333 – Redefining The Intimacy Lifestyle

The Intimacy Lifestyle was introduced to the ONE Family as a way for you and your spouse to not have to wonder if you were going to have sex or not. Unfortunately, over the years we have heard from couples who have started to only get derailed for one reason or another. Some of these […]

332 – Releasing Resentment

Resentment is a poison that builds slowly as it snowballs into extreme disconnect. What starts out as one disappointment becomes a laundry list of all of the ways that your spouse has hurt you, disappointed you, not been there for you, etc. The resentment that you harbor toward your partner can be masked as: Anger Boredom […]

331 – Having Sex or Making Love

Married couples perform both sex and making love. Would you agree? Sometimes it is intentional and sometimes it’s because of circumstances. Sex happens when you only have 10 minutes before dinner for a quickie. You only have 10 minutes so it’s not going to be a marathon love making session. But if you are on vacation by […]

330 – Detours To Success

Last week we returned from our 20th anniversary trip to Peru. Our travels took us from San Diego to Lima, Peru, Cusco and then on to Machu Picchu.  The international trip involved two red eye flights through Dallas on the way there and then Miami on our way home. Once in country… 2 flights from Lima to […]

329 – Risk Reward

What’s the risk reward in your marriage? There’s a risk in any relationship between two people. You risk being vulnerable. You risk being rejected. You risk being misunderstood. You risk hurt feelings. You risk anger. You risk silence. You risk the distance growing in your marriage. You risk losing your marriage. In many marriage the idea of risk reward […]

328 – The Intimacy Lifestyle

What would your marriage look like if you and your spouse were having sex on a consistent basis? Maybe for the two of you it would be one, two or even 4 times a week and yet your not quite sure how to make this happen. For this to happen it takes planning and a […]