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You are committed to your marriage but struggle with the way that the two of you communicate. You miss the deep conversations. Everything these days seems to be about the logistics of your lives: schedules, bills, kids…

Your primary desire is to have meaningful conversations with your spouse.

You are the person who wants to know what is going on inside your spouse’s head. You want to know what they are feeling and what they are dealing with.

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You find yourself saying things like “why won’t you talk to me?” or “please, share your feelings with me, I want to know what you’re thinking” and you’re met with “What do you want to talk about?” or “I don’t know what to talk about.”

You or your spouse gets defensive when you try to talk about money, sex or extended family.

You find yourself thinking this shouldn’t be that hard. You remember when it wasn’t a challenge to have a conversation and you wonder where those days have gone.

The conversations in your marriage tend to feel like you could do them blindfolded. You have a handful of things that you talk about and you never go deeper than surface level.

You wonder if it’s even possible for the two of you to have a deeper connection.

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Every single day we help people in this same situation. People like you that need help developing emotional intimacy. Folks that need the answer to the question: How do we get started talking to one another?

You’ve tried “Can we have a conversation?”

You’ve tried, “Hey can I talk to you?”

You’ve tried everything that you can think of and it hasn’t worked.

It’s OK, that’s in the past.

The good news is, you are here and you’re willing to try something different.

What you need most right now is the right questions to ask. Questions that will help you get the conversation started. Questions that will revive communication and emotional intimacy in your marriage.


Great questions lead to meaningful conversations. They create a non threatening way into difficult topics.

We’re not talking about surface level or random questions. We’re talking about questions that will help you to get to know more about who your spouse is now.

Over time, couples get into routines. Routines can be great, when it comes to knowing the fastest way to work or how to get your bills paid. The challenge is that routines can have a negative impact on your communication. When you are always talking about the same thing, your relationship can feel stale. You didn’t get married to feel that way.

Communication can be learned. You can develop the ability to talk about different topics. You can rediscover the love and connection that you used to have. You can talk about your dreams and desires. You just need a little help.

Think of it this way…

If you had a book of questions that would ease the stress of knowing WHAT to ask, how would you feel?

If you had a book of questions, that led to meaningful conversations, how excited would you be?

With your busy life, you need an easy way to get the conversation started!

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