It might incline you to give “luck” credit for all the extraordinary marriages out there.

extraordinary marriage

An extraordinary marriage is about more than just luck. A long-lasting marriage requires two people who are intentional and take action to strengthen their pillars of intimacy.

This means both parties are willing to work through the problems that arise within the marriage and face the issues inside the marriage and the troubles of the outside world together.

These are some ways you can have a long-lasting marriage so magical it seems as if it’s a lucky union:

Communicate Your Expectations

You must establish your expectations if you want to have an extraordinary marriage that lasts. Be frank with each other as you share your wants, needs, goals, and desires. Never silence your expectations, because doing so can cause resentment.

Be Yourselves

Staying true to yourself is the best thing you can do for your marriage. Many people make the mistake of putting on a false persona and trying to be perfect for their spouse. This ends up backfiring as time passes and your spouse finds out you aren’t as perfect as you pretend to be. Always be authentic. You can never be perfect and yet you can be a perfect you.

Honor and Respect Each Other

Honor and respect are the life forces of a successful marriage. To make your marriage work, you’ll need to choose to operate in those two mindsets. You must respect each other as individuals and fight the temptation to indulge in emotional or physical affairs with other people.

Keep It Fresh With Date Nights

Even the best of marriages can seem stale after many years. You can combat that by strengthening your recreational intimacy with new date ideas and activities. Take your spouse to the movies or a nice dinner. Go to an exotic island for a vacation. Adorn your bedroom with flowers and candles. The key is to keep your better half guessing; never knowing what to expect from one day to the next. That way, every day will seem like the first day you met.

Take Care of Your Health and Appearance

Another way to keep your marriage strong is to keep up with your hygiene, grooming, and health. Don’t let yourself go just because you have a spouse. You should put more effort into making yourself look and feel fantastic. Examples of taking care of yourself are exercising and eating healthy; getting massages, wearing something sexy just for your spouse, makeovers, and beauty treatments every now and again.

Fight Fair

All marriages have fights and disagreements and yet successful marriages have clean ones. Always choose the high road when you’re disagreeing. Don’t say or do anything you’ll regret later.

Be Willing to Forgive

Your vows included the words “for better or for worse.” That means you’ll have to be willing to forgive your spouse if you want to make it work.

Don’t Nag or Berate

People need to have spouses who make them want to be better people. They don’t need someone who tears down their self-esteem and uses a demeaning tone with them. Try not to ever nag your spouse. You can drain the joy from your marriage that way.

Support Each Other

Always support each other’s dreams and goals, and don’t doubt each other. Your love and support will encourage your spouse to strive to be his or her best self.

Show Your Love

Remember that love is an action. Therefore, you have to do things that show your love. Don’t just say it. Live it and love it.

Keep Your Marriage Golden

Incorporate these tips into your marriage, and you’ll see many more holidays and special occasions with your spouse; putting you well on your way to having the extraordinary marriage you desire.

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