“Life happens… live it anyway.” —Anonymous

Most couples don’t have the Hollywood fairy tale and yet we all want it.

Creating an environment where you feel adored and sexy doesn’t have to be impossible, it just takes a shift in your mindset.

What can you do to create the shift?

  • Stop Keeping Score
  • Choose to each give 100%
  • Stop Nagging and Start Serving
  • Make your marriage the primary relationship in the household.

Once you have started working on you, you have the opportunity to change how you ask for what you truly need in the relationship. It’s not about demanding what you want OR about hoping your spouse has ESP.

It’s about 4 little steps that create connection which leads to you feeling adored and sexy.

Get your spouse’s attention. Talking to them while they are distracted does not work.

Initiate physical touch. A hand on the arm, on the back, or on their leg brings the attention into the present moment…

Start your request with “Will you…?” Your spouse isn’t trying to ignore you, he or she wants to be your partner, they want to be a priority and feel like they have equal status.

Allow your spouse time to answer. We go through life rushing and not giving people time to respond. When you make a request allows your spouse time to give you an answer…it’s a form of respect.

As you are creating this connection there’s one key area that has to be addressed for your marriage to be a place where the two of you feel adored and sexy.

It’s so important that the marriage relationship be the primary relationship in your household, not just for you but for your children. Mom and Dad come first. Husbands want separate status from the kids.

They want…

  • Your Attention
  • Direct Communication
  • To know that they are a priority
  • And when they get these 3 things, a wife gets lavished with attention. She gets loved up and adored.

The two of you have the ability to create an environment where you feel loved up and adored. Start making this happen today!

Andi LaBrune is a wife, mother of 9, and embodies life as a “24/7-Zen” Mompreneur. She empowers moms in business to create time to get sh!7 done while maintaining peace & calm in the chaos of boobie-latched babies, toddlers, teens, and a husband. She is the founder of Awaken Women Retreats for moms in business and Marital Bliss Academy.

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