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Your marriage has been rocked by a breach of trust and while you want to stay in the marriage, there are so many conflicting feelings right now.

This has been a rocky season for you. You don’t know how the two of you got to this place. What used to be so easy (the conversations, the sex, the time together) is now a struggle. In fact, sometimes it feels easier to not try.

Your primary focus needs to be repairing the marriage and healing the hurts.

You still remember why you fell in love with your spouse and you still believe in your marriage. The frustration of having the same arguments over and over again, is wearing you down.

You realize that if things are going to change you are going to need help.

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You feel like you are on a never ending merry-go-round of frustration and hurts. You could almost write out exactly what’s going to be said during the next fight...because it looks like the last one. You don’t know how many ways to try and get through to your spouse about what you need because it feels like you have tried everything and yet you are still dealing with the same issues. Sometimes (OK often) you just keep to yourself because it’s easier than having another fight about the same thing.

You want your marriage. You still believe in marriage. You just know that the two of you are stuck in a rut of sadness, hurts and anger. You can feel the disconnect in your marriage and you don’t know how to fix it.

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We deal with situations like this every day and we aren’t known for sugar coating anything.

Where you are right now, with your relationship skills and your outlook on your marriage, the two of you aren’t going to be able to fix this on your own. You’ve tried and you’re still reading this.

The good news is, you haven’t stopped looking for ways to help you rebuild the trust in your marriage and you are here.

What we are about to say might surprise you. What you need to do right now is to get healthy individually so that your marriage can be healthy. What does that mean? It means that both of you have a role in rebuilding your marriage.

It’s taking the perspective of what can I do to restore and rebuild our marriage?

You know that there are a lot of things that the two of you have tried or are trying that are not working and yet you don’t know any better. That’s not your fault. You need someone to come alongside the two of you with tools and strategies to equip you to create a shift in your relationship. I know right now it seems impossible to imagine doing that but let us explain.

You’ve tried to say the right things and do all the right actions and it feels like it’s going nowhere.

Rebuilding trust is a process and it’s one that can have a happy ending. You simply need the right tools and the right person to walk through this with you.

If you will allow us, we can be those people for you. Our book the TRUST FACTOR was written out of our own experience and the years of helping couples just like you to heal and restore trust.

We would like to give our book for FREE, you just need to cover the shipping and handling cost. If this sounds OK with you, click the link below to send us your address and we will have the book shipped to you.