Announcing “7 Days of Sex Challenge”

  • Have you heard us talk about our 60 Days of Sex and thought “I wonder if we could do that?”
  • Has your marriage lost some of the spark because life gets in the way? We’re talking about bills, jobs, and all of the other commitments you both have.
  • Are you ready to make a change in your physical intimacy that would push the limits of what you’ve done sexually in your marriage?
  • Are you excited about this challenge, but don’t know what to do.  You’ve come to the right place…

We are excited to have you join us for the 1st Annual ONE Extraordinary Marriage 7 Days of Sex Challenge! As this year rolls by faster than the last, Alisa and I have decided once again to have sex for 7 days straight leading up to our church’s marriage retreat.  Over the past 5 months we have heard from many of you that you would like to do a 7 Days of Sex Challenge, but are not quite sure if you and your spouse would be ready for such a challenge.

Well, it’s time to stop thinking about having sex for 7 days straight and join us from June 6th to June 12th, 2010 as the ONE Community comes together to make our bed sheets and our marriages shake with enjoyment.  Make sure to listen to Episode 013 – The Difference One Week Can Make in Your Marriage to help you wrap you mind around having sex for 7 days straight.

What is the 7 Days of Sex Challenge?

At the most basic level it is you and your spouse having sex for 7 days straight from June 6th to June 12th, 2010.  But it really is so much more than just sex.

  • This is an opportunity for you and your spouse to really focus on each other and make intimacy a priority in your marriage.
  • This is a chance to take your communication to the next level as you plan each day’s rendezvous and negotiate through life as well.
  • It’s a time for you to get creative-let’s face it, having sex in the same place, same position and at the same time of day for seven days straight will get a little boring.
  • Use this challenge as a way to break out of your routines and try something new, romantic, and different.

Ultimately the 7 Days of Sex Challenge is a way for you and your spouse to get Stripped Down before each other and ignite the intimacy in your marriage, for these 7 days and well into the future.

7 Days of Sex Challenge Book Kindle Edition

As C.S. Lewis once said“Sex that is too serious is deprived of the romp and fun that is essential to a healthy enjoyment of sex.”

After reading this book, you’ll be armed with the knowledge on what you need to do to have your own 7 Days of Sex Challenge. Every year our marriages need to be growing and  it is important for you to accomplish something that will set it up for a lot of growth.

Grab 7 Days of Sex Challenge Book Kindle Edition today!

Why Now?

Since we launched the ONE Extraordinary Marriage podcast and started sharing our story, we have heard from a number of people that they don’t know if they could ever do what we did (40 out of 60 days).  To be honest, we’re not even sure we could attempt the 60 Days of Sex again (That’s Alisa talking, I’m up for it)!  We found that 7 days is a lot easier to think about and to work into our schedule.   Some of you have shared that you were able to do 3-4 days in a row and then life got in the way.  As our community has grown we are constantly aware of the tremendous amount of support and encouragement you provide to one another. We feel that the time is right to launch an effort where everyone who attempts the 7 Days of Sex Challenge can do it with the support and encouragement from the ONE Community.

Why Should You Join Us?

1.  It will be an adventure!
2.  You will have sex for 7 days straight, something that most married couples have not done or at least not since their honeymoon.
3.  It builds the ONE Community and makes you an integral part of the it.
4.  You will have the support and encouragement from the ONE Community going through this amazing experience.  It’s much easier to embark on an adventure with support and community than to do it by yourself.
5.  The communication in your marriage will be better. It is very difficult to have sex with someone for 7 days straight if the communication aspect is not there.
6.  Think of all of the calories you will burn with daily exercise.
7.  Your marriage will be stronger as a result of making intimacy a priority.
8.  Daily Prizes!8 Daily Prizes and one Grand Prize including our upcoming book Stripped Down & a $30 Visa Gift Card.

  • If you, your company, your website, or someone you know would like to support the 1st Annual 7 Days of Sex Challenge by providing a prize, we would be honored and thrilled to have you join us. We will be happy to promote (appropriate materials) during the challenge.  Please contact us if you are interested.

UPDATE #1: We have our first sponsorship from Dustin Riechmann with Engaged Marriage.  Thank Dustin for this generous offer by Tweeting him @EngagedMarriage.

UPDATE #2: Corey Allen with Simple Marriage had come on board and is a sponsor for the challenge.  Make sure to Tweet “You Rock for supporting the 7 Days of Sex Challenge” to @SimpleMarriage.

UPDATE #3: The host of Past Due Radio, Derek Sisterhen, has sponsored an ebook copy of his upcoming book Get Naked: Stripping Down to Money & Marriage.  Thank Derek for his support @DJSisterhen.

UPDATE #4: Jim & Carrie with the Intimate Couple have been married 27 years and have 9 kids.  These two know a bit about marriage and intimacy for sure.  They have come beside ONE and are offering their ebook The 7 Days Sex Challenge.

UPDATE #5: Please make sure to thank Brad Chaffee with Enemy of Debt for the great job he did with the 7 Days of Sex Challenge Banners.  Make sure to let him you appreciate what he has done for the challenge by Tweeting him @enemyofdebt.

We’re In, What Do We Need to Do?

    • Leave a comment to this post before Saturday June 5th, 2010 at 12pm. Pacific Standard Time. This lets us know who is up for the challenge (no pun intended).  Please let us know how long you have been married and what state you reside in.
    • There will be a blog post each day during the challenge, please comment and let us know how you two are doing.  It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate just a line or two about what’s going on in your marriage as a result of the challenge.  You can share as much or as little as you like.  We would also love to have you leave listener feedback and/or send us a video clips with the two of you sharing about the challenge.
    • Tweet this message (copy & Paste):  We’ve joined the 1st Annual 7 Days of Sex Challenge.  Sign up with your spouse today! (via @oneonfire) #7DaysOfSexChallenge.



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  • Subscribe to ONE Extraordinary Marriage via RSS and/or iTunes.  By subscribing to the RSS you’ll get each days post sent directly to you so that you can keep up with how everyone in the challenge is doing.  Only those who are subscribed will be entered into the random daily prize drawing.

That’s it!  We are looking forward to walking along side of you guys during this challenge.  Our goal is that the ONE Community will be an there to encourage, share, laugh, and enjoy ourselves each day to ultimately be closer and more intimate with our spouse.   It is going to be an adventure for each of us.  Let’s get it on!

Finally, please pass this on to your Facebook Friends, Twitter Folks, post the 7 Days of Adventure badge to your blog, as well as ask your friends and family to join the challenge.  The more couples who join in the more each of us get to witness the amazing things that God can do in each of our marriages.  In turn the ONE Community becomes a pillar where others who are seeking truth, knowledge, openness, and intimacy can find the support they so desire.

Love you guys,

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  1. It probably goes without saying but we are DEFINITELY doing this! We have been married 13 years and are from California.

    Tony & Alisa

  2. antonioandashleybarcelos says:

    Antonio and Ashley(California)
    Married 8 years this July

  3. We're in!
    Ron and Barbara, Colorado
    Married 11 years this July
    (We have to do this now…we're expecting a baby through adoption about the 3rd week of June!)

  4. My wife and I have been married for almost ten years and have two small children. We completed a 7 days of sex challenge last month and had tremendous intimacy building take place. It was a wonderful experience we would both recommend to others. We have shared your site with our friends and are truly thankful for the positive experience you have had on our marriage. We have implemented your system of taking turns initiating love making, her days are Sunday through Tuesday and my days are Wednesday through Friday. Which reminds me, it is Friday night and I need to turn off the computer because I have to spend some quality time with my wonderful wife. Thanks again.

  5. So glad you guys are joining us. This will be a fantastic anniversary present for the both of you.

  6. Perfect time to have 7 Days of Sex! With the new baby on it's way this will be a great time for the two of you to connect before it gets crazy in the house.

    Glad you guys are joining us!

  7. Two thumbs up Fat Daddy!!! We are blessed to know that what we are talking about has made a difference in you marriage. So cool! We can relate to the change that can happen in our marriage because of this one week of love making. Keep it up with you Intimacy Lifestyle and I hope that even though you are not doing the upcoming challenge you will encourage those that are.

    Thanks for this wonderful post. Blessings.

  8. I have not yet asked my husband about this, but I'm signing us up. I'm sure he won't be disappointed.

  9. I like your style. Taking the lead and jumping in on this challenge with us. We are excited to have you the two of you join us for what will be an amazing week.

  10. Kerrie Esmeier says:

    Count us in for the challenge!

  11. Excellent Kerrie. We look forward to having you two join us for this exciting challenge.

    What's your husbands name? Can you also let us know how long you two have been married and where you reside?

  12. Kerrie Esmeier says:

    My husband's name is Kent, we live in Michigan and have been married for 11 years. We have a 6 year old and a 2 month old, and as luck would have it the week of the challenge our oldest will be at Gramma & Grampa's for the week!

  13. freidamooney says:

    I want to say for my husband and I… We want in!! June 6th just happens to be our 40th wedding anniversary, and I can't think of a better way to celebrate and renew our marriage than joining you on this quest for a better relationship between us. Just like most couples,we have had our share of ups and downs in the years we have been married, but with Jesus beside us each step of the way, we have not only survived, but we have triumphed. Now it it time for us to become a closer unit and I know this will be a giant steppingstone toward accomplishing that goal. Thank you so much for this opportunity to be a part!!

    Allan and Freida Mooney

  14. Thanks for the info. We are excited to have you guys join us. How awesome that you will have this week to enjoy yourselves without the 6 year old at home and only the 2 month old. This will make it much easier on you two for sure. Our last two night will be without kids and it is something we had looked forward to when we did this last year. Keep checking back as we get closer.

  15. Allan and Freida – How awesome!!! We are honored to have you and Allan join us for the 7 Days of Sex Challenge. 40 years of marriage and doing this gives me great hope knowing that this could become and annual event for many more years to come.

    Can I ask, which state do you reside in?

  16. cherylsims says:

    I would love to join in this challenge but not sure I could do the 7 days. My husband and I have been married for 41 years this year and sex is not even interesting to me any longer as it is so painful. (I have been to a dr. and it is atrophy) I wonder if we could still be a part of this? Our names are Cheryl and Gerald and live in NC.
    What do you think?

  17. My husband and I need to reignite the fire in our marriage, so we're in! We have been married 7 1/2 years and live in South Carolina.

  18. Marissa says:

    I'm in! sounds like a great challenge! John and Marissa married 4 years, TN.

  19. Cheryl & Gerald – We would love to have you guys join us. Here is what Alisa and I talked about for the two of you for this week. Because sexual intimacy is painful we would like for the two of you to connect emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, financially, physically or recreationally each day. This means that you two are going to have to make an effort to be in the moment with one another for 20-30 minutes a day. This could be asking and answering questions, talking about your finances, physical touch that doesn't include sex, praying or reading the Bible together, and/or spending time doing something the two of you enjoy.

    We are honored to have the two of you on board and look forward to see the transformation that the 7 Days of Sex Challenge has on your marriage.

  20. Katie – Excellent! We look forward to having the two of you join us for the 7 Days of Sex Challenge. The two of you are going to have a great time doing this with us. What's your husbands name?

  21. John and Marissa – Doing this is going to make the years to come in your marriage so amazing. We are glad that you two are joining us and are excited to hear about how this impacts your marriage. Thanks for signing up.

  22. redheath says:

    Jeff and Heather, married 29 years, CT.

  23. freidamooney says:

    Tony and Alisa,
    We live in upstate NY, on the St Lawrence River, with Canada right across the border. My husband is 64, I am almost 61, we are the proud parents of 3 sons and have 9 grandchildren

  24. My husband's name is Jamie, and he is excited about this challenge, too!

  25. Welcome you two! Thanks for joining the challenge as we are excited for what this will do in your marriage. Congrats on 29 years of marriage. We look forward to your insights when we start the challenge.

  26. kamckay says:

    Bryan and Kara,MS. Married 13 years in December.

  27. Theresa and John in Massachusetts. We've been married 4 years and have a 3 and 1 yr old. This whole sex thing can also get you into trouble you know 🙂

  28. Lucky 13! That's fantastic. We're at 13 years now ourselves and I would have to say that we are more in love now than ever. Thanks for joining the challenge.

  29. Theresa and John, wonderful to have the two of you on board for the challenge. Ah yes, sex and kids…We take no responsibility for kids that are conceived during the challenge. ; ) We've thought about this many of times over the past 2 years with the amount of sex we have had. Listen to this weeks podcast 020 as we talk a bit about this. Be safe when we start the challenge.

  30. Collinsstar says:

    Sarah and Nathan in Nevada. We've been married for 6 years. We have a 3 year old and a 6 month old and we are up to the challenge! (I am speaking for my husband, I haven't told him about this yet, but I am positive he will be in!)

  31. Oh, he's going to be very excited about doing this with you. We'd love to hear his reaction when you tell him that the two of you are doing this. Thanks for joining all of us.

  32. joanneburt says:

    Joanne and Ray from New Jersey. We have been married for 15 years. 2nd for Joanne, 1st for Ray. We have raised three children and are now empty nesting and defintely up for the challenge.

  33. Glad you two are joining us. This is going to be great and I know you two will get a lot out of this. You'll have something to talk about when your book, Get Naked, hits the bookshelves. We are happy to have you apart of the movement!

  34. meganburns says:

    Ed and Megan from Pennsylvania. We have been married for almost 13 years, with two children (4 yrs old and 2 and a half). We are both self-employed so this challenge will help us keep our relationship first and everything else secondary.

  35. Leland and Angie from Indiana, married 4 years.

  36. Joanne,

    So glad to hear that you and Ray are up for the challenge. You definitely have an advantage being empty nesters, no worries about kids walking in.


  37. Megan,

    Great point about putting the relationship first. With Tony and I both being self-employed we know that it's easy to make the business take top billing over our spouse. Glad that Pennsylvania is now represented.


  38. Angie,

    Yeah for Indiana!!! I spent four great years at DePauw University in Greencastle and have fond memories of Indiana! We are happy that you and Leland are going to be joining us.


  39. kanoelani says:

    Kanoe & Manuel married for almost 5 yrs been together for almost 9 yrs.Both 1st marriage. We have 3 beautiful keiki's ages 2,4 and 6yrs.

  40. kanoelani says:

    I forgot to mention we are from Oahu Hawaii

  41. My wife and I have been married for 20 years this past March. We currently live in the Atlanta area. I have been listening to your podcasts since the beginning and we decided to give it a shot this past month for 30 days. Needless to say it was difficult and we didn't completely succeed as far as the 30 for 30 goes, but it did bring us closer and brought out some emotions and issues that we were able to deal with.

    We are going to give it another go shortly, and most likely will be before the June dates since we will be spending some time with family in a cabin during that time and it would be almost completely undoable.

    I am not entering our actual information because my wife is very uncomfortable with sharing this endeavor with others. 🙂

  42. We are glad to have the two of you joining us. Our hope is that it puts a flame under your marriage for years to come.

  43. t_l_w – Awesome!!! We are so excited that the two of you attempted having sex for 30 days. Even though you didn't make 30 for 30 (we didn't make 60 for 60) the biggest accomplishment was that the experience brought you two closer together. At the same time being physically intimate there were emotions that came about and issues that might not have if you didn't attempt the 30 Days of Sex.

    This is the power of being close and really focusing on our spouse. This is where we learn a lot in a short period of time and adjust who we are to be able to serve our spouse. We commend both of you for making this happen in your marriage.

    Best of luck on your second time around and we'll miss having you two join us, but hanging out in a cabin with the family doesn't make this easy to do.

    I hope that when we start the challenge that you'll encourage the community and give your insights and wisdom from you experiences.

    No need to give your names as we understand that some people would rather keep this private.

    Onward my friends.

  44. Officeprincess says:

    Melissa and Jason, Ontario Canada. We've only been married 7 months we're definitely still in the newleywed stage. 🙂

    Count us in for the 7 day challenege.

  45. Married 10 years this July. We are located in Wisconsin. Looking forward to the challenge.

  46. You two are starting your marriage off right. What a foundation you are building by doing this now and something you can look back on as a special time in your marriage as well as a learning experience. Glad you are joining us. Thank you for being the first international couple.

  47. Great time for the challenge at the 10 year mark for sure. Alisa and I were at 11 years of marriage when we did our 60 Days of Sex and it has been the most amazing thing we've done in our marriage. We're looking forward to having you two joining us.

  48. jim_carrie says:

    Count us in! In July, we'll have been married 28 wonderful years! We're from Ontario, Canada.

    We are so glad to see that you are encouraging couples with this “7 Days of Sex Challenge”. Interestingly, a little over a year ago, we developed a resource that we refer to as an intensive mini-marriage course titled “The 7-Day Sex Challenge”! (It's a downloadable e-book available on our website). We understand how this type of investment of time and intimacy will bring such positive results in a marriage.

    We'll be sure to encourage our website visitors to participate in the 1st Annual “7 Days of Sex Challenge”!

  49. Tony & Alisa,

    Thanks so much for the Challenge – you are doing such wonderful work in the war (and it is a war, sadly) to strengthen and nurture marriage.

    I've passed along your challenge to all the reader of my blog called The Marriage Garden:

    Prayers and best wishes in your work and in your family.

  50. Jim & Carrie – Great minds think alike when it comes to 7 Days and Sex. We are glad that you are joining us and look forward to your insights when we are doing the challenge. You are the second couple from Ontario, Canada too.

  51. Thank you so much for your encouragement, prayers, and for sharing the 7 Days of Sex Challenge on your blog. You are right, there is a battle going on for our marriages and we are going to continue to spread the word that our marriages are worth it. The 7 Days of Sex Challenge is our way of showing the world that we as married couples are willing to put our spouses first each day for 7 days. It's going to be amazing.

    We appreciate you stopping by.

  52. We're in. Thanks. Jim and Bonnie

  53. Jim and Bonnie – Thanks for joining the 7 Days of Sex Challenge. We know that this is going to be a great bonding experience for the two of you.

    If you don't mind can you tell us how long you two have been married & what state you reside?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  54. ninanelson says:

    Ian and Nina, Oregon. Married 7 years. Ian's a firefighter working 48 hour shifts, so we're going to have to work out the logistics, but we're in!

  55. ninanelson says:

    When's your anniversary? We'll hit 8 years on Nov. 16.

  56. Glad you two are in! We are so excited to have you and Ian joining us for the 7 Days of Sex. It is going to be fun to see how you two will make this happen with Ian's 48 hour shifts. You might have to go twice in one day. ; )

  57. Blessed to have you two joining us Justin. You've seen ONE from the beginning and it will be awesome to get your feedback as we go through the challenge.

  58. Kent Wineinger says:

    We are in! We may start early due to a soccer tournament we are traveling to, but we will try!

    Kent & Jennifer
    Married 20 years
    Northern Virginia, NCR

  59. Fantastic Kent and Jennifer! Starting a bit early so you can complete the challenge is fine with us. Just jump in on the posts once we kick off to let us know how it is going. Glad you two are making this happen in your marriage.

  60. Heather says:

    We're in!

    Sadrac & Heather in Iowa
    Married 6 months on May 20

    We've been apart since getting married (I''m from Iowa, he's a Nicaraguan), but my husband's visa was JUST approved and I'm flying down to Nicaragua this weekend to bring him to the U.S. This will be perfect to incorporate in our first weeks living together. We're BOTH looking forward to it – thanks!

  61. What an amazing story Heather. Thank you for sharing and we look forward to hearing about the experience the two of you have coming together as ONE.

  62. KathKevGetz says:

    We are in!
    Kevin and Kathie
    Married 10years
    Ann. July 5th 1999

  63. Welcome Kevin & Kathie. We are excited to have you joining us for this endeavor and know from our past experiences that it will make an impact on your marriage. What state do you live in?

  64. My husband and I are in!
    Karen & Derek
    Married 5 years; together 13 years

  65. KathKevGetz says:


  66. Karen,

    Glad to hear that you and Derek are joining us. Tony and I have a special affinity for Colorado as we met there.


  67. Tony & Alisa,

    We have just listened to your pod cast. We are ready to join the 7 day challenge. We have been married 38 years on June 10th. June 6th – 12th is good timing for us! We live in CA.
    T & C

  68. Could this help us. The sex drive is there for me but due to effects of chemo and radiation it's a little lacking for the hubby. We've been married for 28 years and 10 months! I would like to revive the intimacy in our marriage.

  69. Wow, 38 years! We are so blessed to have you join us Cathy. We hope that the 7 Day Challenge will keep you two excited for your marriage for many years to come.

  70. Jojo – Yes this could help you two. Maybe you don't focus on the sex, physical intimacy, for the whole 7 days. Over the 7 days you two can connect emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, or making it a point to get out and do some recreation together. You can add the physical intimacy in when your husband is feeling well. Possible put 2-3 times during the week for sex and the others for something else. We believe that being connected in any of our intimacies builds a stronger marriage. Hope you two join us and share your experience with the ONE Community.


  71. We've been married for 8 years, live in PA and are very excited to participate int he challenge! Thanks for all you do for marriages!!! -D & S

  72. Dawn we are excited to have you and your husband join us for the challenge. It is going to be an exciting time for all of us and we look forward to how it goes for you two.

  73. We'd like to give this a go. We've been married 8 months. Mary and Michael from qld Australia

  74. Johnny and Cassidy
    Married 6 years.
    From South Carolina.

    We're both looking forward to this. His sex drive is great, but mine is lacking. I want to want that intimacy, but it rarely actually happens. We're both hoping that really focusing on this for a week will help us reconnect.

  75. Mary and Michael we are so delighted to have the two of you joining us. We are really excited to have you joining us all the way from Australia. I commend you two for doing this early in your marriage. It will be an amazing time and one were you can grow and learn more about each other. Looking forward to hearing about your experience.

  76. Glad the two of you are doing this. It is going to be a time the two of you will relish together. Cassidy, Alisa will tell you she was the same when we did our 60 Days of Sex and again when we did our first 7 Days of Sex Challenge last year. Her sex drive was heightened during both of these because of her mindset. We hope that the same will happen for you so that you will be able to enjoy the passion, romance, and intimacy in your sexual intimacy. Looking forward to hearing how it goes for you two.

  77. James Jobst says:

    Andy and Bridget
    Married 20years.
    From Michigan

    We are in!

  78. Andy and Bridget – I thought you may be up for this! That's great, and as a side note we're presenting at another Living in Love weekend here in June.

  79. We are going to join in the challenge. We've been talking about being intimate on a more regular basis, so this should get us off to a good start again.

    Steve & Brenda
    Married 31 yrs

  80. Steve & Brenda,

    Welcome! This will definitely jump-start the “regular basis”. It was doing this last year that lead to our intimacy lifestyle and twice a week schedule. Tony initiates sex on either Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. I initiate on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and Saturday is a day off.

    Glad to have the two of you on board!


  81. Andy & Bridget,

    We are glad to have the two of you as part of the 7 Days of Sex Challenge. Glad to see that the Midwest is being well represented!


  82. Andy & Bridget,

    We are glad to have the two of you as part of the 7 Days of Sex Challenge. Glad to see that the Midwest is being well represented!


  83. We're in.

    TX 1 year

  84. DH is in! Crazy, but it's already brought the affection up a notch. I am liking it!
    C&R Married 9 years, Maryland

  85. Excellent! We are excited to have the two of you joining us and the 34 other couples participating in the challenge.

  86. Very cool to hear that the affection in your home is already being stepped up. Can't wait to hear about your experience as we go through the challenge.

  87. shawnacevraini says:

    We are so there!

    Shawna & Bruce
    Alberta, Canada
    Married 12 years this October, together for 16

  88. Suellentrop says:

    We're In!
    Jeff and Mandi

  89. Great to have you two joining us. We will be married 14 years this October too. This is going to be a fantastic time for you and Bruce. Looking forward to getting your perspective during the challenge.

  90. Oh boy! So happy that you guys are joining us. I know we had some good conversation at the birthday party and we are excited to get your insights as you two do this.

  91. Anita & Brian says:

    Count us in:)
    Married for almost 14years
    Soldotna, Alaska on the beautiful Kenai Peninsula

  92. Anita & Brian says:

    Count us in:)
    Married for almost 14years
    Soldotna, Alaska on the beautiful Kenai Peninsula

  93. Yeah!!! We are so glad. We've missed you and were hoping that the two of you would be up for this. It's going to be great and we are excited for the two of you.

  94. DandJ H says:

    Count us in. Were going to give it a shot. We will be married 2 years in Sept. We have a crazy schedule but are going to try and make it a point.

  95. Aaron & Crystal says:

    Aaron & Crystal: Married 13 years last March and we are from Louisiana.

    I (Crystal) downloaded your first podcast last week and have been blown away by the similarities between your marriage and our marriage. It sounded like you were reading our mail. Within the past month, Jesus has been dealing with my heart about my attitude toward intimacy. I haven't always been this way. Pre-kids, we were awesome! I began praying for God to change my heart and also to lead me to quality, pure help. I stumbled upon your podcast and then the blog and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were Heaven-sent, “for such a time as this”. Aaron works offshore on a two-week on/two-week off rotation. He returned home yesterday and I poured my heart out to him concerning all that God has been dealing with me about. He was dumbstruck. We talked for over 4 hours. I then shared with him your website and the 7 Day Challenge. Although we will be living on a church campground, in a travel trailer, helping to monitor our children's youth camp on the week of the 7 Day Challenge, he has heartily agreed that we are in! It will be an exciting week filled with many challenges but ones that we are anxious to overcome. May God bless you as you continue in this work for Him.

  96. My hubby is deployed now but I am taking notes for when we gets home! 🙂 Thanks for opening this up for us!

  97. My hubby is deployed now but taking notes for HE gets home!

    Kentucky, 6 years

  98. Were very excited that you two, even with your crazy schedule, are going to take on the 7 Days of Sex Challenge. Making the time for the two of you will reap many benefits for years to come. Which state are you from?

  99. Wow!!! We are honored to have you two join us for the 7 Days of Sex Challenge. I want to commend you Crystal for taking the nudge God was giving you to open up to Aaron. Even though Aaron was taken aback you guys talked for 4 hours. How awesome is that! It is only when we take off our masks and truly let our spouses know what is happening in our lives will we be able to have the intimacy we so desire. It's tough, but look at how God is rewarding both of you.

    We are looking forward to your comments as you rock the travel trailer. There is going to be a lot coming at you, but you two will persevere.

  100. That's fantastic Nicole. What a gift this will be for the two of you when he gets back from his deployment. We'll be leaving all of this up on our blog so when you two do do the challenge you'll be able to go over it together. How much longer is he gone for?

  101. My husband and I are going to try this. We've been married 5 years and live in PA. We're also going to a Love & Respect class at our church. Between the two, I'm expecting God will do some great things in our marriage.

  102. Corenae says:

    We are in!!! We have been married for 13 and 1/2 years and live in Berkley , Michigan!!!

  103. DandJ H says:

    We are from PA, sorry I forgot to mention that. We are looking forward to some much needed marriage inrichment, maybe even a realtionship over haul!!!

  104. Amen! From experience spending 7 days on our spouses can have an amazing impact on our marriages. I hope that by doing the challenge and attending the Love & Respect class you two will ignite romance, passion, and intimacy in you marriage. What's your husbands name?

  105. Fantastic. I love your excitement for the challenge. You've been married as long as we have and from experience know that this is going to add another love of intimacy to your marriage. Glad you're joining us. What's your husbands name?

  106. Lynette Johnson says:

    We' Do It! (gladly)
    TJ & LJ Married 10 years in CA

  107. Married 4 years in Wisconsin and up for the challenge

  108. Paula and Billy Bobbitt says:

    Virginia-15 years. We are definitely going to do this!

  109. @Dustin – it will be a challenge for us without a doubt. timing issues with NFP are going to make it interesting for us, but we did decide that if the physical activity part of the challenge cannot happen, then the emotional & spiritual aspects experienced during the physical activity could still happen. ought to be a profound experience in those cases.
    We wil be praying for you on the June LiL weekend. We are on for a July one locally here so it should be fun. Keep up the STS & Dialogue!

  110. Thank you. I'm looking forward to seeing what God does in not only our marriage but others as well. My husband's name is John.

  111. We are going to try. I just had a baby and would LOVE to get my groove back. Hoping this helps!

  112. OK, I think we are going to have to change our participation to “we are in” Our 30 days got derailed with some sickness that lasted almost a week and so we are going to be ready to go the first of June when this starts. We will be with family in a cabin, but only for two of those days so we will just have to be careful 🙂

  113. TJ & LJ – Love the enthusiasm. Glad to have you two on board.

  114. Fantastic MZ. This is going to be a great foundation piece in your marriage. We're excited for the two of you. What's your spouse's name?

  115. Paula and Billy – After 15 years of marriage this is going to be awesome! We are honored to have you join us.

  116. Wow Jackie!!! We give you a lot of credit for taking on this challenge. What a fantastic way to jump start your sex life again after a child. Glad you guys are in. What's your husbands name and what state are you from?

  117. We're unplugging for the weekend as we get ready for the 7 Days of Sex Challenge. When signing up please leave:

    1. Your names
    2. How long you've been married
    3. Which state/country you reside

    We'll pick it back up on Tuesday. Have a fantastic weekend everyone.

    Love you guys,

    Tony & Alisa

  118. Fantastic!!! Looking forward to your insights as we do the 7 Days of Sex Challenge. Two nights in a cabin with family is going to be a bit interesting, but totally doable. How long have you two been married and where do you reside? Thanks

  119. We'd like to try this Challenge! We are Steve & Erica, we have been together for 8 years and getting married in 1 month! We live in Northern California!

  120. Yikes! Sorry. I was going to do post my info, but by time I got to the end of the page it slipped my mind.
    Lincoln and Jackie. Married 4 years. Two and a half year old son and six month old daughter with colic:)
    We live in Texas.

  121. Excited for the challenge! PA

  122. John Burley says:

    We're in. John & Tina, North Florida, married 24 years. Tony, I emailed you a couple of weeks ago after listening to all your podcasts on a long roadtrip. Thanks for your ministry! — ummm…. I think we've got a early start going on here

  123. Greg & Nicole
    North Dakota
    8 years on June 14th

  124. David and Dianne
    Live in Pa
    Married 28 years
    Up for challenge (by faith) I know God will use this week, if we do it.Pray for Dianne, she's not sure.

  125. Sounds like a great adventure! And my husband's eyes lit up when I suggested it.
    Phil & Lisa
    Married 3 years

  126. Randy and Robin Smith says:

    Randy and Robin from Michigan are up for the challenge! We will celebrate our fifth anniversary the day before the challenge ends.

  127. We have been married for 20 years and live in the Atlanta area.

  128. Jeff and NeCole, married 5 years and we live in CA.

  129. Jennifer says:

    Sounds fun! We are in. Scott and Jennifer — from Chicago—married 8.5 years

  130. My wife and I are ready! We have a great relationship, but there's always room for improvement in everything! We've been married just shy of 17 years and live in Indiana. Having 3 young kids can definitely put a damper on the together time, but we're up for the challenge.

  131. Michael and Annalea
    Married 6 years this past May 28th
    Southern California

  132. Scott & Jennifer…welcome to the challenge!


  133. Annalea,

    What a great way to celebrate your anniversary! Congratulations on 6 years.


  134. Don,

    Love your attitude! We understand the kid challenge but that just means you have to be a little more creative. Enjoy your week.


  135. NeCole,

    So happy to have you and Jeff join the challenge!


  136. This is an exciting way to celebrate your anniversary week…thank you for joining us.


  137. Lisa, it's great to hear that your husband was so enthusiastic. You're right it will be a great adventure for all of us.


  138. Yes John, I remember you. How could I forget someone who took the time to listen to all of our podcasts during a long road trip. God bless you two as you embark on this challenge. I'm excited to know that we are having an impact on your marriage and know that the 7 Days of Sex Challenge is going to be amazing for the two of you. Looking forward to hearing about your experience next week.

  139. Love the way that PA is being represented in this challenge. So glad to have you join us!


  140. David,

    This will be an incredible adventure for you and Dianne. We will be praying for the two of you during the challenge. Our book Stripped Down talks about prayer in the bedroom.


  141. Greg & Nicole,

    What a great way to celebrate your anniversary! Glad to see ND represented.


  142. Ashley and David are in!! together for 3 years in Washington

  143. Tucker and Cathy from New Jersey – married 13 years. Super excited. We're starting one day early, just to match up our schedule a little better…hope that still counts!

  144. Tim and Laurel says:

    Sounds like fun can't wait to get started — from North Carolina — married 6 years on June 19th

  145. Tom & Pat says:

    After 29 years of bliss we are up for this! in Wisconsin

  146. Thanks you two for joining us. We lived in Spokane, WA for 1 1/2 years and loved it, other than the snow. Hope you are ready for a fun time.

  147. No problem starting a day early Cathy. I would just comment on the appropriate day when we put up the posts. Glad you are doing this and we look forward to hearing how it goes for you two.

  148. What a to kick off your 6th year of marriage. You will have fun for sure. Glad you are joining us.

  149. We hope that after 29 years of bliss we'll still be doing this challenge. Great to have you guys joining us and we hope this is an amazing experience for you.

  150. Ken and Diane MacIntyre says:

    Count us in, Ken and Diane from Waxhaw NC. Married 28 years Taking our marriage to the outrageously happy level.

  151. Brian & Donna says:

    Hi Tony and Alisa,

    My wife and I are in!. We've been married almost 13 years and have a 5 and 7 year old. We're a little nervous about this but think it will help our already great marriage become even better. We think at the very least it will be fun to try! I've enjoyed your podcasts. We particularly needed the information about sharing your emotions with your spouse. We are both strongly introverts and we have always had trouble going deeper than surface type stuff. It was very timely. Thanks

  152. Brian & Donna,

    Welcome to the challenge. We're glad to hear that the podcasts have helped the two of you dig deeper in your marriage.

    The nerves are understandable but if you keep it fun you will have a great week!

    Alisa & Tony

  153. Ken & Diane-love that “outrageously happy level”!

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts at the end of the week.

    Alisa & Tony

  154. Just wanted to make sure you got us listed! I just saw the post with all the states and didn't see Georgia listed.


  155. Thanks for the heads up. I just updated the list to show that Georgia is represented.

  156. We are in! And the timing is very apropos- we will be celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary on June 12. 😉 A great lead up, wouldn't you say?

  157. Jeff & Kathy says:

    Were in guys!

  158. Jeff & Kathy says:

    Opps left off some info. Married almost 27 years. Ages- Wife 50- Husband 51

  159. Jeff & Kathy says:

    I don't read and follow directions very well. I must be a guy. Ha! So more info – We live in Colorado

  160. Kimmyrn says:

    We are in! Kim and Shane from Grass lake Michigan. Married 22years.

  161. Monique Kuhns says:

    Count us in! Tony and Monique 2 yrs married wow that time went by fast!

  162. Melissa & David says:

    We are in! Melissa and David, married for a little under 9 months and live in Missouri.

  163. Tripp & Amy says:

    I suggested this to my beautiful wife who said jokingly “sure its for the both of us..” We do have a great relationship that includes a great sex life but this challenge is bound to bring us closer, literally! She suggested a one week sex fast, we could not quite make it, well I could not quite make it!! Looking forward to growing closer to each other.

    Tripp & Amy from SC

  164. juanita says:

    Up for the challenge. Cornel and Juanita from Atlanta Georgia. Married 4 years 2 months

  165. Juanita says:

    ages: Cornell 29 Juanita 24

  166. Hey Tony and Alisa… count us in (Julie and Randy Sibert). I think it's great what you guys are doing! Blessed to be a blessing… that's what you are! THANKS! Keep up the good work 🙂

  167. So glad you two are joining us. You've been a blessing in my life Jeff and I hope this is a small way that Alisa and I can be one in yours. We are looking forward to hearing how it goes for the two of you.

  168. Wow!!! This is all God Kim and Shane. So happy to have the two of you joining us. Praise God!!!

  169. It sure did! We are excited to have you both of you joining us. Can't believe it's been that long since our first small group with you guys. Looking forward to hearing about how this goes.

  170. This is going to lay a wonderful foundation for the two of you that will last for many years to come. Glad you have joined the challenge.

  171. I'm with you Tripp. Great relationship here too, but why not get closer. It's for a good cause as I have told Alisa many times. Going for 7 days is tough, but I think with your trial run this one should go over great. Happy to have you and Amy joining us.

    How long have you two been married?

  172. Fantastic Cornel and Juanita! We are excited for you during this up coming week and look forward to your insights as you go through the week.

  173. Your welcome Julie. You have been a blessing in our lives as well. We are both ecstatic to have you and Randy joining us. We are interested in your insights about the challenge as the two of you go through each day.

  174. Yeah!!! Glad you and the hubby and joining us for the challenge. You have been a huge promoter of it that I thought you'd jump in here sooner or later. A great way to lead up to your guys 1st anniversary for sure. We are excited to get your guys perspective.

  175. Nothing like waiting until the last minute 🙂 Dh hasn't actually agreed but I am sure he'll be fine with it 🙂

    Dan & Tara, married 11 1/2 years from San Diego 🙂

  176. mrcolley says:

    I believe the wife and I are interested in this. Be had been talking doing one of these. The 60 day one was pretty intimidating, so the 7 day one seems like a good place to start. We've been married for 10 years and reside in the state of Georgia.

    One more thing, is it against the rules to get started early? 😉

  177. We're going to give it a try. Jeff and Kelli from Nevada — Married 14 years.

  178. This past March was 12 years. We both married our best friend and it seems like yesterday we were just walking down the aisle! We have 3 girls, 11, 8, and 6 so we will carefully plan our times for the challenge! BTW, we will be praying for all of the couples participating that they would grow closer in all aspects but mostly spiritually. Thanks for all you and Alisa do, you guys have helped me out bunches!

  179. We are definitely in! Keli and Jason, Oregon. Married 5 years in September.

  180. Matt and Carol in MO, married 13 years last week.

  181. Great to hear your praying for participants. Pray for us specifically as this is a real challenge for us, but God is faithful.
    David & Dianne

  182. Corbin & Erin says:

    Decided to give it a shot! Been married 12 years on August and live in Iowa

  183. We're in–David and Kathi, we've been married nearly 22 years with two elementary school children. This comes at a VERY busy time in our world so it's going to be a CHALLENGE

  184. Bob @ Sharree says:

    We are in the chalange. Bob & Sharree married 18 years last month from Illinois

  185. Brenton says:

    We are up to the challenge. 🙂 We have been married for 9 years and live in South Africa.

  186. Jennifer Flory says:

    We're in…. We've been on vacation the last week and will be on vacation during the next week, so this will be fun!
    Michael & Jennifer Flory
    Married 2 and 1/2 years
    Living in wonderful California

  187. Casey & Chad says:

    Count us in!! We're from Minnesota… Married for 6 years!

  188. Let's beat the buzzer…we're in! Tony and Vernell, married 4 years come August 21st. From NC

  189. So glad you are joining us you guys even if Dan doesn't know about it just yet. Looking forward to hearing about how it goes.

  190. Yes, 60 days is intimidating for sure. That is why we prefer 7 days because it is something we can wrap our arms around.

    It's OK to start early just leave your comment for the appropriate day so we can keep track on our end.

    Glad to have you two on board and ready to go.

  191. Excellent!!! Don't try, just do it. It's going to be something the two of you will look back at and really be proud that your did it. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  192. Fantastic! So happy that you two are excited about doing the challenge with us.

  193. Having been married 13 years ourselves we can tell you that this is going to be something that will add a lot of conversation to the dinner table sans kids, if you have them. Glad you are joining us.

  194. Sweet. It's a awesome to have the two of you in for the challenge. We look forward to getting your feedback on how it goes each day.

  195. We'll be praying for you two. It is a challenge especially with kids around, but it's worth it. We can vouch for that. Which state do you reside in?

  196. Fantastic to have you two on board. Hope you enjoy each day of the challenge and let us know how being intimate is impacting your marriage.

  197. Love it!!! Wow, we are truly excited to have the two of you joining us from South Africa. Hopefully World Cup soccer doesn't come in the way. Alisa and I meet 16 years ago watching the World Cup so it's something we look forward to every 4 years.

    Thanks for being apart of the challenge.

  198. We agree with you that CA is wonderful. We love San Diego and don't plan to leave. Happy to have you guys joining us and with you on vacation how fun will that be. We look forward to getting your input on how it goes for the two of you.

  199. Glad to see Minnesota represented. We are happy to have you two on board for the challenge.

  200. Glad you guys beat the buzzer. We're excited for you two and the many other couple out in NC. Tip off is coming soon.

  201. Took about a second to combine my honey, we are in.
    Ahni & Frankie, a month shy of 6 years! CA

  202. Can I tell you how honored I am to have you joining us. It's very special when someone like you, who I've known since high school, is taking us up on our challenge. It doesn't take us husbands to long to think this one over. So excited to hear how this goes for you guys.

  203. Betsy Scheffler says:

    Were in
    zach and Betsy Scheffler
    12 years married
    we live in arkansas

  204. Jeanne & Jeff says:

    My husband and I would love to join…is it too late? We'll be married for 15 years this September and we are from Milwaukee, WI

  205. It's great to have the two of you joining us for this and to also represent AR. Looking forward to getting you insights on how this goes for you guys.

  206. Not to late. You are in! We are excited to have you joining us for the 7 Days of Sex Challenge.

  207. Vicki Groff says:

    My hubby & I would also love to sign up…Roy & Vicki Groff, married 28 years from Willow Street, PA

  208. Glad to have you joining us Roy and Vicki. 12 more hours and it's go time.

  209. Sure thing. We are on our way to the Sat. nite church service now. I will specifically pray for you two! Remember what Philippians 4:13 says, and we can apply the scripture to this challenge too!

  210. Yep – we've got 4 – ages 2-8. Dinner sans kids? What's that? 😉

    We did have a kid free weekend a few weeks ago, but unlikely to happen again in the near future though DH's bday is this week!

  211. Tripp, that is a fantastic verse for the 7 Days of Sex Challenge. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13. I have that verse on my Road ID badge and I wear it every time I go for a ride.

    Thanks for the prayers.

  212. Hank Rath says:

    Joanne and Hank from Pennsylvania. Married 32 years.

  213. we're in!
    Mary and Adrian black
    20 years old
    married two years
    from Ontario, Canada

  214. We're excited that after 32 years you two are still up for something like this. It's fantastic to have you on board.

  215. What a way for you two to build a strong foundation for your marriage. We are excited to hear how this experience transforms you marriage. Glad your joining us.

  216. Rachel & Jayson says:

    If it's not too late, my husband and I are in! We've been married 4 years and live in Arizona. 🙂

  217. Jeff and Beth M. says:

    We are Jeff and Beth and we've been married for 7 years. We reside in Arizona 🙂 We're excited !!

  218. Jeff & Beth, welcome! So glad to have you joining us.

    Alisa & Tony

  219. Rachel & Jayson, it's not too late! We're thrilled to have AZ represented.

    Tony & Alisa

  220. Jeff and Beth M says:

    We're excited!! Thanks for the opportunity!
    (We posted under “Jeff and Beth M” – just finally registered

  221. Who Am I says:

    I plan to follow this for ideas with my wife.

  222. Tiffany and Jeremy says:

    Hope we are not too late! Lookin to put Oklahoma on the map. Married 16 years. 30 something

  223. We have done it! We had to do it after midnight last night because my husband works a double shift today from morning til late at night. We never would have done that last night without this challenge! It was fantastic!

  224. Tiffany & Jeremy, it's not too late as today is the first day. Thank you for putting OK on the map.


  225. Woo hoo Karen! Glad to hear that you are off to a great start. Can you post this under… to get credit for today. Each day we will have a new post where that day's comments go.


  226. Ken and Diane MacIntyre says:

    We tried to bring in the challenge after midnight, but, Wife too tire to stay awake we had intimacy but no climax, finished the Love making this morning with both satisfied. Day one is a success, thanks for the spark.

  227. Michael & Jamie says:

    Michael & Jamie – we are in. Together 15 months, WA

  228. That's awesome! You will find many ideas from this group. Thanks for following the challenge.

  229. Excellent! Glad you are taking on the 7 Days of Sex Challenge this week. We look forward to hearing about how it goes.

  230. Mark Brown says:

    Better late than never. We are in. I think the only couple from Alabama.

  231. Tim and Laurel says:

    Day one complete!

  232. romans 12:2 says:

    We are in!! Great timing – we are going to a Joel & Kathy Davisson Marriage Intensive in 10 days, so this will be a great warmup!

    – – Bruce & Sharon in Alabama

  233. Excellent Mark. Make sure you comment on the appropriate day with your names and state so we can keep track. Glad you are making this a priority in your marriage.

  234. Make sure you post tomorrow comment on the Day 2 post. Got you for today. Thanks you two hope it was a wonderful start to the challenge.

  235. We got you guys and yes this is a great way to lead up to the intensive. Make sure when you post you do so on the appropriate day with your names and state. We're excited to hear how this goes.

  236. Sorry we are late in commenting, but not joining… Joe & Katie, 34 years old, Washington, married 11 almost 12 years.

  237. I meant we weren't late in joining. Reading it back it read like we were not joining. We're in!

  238. Tim and Laurel says:

    Sorry, we did not notice that there were separate posts. We will post correctly tomorrow. And so far so good. Thanks for hosting this event.

  239. Jeanne & Jeff says:

    Ok, we semi- succeeded last night! I can't believe it took some prompting by me, usually it's the other way around!!! No intercourse, but intimacy and we both had orgasms!

  240. That is fantastic you two. It doesn't always have to be intercourse for an amazing time of intimacy.

  241. My wife, Faye, and I have decided to the 7 Days of Sex Challenge starting today. We figured the holiday weekend would be a great time to start, since this is very new territory for us (we usually average about once every 2 or 3 months, so this is a huge deal). [We’re in CA.]

  242. AWESOME!!! Great time to start with the holiday weekend for sure. You will experience a new connection over the course of the 7 days. Make sure to come back and listen to our audio and watch our videos to encourage the two of you along. Keep us posted as we are always excited to hear couple going out of their comfort zone to experience an amazing marriage.

  243. Jeff and Lauren says:

    We’re a little late to the party, but discovered your site recently and we’re taking the challenge! Started yesterday! We’re from Indianapolis, Ind.

  244. Jason & Marie says:

    A Little late to start but just receintly discovered your site. We started the challange today. we are from Roosevelt Utah

    • Jason – You are on last years challenge. Go to the home page & you’ll find the 2nd Annual post where you can sign up. We start on Sunday May 8th.

  245. Samantha says:

    It’s about that time again. My husband and i are all in and would love to do the 7 day challenge this year! Are you going to do it this year? Cant wait 🙂

  246. Justin Young and Diana De Leon says:

    My wife sent me to this article, so I am signing us up to do the 7 Days of Sex Challenge next time your running it.

    We have 2 children and we have been married 7 yrs

    We live in Quintana Roo, Mexico


  247. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked
    submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr…
    well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say
    fantastic blog!