It can be tough for you and your spouse to be sexually intimate when you have children (of any age) with good ears listening to everything going on. It might even make you feel uncomfortable being as loud as you want during sex.

The same can be said when you have guests or other adults staying over. You might feel limited in what you can or cannot do in your bedroom.


This is a predicament plenty of couples have encountered before. In a quiet house, even the softest noises can sometimes be heard. But when your environment limits what you feel comfortable doing in the bedroom, it can lead to cracks in your sexual intimacy and beyond.

Taking action is so important, especially when it comes to your sex life. Fortunately, there’s a great resource to help you overcome this challenge and enjoy sex as loud as you want.

Enjoying Loud Sex with Others in the Home

Most if not all couples have wondered how to enjoy sex with kids or others in the home.

Consider this one wife, for example. She reached out asking for advice about how to be sexually intimate when the kids are at home.

Her kids were getting older. The thought of the kids hearing her and her husband had crossed her mind before.

Although they were open with their children about sex, they knew that there is an important aspect of comfortability needed in order to fully enjoy their sexual intimacy. She wanted to know if there was a solution.

Or what about when your in-laws are in town?

You know how difficult it can be to have sex when the parents are over, especially if you were raised by parents who think loud sex noises are improper. You might feel like you have to be silent during sex or worse: not have sex at all. Over time, these challenges can weaken your sexual intimacy if not addressed.

So what’s the solution?

The Sound+Sleep Machine for Sex as Loud as You Like

A few years back, we did extensive research about what solutions would work best for couples who want to enjoy sex without disturbing everyone in the home.

The answer? Sound machines.

For us, the winner was the Sound + Sleep Machine. 

With the Sound + Sleep Machine, you can feel better knowing that you can be as loud as you want during sex while remaining discrete.

Many couples find that the best placement for a sound machine is near their bedroom door.

You can keep your sex life secret by turning on the sound machine every night, whether you are having sex or not. This helps ensure that you aren’t conditioning anyone to associate the noises of the sound machine to your sexual encounters. There are a variety of natural sounds, so you’re sure to find one that you enjoy for sleeping too.

As a result, you can feel comfortable to enjoy sex as loud as you like without worrying about what others can hear.

Again, there’s an added benefit that the sound machine can help you sleep more deeply because you aren’t awoken by other light noises during the night.

Realistic, Natural Sounds to Mask Loud Sex Noises

One of the best aspects of the Sound+Sleep Machines is that they come with numerous noises. There are sounds such as rainfall, meditation, fireplace, waterfall, meadow, and more.

The Sound+Sleep Machine has 10 sound categories with three richness levels, meaning you can enjoy 30 different noise modes. The Sound+Sleep SE Machine has 16 sound categories with four richness levels. So, in total, you could have 64 sounds options!

With so many options, you can mask noises that would otherwise be loud and disturbing to others in your home. Test them out and find the sounds that you prefer.

Below is a quick video about some of our favorite sounds.

Adaptive Sound Technology Adjusts to Your Noise Level

Another incredible aspect of the Sound+Sleep Machines is adaptive mode. The Adaptive Sound Technology listens and then reacts to the environment.

That means as you get louder, the sounds get louder. This is especially helpful when you are engaging in sexual intimacy with your spouse!

No more worrying about getting too loud and bothering someone in your home. You can feel confident and comfortable during sex knowing that adaptive mode will cover your sounds.

Now you can be as loud as you want without feeling as if you should be ashamed or embarrassed the next morning at breakfast.

Below is a brief video about how adaptive mode works for the Sound+Sleep Machines.

Sound Machines Help Create the Ideal Environment for Sexual Intimacy

The Sound+Sleep Machines will help you not only get a good night’s rest but also ensure that you feel comfortable doing more than just sleeping when you are in your bedroom.

Too many couples put their sexual intimacy on the back burner because of kids or others in the home. There is no reason why your sex life should suffer simply because you have children or visitors in the home.

You deserve to enjoy sexual intimacy with your spouse, no matter how loud or quiet. With a sound machine, you can make sure you both feel comfortable to engage in sexual acts without worrying about what other people can hear. As a result, you’ll strengthen your sexual intimacy by both being fully present.

So why not let your spouse know just how much you like it by moaning as loud as you’d like? The Sound + Sleep Machine has you covered.

Watch the video below to rekindle the spark and restore the connection in your marriage today!

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