339 – Sex Before Marriage

Never judge someone on their past because they are no longer in that stage of life. Sex before marriage can be a roadblock to deep sexual intimacy. If you had sex before marriage you may have feelings of guilt, shame, and resentment. On the other side your spouse may have had sex before marriage with other […]

338 – Beautiful Wife

You’ve been sharing with your wife that she is beautiful to you inside and out.  You see her as this amazing, incredible gift from God. A gift that honestly you cannot wait to unwrap. You want her to realize that it’s not a sin to acknowledge her own beauty and sensuality without feeling dirty and yet your wife doesn’t see herself as […]

337 – Fun and Games to Break the Sexual Routine

“I want a boring sex life, said no one ever.” —Alisa DiLorenzo What would happen to your marriage if you broke the sexual routine you’ve been in and brought back some fun into your bedroom? Many couples are experiencing a sex life that has become one more thing on the to-do list. Same sexual routine time and time […]

336 – Your Spouse Isn’t The Problem

It’s not your husband or your wife that’s the problem. The problem is the problem. Do you remember the part in your vows where it was spoken that the “two become one”?  That piece is talking about the two of you. The two of, now marriage, have became one. Newsflash: You are on the same team […]

335 – She’s Not Your Mother

Your wife does not want to be your mother! She is and desires to be your wife and your lover. Unfortunately, more often than not she is treat as your mother. She’s the person in the house who picks up after you, makes sure your laundry is done for when you need it, and treated the same way […]

334 – The Emasculated Man

Is there an emasculated man living in your home? For the purpose of this show emasculated means: Make a person weaker or less effective Deprive a man of his role or identity Wives, you have the opportunity to not have an emasculated man in your marriage by the thoughts and action you have toward your husband.  Husband’s […]