“The things that used to be hidden in the centerfold of magazines are now plastered everywhere to see.” —Joy McMillan

On a daily basis we are exposed to as many as 5,000 ad images per day.

Each of them is telling you to be better, get fitter, be with this person, do this to succeed and much more. These impressions come from trusted sources, from radio, TV, social media, product placement, and the list goes on.

Exposed enough to these and you’ll listen to the one(s) that are “speaking to you”.

For to long, the church has swept sex and other intimate areas under the rug leaving men and women wondering is sex in marriage really that great?

There is now a generation of church girls and guys who are frustrated and struggling how to enjoy this intimate time with their spouse.

The holy grail of virginity has been hailed from youth groups stages to the messaging you as a parent use with your child.

And yet the other side of sex, the pleasure and enjoyment in a loving marriage, is rarely discussed.

The reason is that to many have been wounded, hurt, and wondering how it could ever be amazing.

Sex is God’s design to both reproduce and bring your pleasure. When you get healthy you will shed the label of a church girl or guy to fully embrace the connection you desire with your spouse.

Anything is possible when you are intentional about making love last.

During this interview you’ll learn:

  • God’s view of sex and the pleasure it brings.
  • Principle of first mention.
  • Why the best sex is yet to come for you.
  • And much more.

Joy McMillan shares her personal story of grace and redemption with gut-wrenching honesty and glistening hope. She’s a conference speaker, writer, graphic designer & life co­ach.  As the founder of Simply Bloom, she’s passionate about helping women embrace their stories, step into their true identity, and live out the lives of meaning they were created for.

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