“Survival mode is supposed to be a phase that helps save your life. It’s not meant to be how you live your life.” —Michele Rosenthal


Over this past weekend we embarked on move #10 in 21 years of marriage. As we prepared for this move, only 7 miles away, we still had work, meetings, kids’ stuff (lessons, games, practices), and other obligations.

On top of all that we had to pack!


“Acknowledge what you have done and recommit to what you will do.” —Luci Lampe

Sexy is one of those words that is used in so many different ways with so many different meanings.

When Luci talks about creating the sexy life you desire, she’s talking about your most exciting life, the life where you are confident about what you are doing and comfortable in your own skin.

Traveling Light: Releasing the Burdens You Were Never Intended to Bear (Thomas Nelson, April 16, 2006)

Is it time for you to let go of all the things you are carrying around with you as you go about your day?

In Traveling Light, Max Lucado’s amazing writing style, will be a refreshing stop along your path to unload what’s on you as he teaches around the biblical passages of the 23rd Psalm.

Get ready to re-energize your weary spirit. Lucado gently unpacks the verses of the psalm while helping you lay down the burdens of doubt, anxiety, perfectionism, and fear.

Grab your copy of Traveling Light today!