We will be the first to tell you that Valentine’s Day is NOT the only day for passion, romance, and intimacy.

foot washListen to Episode 156 as we share how we have celebrated Valentine’s Day over the years.

Having said that it is a day where you can show your love to your spouse.

This year instead of flowers, dinner, jewelry, or a gift card set aside some time to have an experience together.

As one of our listeners has put it, “Valentine’s Day is for the rookies“. You’re not a rookie, you’re a professional. And professionals take it to the next level.

Washing Each Others Feet

There is something about taking your spouse’s feet in your hands, holding them, washing them, and massaging each one. For many of you this is very uncomfortable to have your spouse hold your feet in their hands. We know how you are feeling. We’ve been there ourselves.

Washing each others feet is something that we don’t witness in our society that often. But you and your marriage are different, right? It’s time to get out of your comfort zone this Valentine’s Day and leave an impression on your spouse for years to come.

Taking time to wash each others feet is symbolic of your love for one another. It is the two of you putting aside your notion of what washing your spouse’s feet is and living in the moment. It’s a time to allow your body, mind, and soul to be poured into your spouse as they are loved in a new way. It is through an experience like this that you get physically closer without having to be sexually intimate.

How-to Wash Your Spouse’s Feet

  1. Pick a relaxing location as you play your favorite music. Grab two towels. Place one next to the foot bath tub and the other on your lap.
  2. Find a foot bath tub, like these. If you have something around the house that will accommodate you then use it. Fill the foot bath tub with warm water, add tea tree oil (or other essential oil), and mix.
  3. Have your spouse site on a chair, recliner, or your bed. Place your spouse’s feet in the foot bath tub.
  4. Let them soak their feet for a few minutes as they get to enjoy the warmth of the water.
  5. Take one foot out or both feet out of the foot bath tub, wash each foot, dry them, and begin to massage each foot with grape seed oil.
  6. When finished let your spouse relax for a bit. Then switch places and have your feet washed.

It is now time for you to take action and be a foot washer and servent lover. You may be doubting yourself at this very moment. Don’t!

Being brave at this very moment is what your marriage needs. Push past what you think you can do and experience love in action.

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