You turn on the water to start a shower for you and your loved one. It begins to warm up so you get in and then your spouse follows. What happens next is a struggle to be the one in the water. One of you is in and one of you is out.

Well, that no longer has to be the case. You can both have your own steady stream of warm water with your very own duel shower head. Be warm, have fun, and enjoy your shower time together.

We’ll be the first to tell you that we do NOT cuddle all night long…

However, when our arms find each other in the middle of the night or as we are falling asleep it’s AWESOME 😘.

In a recent 🎧 podcast, Let’s Go To Bed, we talk about the importance of going to bed together, why it matters in your marriage and what you both get from it.

It’s not the act of getting married that ensures your success. It’s all the little acts you do from that point forward that determine the success of your marriage.

What actions are you taking today to make your marriage extraordinary?