Recently we wrote about you and your spouse dealing with the “Big Issues“. Another issue we see happening often in couples we work with is the “You Syndrome”.

What is the You Syndrome exactly?

It’s that pattern that occurs when you and your spouse have a difference of opinion or disagreement, and you automatically assume that YOU are the one in the right.

This happens more than you can imagine among married couples.

Hey, it’s happened to us in our marriage.

The You Syndrome can cause many problems in a marriage.


Because when one or both individuals insist that they are both right during a disagreement, it causes people to stop listening.

And when that happens, it’s almost never a good thing.

It’s important to remember, that no matter how much you may think you are right in a certain situation or discussion, it doesn’t mean you are.

As an adult, it’s important to understand that when you are wrong, it’s ok to admit it and make amends. This requires honesty and keeping your ego in check.

If more couples just stopped for a minute and listened to the other spouse’s case, honestly, and with empathy, far more problems can be avoided in a marriage. You can count on that.

So remember, when things start getting into a heated discussion, take a moment and honestly, objectively try to see things from the other side before hunkering down on your own case.

When you are truly wrong, just admit it. You will be surprised at how well this works to keep a marriage healthy. 🙂

And remember, the best way to start healthy discussions is to ASK QUESTIONS!

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