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What Is Truly The Secret To Improving Your Marriage?

Stop The Battles and
Have Peace at Home!

Solve More Problems with
Less Fighting!

With NO Therapy or Counseling!

Hi, this is Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo from ONE Extraordinary Marriage...

Long before we became marriage coaches, we were a married couple struggling to stay together, like many others.

During the course of our 18-plus year marriage, we have learned the importance of improving communication.

In fact, learning this was a major factor in saving our marriage.

Because for a time, healthy communication of any form between us, was virtually nonexistent.

It was probably one of the biggest challenges we had to face head-on.

Especially in order to truly give our marriage a fighting chance.

A lot of hard work, brutal honesty and empathy was needed to finally get on the right path to healthy communication.

Yes, it was difficult, and sometimes painful. But our efforts paid off and it made all the difference.

You Can Do It Too!

If you have been wishing that you and your spouse can communicate better, argue less and gain a better understanding of each other's feelings, then please read on.

We have worked with literally thousands of couples over the years as marriage coaches. Over the last several years, we have come to understand one fundamental common denominator that rang true all too often.

Most couples find communication to be a major challenge.

Overcome the issue of communication, and the marriage improves, and in many cases... dramatically.

In fact, in a recent survey of marriage counselors and therapists, improved communication reduced the chances of divorce by as much as 65%.

When you and your spouse take the necessary steps to overcome poor communication, the odds shift vastly in your favor that your entire marriage will improve.

But before you can restore proper communication, it's extremely important to take a necessary first step...

— Accept that there is a problem with the way you and your spouse perceive each other.

— Accept that there is a lack of clear understanding.

Improving communication will get you both on the same side. It will take you from being rivals, to becoming allies.

Especially when the overall mission is to find workable solutions to the prevailing, if not challenging issues of problems.

Do You Want To:

  • get back on the same wavelength with your spouse?
  • learn and respect the value of communicating effectively with each other?
  • understand the importance of grace?
  • restore the essential emotional connection you once had with each other?
  • learn how to choose your battles?
  • develop a system of communication that you both can agree on and work with?
  • find lasting solutions to your problems, by truly listening to each other?
  • restore honesty, openness and transparency with each other?
  • learn valuable communication skills that will just help your marriage grow stronger and more resilient?

Understand that it's not really your fault...

Busy lifestyles, careers, family responsibilities and other forces can easily cause couples to lose touch with each other. These days more than ever, with life's modern distractions, it's easy for loving spouses to diverge onto different tracks.

It doesn't take long for festering, lingering issues to become more and more aggravated.

And usually, it's simply due to the fact that there is no healthy communication to deal with them!

If these challenges resonate with you, then congratulations on your honesty and your desire to make your marriage better.

Also congratulations. Because you are at the right place, at the right time.

It's for couples like you, that we developed...

He Zigs, She Zags:
Get Your Communication on the Same Path

Finally, a way to manage and deal with the
issues and challenges that most married
couples face!

In this course, we are going to show you...

  • How to deal with a spouse who won't listen...
  • How to counter and reduce constant arguing...
  • How to manage and process anger issues in a healthy way...
  • How to restore those crucial emotional connections...
  • How to face loneliness issues in a marriage...
  • How to improve poor communication...
  • How to restore trust and transparency...
  • How to deal with unresolved forgiveness...
  • And much, much more!

Learn and apply our proven methods...

Build a solid foundation that
your marriage can thrive on...

Now and in the future!

Our tested and proven Couple Communication Method has helped thousands of couples worldwide.

Our students have a new found ability to experience not only a higher plane of communication, but a new level of emotional intimacy as well.

They have a newfound ability to experience not only a higher plane of communication, but a new level of emotional intimacy as well.

And yes, we can help your marriage too.

With our proven techniques, you can be on the way to better communication - in as little as two hours!

Here is what you get with the
He Zigs, She Zags program:

  • Full-length, download-able multimedia presentation (Length: 2 hours)
  • Audio version for listening while driving or otherwise on the go!
  • Transcript and slides in PDF format to read along or for easy reference.
  • Eight download-able individual sessions (video and audio) which include:

— Introduction
 Choose Your Battles, Choose Your Time
— Open Up & Be Vulnerable
 Use “I Feel”
 Palms Up
 Listen to Understand, Not Interrupt
 Extend Grace

  • Several additional tools, including:

 Six cheatsheets, one for each course module
 Six worksheets to track your progress, one for each course module
 Six 30-minute audio podcasts that accompany each course module

  • And more unannounced bonuses!

The arguing has stopped and our sex life is back!

“We are communicating better then ever before because now we are not just “going through the motions” when we talk. By talking clearly to one another we are having huge breakthroughs in our marriage.” —Julie B.

Sound teaching for anyone who’s struggling with communication

He Zigs, She Zags is amazing! There is no fluff, no unrealistic expectations, just down to earth, practical advice on having an incredible, Christ centered marriage.” —Hannah W.

Good communication skills are learned!

While communication may appear to be natural and smooth for some people, it usually isn't.

In fact, in most cases, these skills need to be learned.

People are not born with a sophisticated set of skills to communicate, particularly when it comes to doing so within a marriage.

Worse, our personalities and quirks often get in the way. They can adversely affect our ability to communicate properly.

By taking the time to understand this, and then learning how to effectively manage to communicate in any condition or situation, real improvements can be made.

Couples can better interact and solve the very real problems that adversely affect their marriages.

Ultimately, the results will surprise you.

You will find yourselves having more fun, laughing more and just plain getting along better!

You and your spouse will find yourself connecting at a new level, with no arguing or bickering!

To put it as plainly as we can, your marriage will be happier.

We have seen it work for thousands of clients, and we are confident that it can work for your marriage too!

You will learn how to...

  • effectively set up a State of Our Marriage conversation over any topic or issue!
  • allow yourself to open up to, trust and even be vulnerable with your spouse at all times.
  • properly use “I feel”, “I heard”, and other key expressions, especially when they are needed!
  • diffuse any argument or eliminate tension with a simple change in your body language.
  • initiate real change in your conversations by, truly listening and not interrupting!
  • extend grace, and when to do it. Even when you don't feel like doing it!
  • And much more!

The He Zigs, She Zags program provides
everything you and your spouse need to
improve communication, starting today!

Our marriage playbook

I got married 7 months ago and as a newlywed I can honestly say there is no play book or instruction manual to prepare you for this thing called marriage. He Zigs, She Zags has been our play book when it comes to our communication. I just wanted to message you guys and say THANK YOU. You are making a difference in our marriage!” —Chris C.

We’re having meaningful talks with 3 kids and little time

He Zigs, She Zags has given us a crazy quick way to connect and get right to fun, deep and meaningful conversations. Each session has helped my wife and I gain insights on the best way to dive deep into our emotional intimacy. With 3 kids and not much time it has been awesome to be productive with the little time alone that we have." —Tom F.

How is our course different from all the others?

We focus on the fundamentals. Our goal is to show you how to get your communication back on track. By simply focusing on the basic tenets of proper communication, improving listening skills and other essential elements.

But that's not all.

At the same time, we're going to show you how to focus on and eliminate all the possible distractions that negatively affect your communication.

Look, it doesn't matter what the current state of your marriage is.

Or whether you have been married for a short time or have gone beyond your 20-year anniversary... improving communication will make a major difference.

It's important to get your marriage on the path to better dialogue, understanding and a willingness to find solutions.

This much is clear...

When a husband and wife are on the same page and committed to a lasting solution, virtually any problem challenging their marriage can be overcome.

We experienced a new spiritual connection

I want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for He Zigs, She Zags. Since going through the program it has been a true blessing for me and my husband. We have learned so much through the COUPLE Communication Method as we begin to have an extraordinary marriage. Thank You! May God bless you for giving this blessing to us and others.” —Tamika B.

What kind of results can you expect
from He Zigs, She Zags?

You will find your communication improving significantly. Usually in just a mater of days. Finally, you will be able to solve those lingering, festering problems that have been plaguing your marriage.

Best of all with love and civility!

Just take what we teach put it to action, and you will see results. You will notice the changes and improvements build on themselves, usually in a matter of days.

We guarantee it!

Imagine, just a couple of weeks from now...

  • the two of you, side-by-side, relaxed, peaceful and happy...
  • you're both playing, laughing and enjoying each others company...
  • finding that there's plenty of touching and affection going on...
  • finding yourselves truly happy to be together...
  • with a sex life that is better than you ever thought imaginable...
  • being the envy of your friends and neighbors! 🙂

Get Your Communication on the Same Path

Only $47.00

The He Zigs, She Zags Course helps couples
help themselves without counseling
or therapy!

Let's face it, most couples juggle careers, kids, and all the related activities and responsibilities of daily life. It's hard to make time and spare the resources to effectively deal with marital problems!

Never mind the time and expense required to commit to counseling and therapy.

For most couples, just having the right program or blueprint to help re-establish proper communication is sufficient for real change and real improvement.

That's exactly what He Zigs, She Zags

And yes, we guarantee it!

We are so sure that He Zigs, She Zags will
help your marriage, that we will take

Your investment is protected by our 30-Day Guarantee.

Take a full 30 days to give He Zigs, She Zags a sincere try.
If you decide it's not right for you, just let us know. We will give you a full and prompt refund... no questions asked.

If our course doesn't help your marriage, or even if you decide that it's just not for you, you are covered. Period.

Get Instant Access Now!

With all this value, knowledge, and actionable
information packed into a proven program,
you really cannot go wrong.

My outlook on marriage has changed dramatically

Thank you for being so open and honest about your marriage. The struggles, the celebrations, and just the way you do life with marriage is simply amazing. I have learned so much from you both while going through He Zigs, She Zags. Since starting the program my outlook on how I communicate with my wife and my marriage has changed dramatically. Like the difference between night and day. Again, thank you so much for not shying away from the tough topics in marriage. You guys ROCK!!! —Chad J.

We are confident that every couple who takes
action and commits to this program will get

Love You Guys!

Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo

PS. Remember, everything we teach you in He Zigs, She Zags has been tested and proven by countless clients. This program is nothing less than a blueprint to transform your marriage. You're protected by our iron-clad guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Get it now!

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