“Happily ever after doesn’t just happen. You create it, you build it and you nurture it.” —April & Aaron Jacob

Happily Ever After… It’s in the movies, books and TV shows.

It’s what everybody wants and yet real life often doesn’t seem to match up with that vision.

In real life there are disagreements, hurtful words spoken and mistakes made.

So how do you create Happily Ever After?

Aaron and April Jacobs believe that it all comes down to one word: NURTURE.

Every marriage needs to be nurtured.

Nurture is a combination of care, attention and being intentional.

The best part… you have control over each one of these.

This isn’t about the amount of time that you have, it’s about the quality of those moments together.

What are those little things that you can do to have a big impact on your marriage?

Maybe it’s touching base throughout the day, dating one another, texts throughout the day, creating your own couple rituals.

Your marriage is uniquely you, focusing on it allows you and your marriage to grow.

When you get intentional about your marriage it tells your spouse, you are my priority, this marriage is my priority.

The little things done consistently have a compounding impact on your marriage.

Happily ever after is created in the small practical actions done over time.

In their newest release, Nurture: 100 Practical Tips for Marriage, the Jacobs share easy to implement ideas and suggestions for couples to get started, to do the little things, to create new growth in their marriage. This easy-to-read, pick-it-up-when-you-need-a-fresh-idea book, is full of things that you and I can do today to make a difference in our marriage immediately and for the years to come.

Happily ever after doesn’t happen in a moment, it’s a collection of all of your intentional moments.

Aaron and April Jacob are the founders of Nurturing Marriage, an organization committed to promoting practical ideas and resources to help couples be intentional about nurturing their marriages. Aaron and April are the authors, speakers and featured in many online publications.

The parents of three rambunctious little boys, Aaron & April enjoy family time, college football, cold cereal, long drives, pillow talk, winning free stuff, yummy food, and romantic getaways.

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