“If your spouse isn’t willing to do the work, it’s OK. Lead by example.” —Contessa Louise Cooper

There will be those times in your marriage when your spouse isn’t fully engaged.

Loss of a job, family member or friend, lack of desire, business frustrations, medical issues and the like can and may be the cause at this time.

It’s during these times that you don’t point the finger at them in frustration or berate them for all that they are not doing.

Instead this is when you work on yourself to enhance your relationship.

You need to be growing and expanding in your life to be happy, whole and complete.

It’s not your spouse’s job to make sure you’re these all the time.

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • What are some of the reasons that couples lose interest in each other?
  • How can you learn to desire your partner again?
  • When should you go to an expert and what kind?

Contessa Louise Cooper is a sexpert, writer and the founder of the Delicious Life Network where she shows women how to get exactly what they want in and out of the bedroom. She is a contributor on HuffPost, She Knows and a best-selling author. Contessa Louise is known for her straight, no chaser approach to having the sex life you deserve.

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