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Best-selling author Alilsa DiLorenzo is convinced life can be lovely and fun and courageous and kind. She knows how the squeeze of this life can make us competitive and judgmental, how we can lose love for others and then for ourselves. In Called to Love, she reveals how to:
Look at your spouse the way that Jesus does.
Take time to pray for your marriage instead of just "Heaven help me."
Transform your relationship into what God intended for your marriage when the two of you became one.
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How the Blog Tour Works
The blog tour will take place April 4th through April 30th, 2017. We suggest any of the following prompts that are aligned with the Called to Love message.
Topic Prompts
You can give a review of the book, write about one of the below themes or write whatever comes to mind when reading Called to Love. We want this to work for you and the natural style of your blog. Here are some topics that may help you get started.
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Prompt: So many couples struggle with Roommate Syndrome. They share responsibilities but have stopped sharing connection. Here is what I have done to keep us from being roommates.
— Taken from Day 1: More Than Just Words For Your Wedding Day
Prompt: How many times have you told your husband or your wife that they need to make a change so that you can be happier/more satisfied/calmer etc. When I started looking at what I could do this is what happened in my marriage.
— Taken from Day 11: It’s All Their Fault
Prompt: We live in a world that has stopped believing in miracles, especially when it comes to healing and restoration in marriage. Creating a shift in your marriage starts with what you believe. I am believing this…about the future of my marriage.
— Taken from Day 14: All Things Are Possible
Prompt: "Sometimes you have to say no to distractions so that you can say YES to your spouse." How has this played out in your marriage?
— Taken from Day 25: Saying No, the Best Yes You Can Give
Prompt: ​​​​​​Learning to serve your spouse can be a challenge over the length of a marriage. It’s easy to get wrapped up in “what I want.” In learning to serve my spouse instead of being focused on how they serve me, I have learned…
 — Taken from Day 35: Leadership Comes Through Service, Not Demands
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Bestselling author Alisa DiLorenzo has written a new book about what it means to be Called to Love. Many call this book “inspiring” and “fabulous.”  I call it a game-changer. You can grab a copy at (Link goes LIVE on April 4th at 12:01 AM PST)

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Additional Quotes
Feel free to use these additional quotes from Called to Love in your blog post or social media promotions.

"When you and I take a stand for our marriages, when we say that it's going to be different, when we say that we are taking divorce off the table, generations are changed. One couple living out God’s word, serves as light to others. Our couple choosing to not let anything separate them impacts everyone in their community and ultimately in the world."
Called to Love Day 1: More Than Just Words for Your Wedding Vows


"Marriage God's way is radical. It's life giving. It's empowering. It's possible. It's all about the choices that you make. Today choose God's commands over the world's ways and watch what happens to your relationship."
Called to Love Day 5: I Want To Do What I Want To Do


"Will you hold onto your irritation and frustration and continue in that tone of voice OR will you be like Jesus and stop to understand the circumstances, to know what the motivations are? It’s a choice that each of us needs to make, every single time."
Called to Love Day 17: Why Are You Doing Things This Way?


"The fact is that if you could do everything by yourself, then there is absolutely no need for you to be married. God gave you the gift of your spouse because you cannot be or do all things on your own. It takes you asking for what you cannot do on your own for those things to happen."
Called to Love Day 32: What Are You Asking For?

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Alisa DiLorenzo is a sought-after international marriage coach, speaker, a best-selling author, and the co-host of the ONE Extraordinary Marriage Show, which is downloaded in 180 countries. The author of The Trust Factor, Connect Like You Did When You First Met, and 7 Days of Sex Challenge are in the hands of couples worldwide. She and her husband, Tony, have two kids and live in San Diego.
"In an age when marriage is often scoffed at as 'irrelevant', old fashioned and 'so 1979'!! I, for one, stand proudly as an advocate for it! Married for over 46 years to the same man (Phil Pringle), as each year passes, he's still my gorgeous, kind, creative boyfriend whom I fell in love with, (and married) so long ago! Except now we are middle aged companions in this great big life- parents to three adult children and “G-Parents” to four “G-Babies” (so far!!). Marriage is to be celebrated, enjoyed and honoured - and I will endorse any book which advocates this sacred commitment.Called to Love is such a book! Enjoy the read friends." 
—Pastor Chris Pringle, C3 Church Oxford Falls, Sydney
"I've been a longtime Tony and Alisa's marriage ministry. They have a refreshingly unique way of encouraging married couples with the Bible's timeless truths and practical applications that anyone can achieve. Alisa's new book, Called to Love, is an instant classic that will be strengthening marriages for many years to come. Read this book and apply its lessons! Your marriage will be stronger as a result."
—Dave Willis, Founder of and Bestselling author of "The Seven Laws of Love"
"This book is real life marriage wrapped in the promises of Christ. Alisa's ability to reach couples through her writing, coaching and speaking has been powered up with the Word of God. Anyone wanting to recharge their love for their spouse should take this 40 day journey."
—Lori Mercer, Co-Founder of 24-7 Commitment
"What could the words of a carpenter from 2,000 years ago mean to your marriage today?  Everything.  In Called to Love, Alisa DiLorenzo provides couples with powerful, practical advice straight from the Word of God. Do yourself and your spouse a favor and get this book."
—Dustin Riechmann, author of 15-Minute Marriage Makeover and founder of
"Having been married for 13 years with three beautiful children, and pastoring a church together, I wish we could tell you we always placed our marriage as a priority. Yet, during busy seasons and challenging times, we put other things before each other. Every relationship experiences ups and downs, but when you are down you need to do something about it! In order to get back to where you want to be as a married couple you need to invest into your relationship. In this incredible book by Alisa DiLorenzo she brings to life the words of Jesus in such a beautiful perspective for the marriage relationship. The truths presented can leave a lasting transformation. We highly recommend investing in your marriage by reading this powerful book. Blessings to you as you begin the journey to having the marriage you always dreamed of! And remember, no matter how good your relationship is, it can always get better!"
—Pastor Jon and Pastor Becky Heinrichs
C3 San Diego, CA
"We believe Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone to everything we build in our lives. Including our marriage. In Called to Love, Alisa brings the words of Jesus to life in an amazing way that will serve as your manual for marriage! I highly recommend reading this book!"
—Jackie Bledsoe, speaker & bestselling author of The 7 Rings of Marriage

"Relationships are more complex - and more complicated than ever. However… Called to Love is an antidote. Alisa DiLorenzo has beautifully redirected our focus on the highway of busyness to rest-stops that shift our thinking, our perceptions, and our default behaviors to the truth of what “is” and who we are. Reading Called to Love was like “exhaling” for me. The words were carefully chosen, the lessons thoughtfully shared, and the stories prayerfully chosen for “such a time as this.” Thank you, Alisa for reminding us of the treasures within each of us - especially our spouses, whom we tend to forget are our precious gifts in our lives."
—Manna Ko, PhD, Founder and CEO Manna For Life
"The second most important relationship experienced here on Earth is with the one you commit to on your wedding day! Alisa DiLorenzo has written an authentic and insightful book that uses the most incredible example this world has ever known (Jesus) to help you take practical and achievable steps towards a better marriage. Called to Love can be a launching point for a new and better life together."  
—Jeff Countryman, Lead Pastor Cape Christian, Cape Floral, FL
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