001: 60 DAYS OF SEX

Eleven years and our marriage had gone through a lot and yet the pain we endured didn’t have to be there forever.

So on a fateful day Tony & Alisa began an adventure that would forever change their lives.

Since this first show came out we have had listeners from all over the world take on the 60 Days of Sex Challenge.

Many of them have even surpassed us.

What’s even better is that their marriages and the love they have for one another has blossomed.

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Get ready as Tony & Alisa share their insights from the 60 Days of Sex Challenge and how you can began your own challenge.

We encourage you to check out what make ONE Extraordinary Marriage Different as you begin your journey to the extraordinary marriage you desire.

Get ready as there is much ahead, but we know if you are intentional about your marriage and take action there will be breakthrough as well as transformation in your life.

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51 thoughts on “001: 60 DAYS OF SEX

  1. Tony & Alisa, I really enjoyed listening to you speak so openly about your marriage. I found myself laughing and relating.
    I love being married and am always looking for new ways to keep it amazing. So, thank you for the new ideas.
    Congrats on your first podcast, it was a success, at least in my book! =)

  2. Tony & Alisa, I really enjoyed listening to you speak so openly about your marriage. I found myself laughing and relating.
    I love being married and am always looking for new ways to keep it amazing. So, thank you for the new ideas.
    Congrats on your first podcast, it was a success, at least in my book! =)

  3. I just subscribed to the podcast and will listen to the first episode tomorrow. Did you guys work with Cliff to set up your podcast? By the way, take a minute to look into the DISQUS comment system for your blog. It makes it really easy for people to sign in to leave comments b/c they can use their Facebook or Twitter ID’s to log in.

    Great looking site. Talk to you soon I hope.

  4. I just subscribed to the podcast and will listen to the first episode tomorrow. Did you guys work with Cliff to set up your podcast? By the way, take a minute to look into the DISQUS comment system for your blog. It makes it really easy for people to sign in to leave comments b/c they can use their Facebook or Twitter ID’s to log in.

    Great looking site. Talk to you soon I hope.

  5. Thanks for subscribing Andy. I hope you enjoy the podcast when you listen to it and we'll talk soon hopefully. We did go through Cliff, The Podcast Answer Man, for help setting up the initial stuff. Justin helped with the rest and I'm learning my way through it. Thanks for pointing us to the DISQUS comment system. As you can see it's up and running nicely. Thanks for the complements on the site. More to do, but we are getting there.

    Talk to you soon.

  6. Hi Tony and Alisa,

    This was totally amazing. I am getting married in March and I looking forward to many years of marriage knowing how much fun intimacy can be without it feeling like a routine. My fiance is heading out of town tonight and I told him that I am very excited about sharing this with him and we will be listening to it together. I am looking forward to more episodes and hope to share it with my family and friends.

  7. So proud of you guys!
    One, it was great just to hear you guys! Miss you all..
    Two, great first episode. I had to prepare myself a bit to listen, just in case, being that you all are family. But I was not 'shocked or scarred' by any means LOL! You both have very easy listening voices, you two I believe were meant to be together and to do this! It was good to hear both sides of a marriage in conjunction without it sounding prompted or scripted. Great job!

  8. We so appreciate your comments. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. It's great to hear that you are already making the choice for the intimacy in your marriage to be fun and not routine.

    Thank you for your encouragement and support as your share this with others. Please feel free to suggest topics or other ideas that you would like to hear us talk about.


  9. Amy,

    Glad to know that you weren't shocked or scared. I'm glad that we didn't sound prompted or scripted as we didn't have either, we were just having a conversation (wearing headphones and using microphones). It was a lot of fun and we are looking forward to many more episodes. Please feel free to suggest topics.

    Miss you too!

  10. that was awesome! I could totally picture you guys sitting in front of your computers in the garage recording this haha! can't wait to hear the next one 😀

  11. Thanks. Being Debt FREE has been a big factor in allowing us to really dig deep in our marriage. Knowing Alisa and myself we would have never been able to go 60 Days if we had a large sum of debt weighing us down.

  12. Way to go you two. What a hard topic to be open about. It's kind of funny that everyone talks about sex, but nobody really wants to talk about it without making jokes about it. With all humor being geared that way, it's hard to really have a true conversation about it. I will be listening to this with my wife.

    It was actually really good to hear another man say that he wasn't sure he could do or wanted to do this. For me, like Tony, I don't always want to spend all the energy necessary to have true intimacy. You'd just like to have sex and that's it. But there's so much that I'm missing. I know there is. I'm just not sure how to get there.

    Thanks for the podcast, keep them coming cause we'll be listening. 🙂

  13. Ted – Glad you like the podcast and listening to it with your wife. Alisa and I agree with you that talking about sex in an honest open manner without jokes isn't heard often. Our goal is to continue to talk about sex and intimacy openly so that other married couples can too.

    When Alisa came back to me saying she wanted to go for the 60 Days of Sex I really had to think about it. I'm glad we went through with our 60 days, but my initial reaction wasn't positive even though I brought it up. Ted, one thing I learned and we will discuss in future podcasts is that there is a direct correlation between the amount of energy I put into our marriage and the true intimacy we have together. It's amazing and extraordinary.

    Thanks for listening and if you or your wife has any questions in the future please email them to us. We want to have a listener feedback section in our podcasts.

  14. I'm having my quiet time drinking espresso and enjoying my cookies and thinking this is really good. This can be a difficult topic for married couples to discuss and I commend you both for being so open about it.
    And I do love you guys for doing this.

  15. Thanks mom. I'm able to be this intimate with Alisa because of the way you and dad have modeled your marriage for all these years, 37 years, is amazing. Alisa and I are blessed to have such wonderful parents.

    Love you too.

  16. Excellent Dustin. It's great to hear that other couples are our there making the effort to have an extraordinary marriage. We are going to get you on to get your input about intimacy and marriage soon. Thanks for all of your support it is appreciated.

  17. Woo-hoo! Awesome! So proud of you guys…most of all for being “called” and allowing God to equip you! We have no doubt that He will use you to transform lives!

  18. Pam, thank you for listening to the podcast. You and Ken have been so instrumental in making all of this happen. Through your encouragement and the opportunities that you have provided us we have been able to walk through those doors that God has opened.

  19. Good for you guys – great podcast. I can't wait to hear the next ones. Personally, I think I would cry from joy if my husband asked this of me. I am definitely the high-desire spouse, and his desire is (in my book) much lower.

  20. Bashtree,

    Thank you for listening to our podcast. I think that in every marriage one spouse probably does have a higher desire, in our case it is Tony. I have found that Tony romancing me goes a long way to my desire level increasing. Whether he's leaving me a love note, sending me a quick text, setting up the candles or just giving me an extra special squeeze I feel like I'm being courted and can't help but respond, physically and emotionally.


  21. Just found you guys- and my husband and I are starting out a 30 day challenge and listening to your podcasts. Just wanted to say thanks for your dedication!

  22. Ok, I just came across you (Tony) from a twitter post and decided to check out your website. Seemed interesting so I said okay I’ll checkout your podcast. I always love listening to the first episode. It took me a few clicks to get to episode #1 on your website but boy it was worth it.

    This is the first couples/marriage podcast I’ve ever listened to and I’m hooked. 60 days of sex!!! REALLY! what a way to start a podcast. I’m jumping to episode #2 and can’t wait to share this with my wife.

    • Welcome to the ONE Family Joel. Glad you enjoyed the first show and thank you for mentioning that it took a few clicks. Going to add it to the sidebar for easier access.

      Enjoy episode #2 and all the others.

      Love you guys.

  23. That was awesome!!!!! You guys have really inspired me!!! I not too long ago just mention to my husband of 11 years that I felt we were also in a routine!!! This seems like an awesome commitment for us to try. It sadden me because after we listened to your show his first response was I can’t see us doing this. I truly feel this is exactly what we need to get us back. So happy to have stumbled upon your website.

    • Hey Harris,

      We’re so happy you have found us and ONE Extraordinary Marriage. You’re not alone on what your husband said to you. I said that very same thing to Tony when he approached me.

      Having completed our challenge and helped many others do the same the one area we realize that is missing is the emotional intimacy.

      The connection before sex even happens. Sex is the fireworks and yet it’s the conversations happen well before hand.

      I’d suggest checking out Connect Like You Did When You First Met” 101 Proven Questions for Couples. This is a great way for the two of you to grow in your emotional intimacy and thus leading to hopefully a challenge of your own.

      You can check this out here, http://wwww.ConnectLikeYouDid.com

  24. I’ve been looking for a marriage podcast for some time now that would help encourage, inspire, and uplift me. I truly feel I have found this in your podcast (although I’ve only heard the first 7 episodes so far), as I listen to you guys share your struggles and ideas that have shaped and strengthen your own marriage. If you can guys can go through all the things you’ve gone through (such as pornography and loss of a child) and come out on the other side stronger – it gives me hope as someone who has been married less time (almost 7 years) with 2 children and one on the way, that my marriage too can be strengthen and made even better. I look forward to following the rest of your episodes and applying your advice to my own marriage.

  25. So glad you did this 60 day challenge and are so transparent for other couples.

    It is wonderful to see where you are in your relationship, good and not so good occasions, to give hope to your fans and friends!

    We have been married 42 years and are still learning new ideas from each other.

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  27. My husband and I are on day 6 of 60! There’s been good and bad days. But it’ll all be worth it! I truly believe this challenge and taking the advice and suggestions you two give will make a huge impact on our marriage, that was slowly, but surely slipping farther and farther from our priority lists! Thank you for what you do!! And glory to God who equipped you with the experience, knowledge, and leadership skills to guide clueless couples like me and my husband back to what matters most: God & an extraordinary marriage! Thank you!

  28. Hi Tony and Alisa,
    I feel like I owe you feedback after listening to only a few of your podcasts so far.
    My wife and I have been married 17 yrs, have 3 kids and have been hitting some rough patches to say the least. I googled a sexless marriage just a few days ago and up popped your 292 episode. Gave it a listen, and WOW, are we living parallel lives or what? I was blown away by all the key things you hit that we have encountered. I have since started from the beginning of your podcasts and have forwarded it to my wife to see if we can both give our relationship a reset so to speak. I am now on episode 12 I believe in 2 days or so. I’m hooked, hoping my wife feels the same after giving it a try.
    We have seen many counsellors in the past and tried many things. The difference I see here is you guys are a couple going through this same process and can relate to similar situations. I love hearing Alisia give her take on things, then Tony coming into the conversation with something totally different. You don’t get that type of behaviour from counselling, you get that from married couples. Love It! Its Real!
    In short, Thank you both for putting yourselves out there for others to see that there is hope. I felt like my wife and I had hit a wall and maybe that was it. Your podcasts have given me a new spark to continue to make our relationship what it was in the beginning again. The road may be long but having your podcasts in my corner gives me encouragement once again. Thank You both for that!!!