It can be tough for you and your spouse to be sexually intimate when you have children (of any age) with good ears listening to everything going on or when you have other adults staying over.

This was something we were asking ourselves and then…

We were asked by a wife on how to be sexual intimate when the kids are at home.

In her letter to us we could totally relate.

Our kids are getting older and the thought of them hearing us was also something we had thought about.

We’re open with our kids about sex and yet it’s completely something else to be able to express yourselves in an environment where you feel comfortable.

The search was on…

If there was one wife asking about this then we knew that there are others in the same place.

We went to the place where we go for items like this…

After entering a couple of search terms, we got a list of the many different sound machines out there.

After reading the descriptions and customer reviews on many of the different sound machines we made our purchase.

The Sound + Sleep Machine was the winner and we hoped it would be in the bedroom as well.

After months of use we are excited to share our experience…

With the Sound + Sleep Machine, you can feel better knowing that you can be loud, very loud and not disturb others around you.

We have placed ours in our bedroom on a night stand closest to the door.

Every night, no matter if we are going to have sex or not we turn on the Sound + Sleep Machine.

Reason being is that we have begun to condition the kids to know that it’s going to be on. Also, it is a great way to go to sleep.

It really is.

Get ready because now you can be as loud as you want with all the natural noises coming from the Sound + Sleep Machine.

The Adaptive Sound Technology listens and then reacts to the environment. As you get louder the sounds get louder.

The realistic sounds such as rainfall, waterfall, meditation, meadow, fireplace and others is great for masking noises that would otherwise be loud and disturbing.

We’ve tested each and our favorite is the waterfall.

Pick the sound that is best for the two of you.

When you do you will be able to have sex in your own home, that will free you to be as loud as you want without feeling as if you should be ashamed or embarrassed the next morning at breakfast.

The Sound + Sleep Machine also is beneficial when you have company over and you still want to be able to have sex without interruptions or people listening intently to the noises coming from your bedroom.

The richness control with three setting gives you the ability to set how rich you want the sounds to be.

This makes it so the only sounds folks will hear coming from your room are the sound waves from the machine. This is essentially important when you have your in-laws visiting for the weekend. 🙂

You know how difficult it can be to have the parents over and especially when dad wants to believe that his daughter is still a saint and has no bad behavior or tendencies.

For this reason alone, you should invest in the Sound + Sleep Machine.

The sleep sound machine is aimed to not only get you a good night’s rest but also to make sure that while you spend time in your room, that it is not only sleeping that you are doing.

It helps to make sure that your sex life does not just go down the drain simply because the kids are awake or other people are in the house.

There is no reason why your sex life should suffer simply because you have children or visitors over.

Having sex no matter how loud or how gentle you like it, will be pleasurable for you both.

Why not let your spouse know just how much you like it by moaning as loud as you’d lilke while masking the noise with the Sound + Sleep Machine.

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  1. Thank you for trying these options out! We are going to give it a try. We just purchased it. My husband also has trouble sleeping, so hopefully it helps in that area as well.

  2. Today we received the Ecotones from Amazon. (We clicked through the link above so you would get the credit)
    We gave our old sound machine to our daughter, who is 16, and our 18 year old son usually has a fan going.
    We are looking forward to testing it out. 😉 With white noise makers in all the bedrooms we’re hoping we can get more vocal again! 😉

    • We hope that you both are loving your Ecotones. It’s on in our bedroom each and every night and last night it worked wonderfully. 😉

      Thanks for picking it up through the link.

      Love you guys.

  3. I am wondering why you call this an Ecotones machine? That name is nowhere in the Amazon listing. Its name is just “Sound+Sleep.”

    Do you have a recommendation between the regular, Mini, and SE versions available from Amazon?


    • Hey Nathan,

      When we first purchased our Sound + Sleep machine it was actually called the Ecotones Sound + Sleep machine. That’s why we call it this in these videos. We’ve only used the Sound + Sleep,, and have loved it. Not sure about the others and their functionality.

      Love you guys.