gifts and talents you have given her. 

Praying for My Wife’s Spiritual Growth

Dear God, please draw my wife closer to you each day. I ask that she would hunger for your Word and thirst for your presence. May she seek to know you more intimately. Let her love for you be evident in the words she speaks and the things she does. 

A Prayer for Our Marriage

Lord, I pray that you bless our marriage. Help us always work towards a love that is more patient, kind, selfless, and enduring. Give us the grace to communicate honestly and the humility to forgive and seek forgiveness when we fall short. I pray that our relationship would reflect your love for the world. Help us inspire others and bring them closer to you through our example. 

A Prayer of Gratitude for My Wife

Heavenly Father, I thank you for the gift of my wife. She is a blessing to my life. Her heart, soul, mind, and body were perfectly and wonderfully made. The joy she brings to my life is immeasurable. Fill out hearts with gratitude for the life we share, from big moments to small. Help us to treasure our time together and acknowledge the beauty of our marriage. 

More Ways to Support Your Wife

There are plenty of resources to help you support your wife and strengthen your marriage. If you’re looking to improve your spiritual intimacy, check out Jesus Changes Everything: 7 Key Teachings of Jesus to Live Your Best Marriage. This book offers a practical guide for applying gospel teachings to your marriage. 

If you want to help your wife get connected with a community of women, encourage her to become a BOLD Wives Club Member.

The BOLD Wives Club is a trusted community of wives where members can openly share their experiences, seek advice without judgment, and rely on the collective wisdom of the community to navigate the complexities of marriage with a sense of security and understanding.

With consistent prayer, support, and encouragement, you can bolster your wife’s confidence and strengthen your marriage. Don’t wait. Take action today!

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