Sex, making love, sexual intimacy, and other words like these conjure up images and thoughts in our minds of some of the most amazing times in our marriage beds.

There is passion, romance, toe curling excitement that send shivers down our backs.  Are you tracking with me?  Sex is AWESOME!!!

Maybe you hear these words and you aren’t so excited.  

Sex has become stagnant and boring.  Not sure what to do to get the spark going again in the bedroom.  We’ve been there.  Don’t wait any longer join in on a week of fun and excitement.

Can you relate to these questions…

  • Our marriage has lost some of the spark because life keeps getting in the way. We’re talking about bills, jobs, and all of the other commitments you both have.
  • Are you ready to make a change in your physical intimacy that would push the limits of what you’ve done sexually in your marriage?
  • Are you excited about this challenge, but don’t know what to do. You’ve come to the right place…

We are excited to have you join us for the 2nd Annual ONE Extraordinary Marriage 7 Days of Sex Challenge! Last year we had over 130 couples from 5 countries join the challenge for a fun filled week of passion, romance, different positions, places, and more.

Ready to be part of the challenge?  Keep reading.

What is the 7 Days of Sex Challenge?

At the most basic level it is you and your spouse having sex for 7 days straight from May 8th to May 14th, 2011.  But it really is so much more than just sex.

  • This is an opportunity for you and your spouse to really focus on each other and make all forms of intimacy a priority in your marriage.  These are Emotional, Intellectual, Financial, Recreational, Spiritual, & Physical/Sexual Intimacy. Order Stripped Down: 13 Keys to Unlocking Intimacy in Your Mariage to learn more!
  • This is a chance to take your communication to the next level as you plan each day’s rendezvous and negotiate through life as well.
  • It’s a time for you to get creative-let’s face it, having sex in the same place, same position and at the same time of day for seven days straight will get a little boring.  We’ll help you with some ideas during the week.
  • Use this challenge as a way to break out of your routines and try something new, romantic, and different.

Ultimately the 7 Days of Sex Challenge is a way for you and your spouse to get Stripped Down before each other and ignite the intimacy in your marriage, for these 7 days and well into the future.

Why Should You Join Us?

1.  It will be an adventure!
2.  You will have sex for 7 days straight, something that most married couples have not done or at least not since their honeymoon.
3.  It builds the ONE Community and makes you an integral part of the it.
4.  You will have the support and encouragement from the ONE Community going through this amazing experience.  It’s much easier to embark on an adventure with support and community than to do it by yourself.
5.  The communication in your marriage will be better. It is very difficult to have sex with someone for 7 days straight if the communication aspect is not there.
6.  Think of all of the calories you will burn with daily exercise.
7.  Your marriage will be stronger as a result of making intimacy a priority.
8.  Daily Prizes!

Prize #1: 15 Minute Marriage Makeover eBook by Dustin Riechmann with Engaged Marriage.  Thank Dustin for this generous offer by Tweeting him @EngagedMarriage.

Prize #2: Buck Naked Marriage eBook by Dr. Corey Allen with Simple Marriage.  Make sure to Tweet “You Rock for supporting the 7 Days of Sex Challenge” to@SimpleMarriage.

Prize #3: Get Lucky with the Wife eBook by Sarah Baron with Anonymous8.  Share the love with Sarah & tweet her @a8forwomen.

Prize #4: The Marriage Refresher Course Workbook for Couples by Lisa Kift, MFT with Give her a shout out on how you are doing this week @LisaKiftTherapy.

Prize #5: 7-Day Marriage Challenge by Jordan Hall with Tell Jordan about your rocking marriage @JordanRYM.

Prize #6: The Super-Charged Guide to Financial Freedom by Jeff Nickles of My Super-Charged Life. Thanks @jnickles for making a change in our finances. You ROCK!

Prize #7: Passion, Sex & Intimacy: Keep the Fires of Passion Burning E-Workbook by Richard Nicastro, Ph.D. Share your marriage with @RelationshipAid and the passion you have for each other.

We’re In, What Do We Need to Do? <= Follow these instructions!

  • Leave a comment to this post before we start the challenge on Sunday May 8th, 2011. This lets us know who is up for the challenge (no pun intended).  Please let us know how long you have been married and what state you reside in.
  • There will be a blog post each day during the challenge, please comment and let us know how you two are doing.  It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate just a line or two about what’s going on in your marriage as a result of the challenge.  You can share as much or as little as you like.  We would also love to have you leave listener feedback and/or send us a video clips with the two of you sharing about the challenge.
  • Click on this link,, to Tweet a message to all of your followers.  Also use this hash tag #7DaysOfSexChallenge when mentioning the challenge.
  • Become a Facebook Fan of ONE Extraordinary Marriage.  Share the 7 Days of Sex Challenge with you Facebook friends.
  • Sign-upfor our weekly eNewsletter Marriage Minute Monday
  • Subscribe to ONE Extraordinary Marriage via RSS.  By subscribing to the RSS you’ll get each days post sent directly to you so that you can keep up with how everyone in the challenge is doing.
  • Don’t miss the ONE Extraordinary Marriage podcast on iTunes.  You’ll get a weekly dose of Tony & Alisa sharing married life like you’ve never heard before.

That’s it!  We are looking forward to walking along side of you guys during this challenge.  Our goal is that you will encourage, share, laugh, and enjoy each day of the challenge to ultimately get closer and more intimate in your marriage.   It is going to be an adventure for each of us.  Let’s get it on!

***Special Offer***

Use Discount Code: 7Days to get 15% OFF any version of Stripped Down: 13 Keys to Unlocking Intimacy in Your Marriage.  Don’t hesitate, pick up your copy of Stripped Down today!  This offer won’t last forever!

Finally, please pass this on to your Facebook Friends, Twitter Folks, post the 7 Days of Adventure badge to your blog, as well as ask your friends and family to join the challenge.  The more couples who join in the more each of us get to witness the amazing things that God can do in each of our marriages.  In turn the ONE Community becomes a pillar where others who are seeking truth, knowledge, openness, and intimacy can find the support they so desire.

Love you guys,

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  1. We are in for the challenge did it last year and LOVED every minute of it!!! We have been married 14 years and live in Berkley, Michigan.

  2. Well, does it count if our honeymoon just happens to be scheduled May 8th-14th? Just curious. We live in Cali.

  3. We are totally on board with this . Been married 16+ years and live in California. This will be our second attempt. Should be interesting. We’ll keep in touch. 🙂

  4. Totally in! We’ve been married 2.5 years and already in a rutt. We are making a point to get it back on track, so this is perfect. Oh, Maca Root def. kicked up my libido!

  5. We are in! Made a valiant attempt last year until the flu hit and knocked me out. It’s a good time for us to do this as we are conciously trying to make some changes to become more intimate in our marriage. We’ve been married 14 years in Virginia.

    • Glad to have you on board again Brian & Donna. We can understand how getting sick can derail this real quick. Hopefully this year that won’t happen. Thanks again for being a part of the challenge.

  6. We have been married 17 years. We live in Missouri. We are excited about this years challenge. Last years challenge really strengthened our marriage!!

    • AWESOME!!! So cool to hear that the challenge last your strengthened your marriage. Alisa and I love doing this because it does the same for ours. This will be year #3 for us and it’s something we look forward to.

      Thanks for being a part of the challenge again.

  7. We have been married for 22 years and this is our first go at this challenge. We are excited to join in on the fun and look forward to what this challenge will bring!

    • Excellent Lorraine & Gordon! After 22 years of marriage and your first challenge we hope you will have a blast. This week impacted many marriages last year and one couple who had been married 40 years. Glad to have you on board.

  8. Hi Tony and Alisa!

    Bruce and I are excited to commit to this Challenge again this year. We’ve been letting life get in the way a little lately, so this is the perfect opportunity to get back at “It” 🙂

    Married: 13 years, Alberta, Canada

  9. Married for 9 years. First time for the challenge. Know we will grow through these 7 days! Live in Michigan.

  10. We are going to give it a try. We live in IL and this August we will be married for 7 years 🙂 Looking forward to the challenge

  11. My husband and I have been married almost 10 months. Excited to see what this challenge has in store for us 🙂

    We live in Kentucky.

  12. My husband will love this 😉 We have been married one year, and it’s definitely hard to stay out of the “rut.” Count us in!

  13. I decided to go for it and tell my husband about this. He looked like a kid in a candy shop. I kept saying, “No, it will be tough! No, really!” We shall see how things unfold 🙂

    We’re in Illinois and we’ve been married a little less than 2 years. We practice Natural Family Planning, and the week you picked just happens to coincide with when I should hit Phase III (infertile phase), so I think that adds to my husband’s excitement, haha.

  14. Well, if Corenae and Becky are in – so are we! Should be interesting since my parents are coming to visit on the 13th – just we’ll have to be more creative that day! LOL

    We’ve been married almost 6 years and live in Troy, MI – I’m also with Intentional Moments.

  15. Karen and Jason. representing upstate NY! Married for almost 4yrs. We have 2 kids ages 3yrs old and 6months. My husband was excited when I told him about it and asked if we have to wait til June. LOL

  16. Hi! I’ve really enjoyed listening to your guys’ iTunes podcast!!! I am still catching up to the latest episodes. We live in California and are newlyweds! I’d love to join the ONEextraordinarymarriage adventure!

  17. Benjamin and Anna. 3 years in September. 2 year old son, Noah. Just lost our stillborn daughter in January. We are anxious to get this started!!

  18. My husband Ludo and I are in…2 kids later we need a little rekindling. We’ve been married for 4 years in May and live in Dijon France.

  19. My wife and I are planning on joining in. We have been married for almost 9 years, and have 3 kids. A boost to our relationship can never hurt.

  20. We’re in! We just completed a 7 day challenge in February and this will be our 4th “challenge”. Married for 11 years and excited to bring a more intimacy into our marriage! God bless you guys for all you do and for how much you care!

    • 4th challenge!!! That is awesome you guys. We are so excited to have you joining us and adding to the conversation. Please give your insights when we are going through the challenge to those who are new to doing it. It is always great to have another perspective.

      Thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot to us. Can’t wait to hear how this challenge goes for you.

  21. Tony and Alisa,
    Sign us up. We are in for the challenge. You guys are addictive. I found you first searching for a podcast on marriage and have my wife turned on to you. We started from podcast 1 and I’m up to 37 and my wife is up to 10. Congrats on the time you have been airing, keep it up. I can’t believe how our lives have mirrored yours in so many areas. It’s been cool seeing your lives and progress from podcast 1 to 37 – looking forward to the rest of them. Have the book and starting to go through that. You have also inspired us to get our lives in better shape and to possibly lead a small group in our church. I also had the pornography problem that God has cleansed me of as well. We also almost went through a divorce after about 20 years of marriage with 2 different affairs my wife had. But we are past all that and God is carrying us on to greater heights. God is now a huge part of our marriage and it’s always a work in progress. We want to implement so many ideas and thoughts you have in your podcasts, so keep the ideas coming. We are excited and look forward to being a part of your 7 days of sex challenge. We love you guys.

    • Thank you for this awesome comment Terry. We are stoked that you have been enjoying the podcast and book, but we want to lift you guys up to the Lord. You’ve been through a lot in your marriage and it is great to hear the excitement you have now. We are honored to be a small part of helping you through and know for our experiences that being intimate for 7 days adds a new dynamic to the marriage.

      Keep listening to the podcast and implement those ideas and thoughts when they arise in your marriage. Little changes over time add up to a big change in us, our spouses, and our marriage in time.

      Excited to follow you next week as we embark on the challenge.

      Love you guys.

  22. We will be joining in our first 7-day challenge. We have been married almost 10 years and live in Oklahoma.

  23. Unfortunately, my husband will be out of town next week, but, I’m hoping we can follow the posts and do our own challenge the following week.

    • You are right on Pam. When the dates work for you and your husband just come back to each post and follow along. We hope that this will keep you encouraged. When you do the challenge please keep Alisa and I updated via email or on Facebook. We love encouraging couples as they do their own 7 Days of Sex Challenge.

  24. Hubby and I are looking forward to this challenge! We will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary later this year and we have three children 5, 8, & 15. We are still attracted to each other and are always looking for ways to reconnect! Thanks for the ideas. 🙂 We are from Alberta, Canada.

  25. I was hoping that we’d be able to do it this year but it seems its not at a good time, so maybe we’ll try to do it at another time. But I will miss out on of everyone doing it together.

    • Bummed you can’t do it this year with us. We’ll miss having our Australians in the mix. Make sure to do the challenge later when it works into your schedule.

  26. I sent my wife the link to this site as we are having ‘difficulties’ with our sex life. She wouldn’t even read the entire page. She just read the headline and close it saying “Oh not again. Quit sending me stuff like this.”

    • Excellent Ashley! Great time to do the 7 Days of Sex Challenge after 5 years of marriage. We hope this will bring you closer together and ignite the passion for each other.

  27. Read about the challenge on FOX news and mentioned it to my husband. He said yes with no hesitation! We’ll celebrate our 6th anniversary this summer and we live in northeast PA.

  28. So excited to share this with my husband…he will definitely be on board! We’ve been married for 6.5 years (together for 12). We live in California.

    • Fantastic Rebecca. I’m guessing you haven’t told him yet that you are doing the challenge? Looking forward to hearing how the challenge goes for you two.

  29. We’re in! My husband Phil & I have been married almost 4 years (anniv. May 26!) and live in central PA.

    We participated last year, but didn’t make it the entire week. We didn’t know the full extent of it then but our marriage was not in a healthy place. This year, our marriage is better than it has ever been and we’re looking forward to celebrating the change that has taken place. And having a lot of fun, too!

    • Wow Lisa! It is really cool to hear about your experience last year and where you were then and where you are now. It is challenges like these that help us to realize where our marriage might be lacking. Sounds like the two of you found out and are on an upswing. Glad to have you two joining us again this year.

  30. We’re in! My husband actually doesn’t know yet but I’m sure he won’t mind once I tell him it involves having sex EVERY DAY for a week!!! We’ve been married 11 years and we heard about you through Project Happily Ever After.

  31. My husband will be thrilled to know that I’m committing us to the challenge! We’ e been married 14 years & live in southern OH. I can really relate to the comment that was made in “The 7-Day Sex Challenge” article on Fox News’ web-site today: “For me, it was the elephant in the living room. The idea of it was always there, pressing down on me.” I’m hoping that the challenge will “lift the pressure off of our relationship” making sex something I’ll start looking forward to since I have almost no sex drive. -It’s always great when we have it but the “want to” to get started is never there which is stressful for both of us.

    Read more:

  32. My husband, Leigh, and I are in! He heard about the challenge last year, we are definately going for it this year! Married 10 Years in November and live in Rochester, NY

    • We’ve been married for 19 years. Live in South Africa. This will be our third challenge. Last time we only made 6 days. We have started our 7 day challenge a little early – yesterday – because I am going away next week. Lots of fun.

  33. Count us in ! We’re in Illinois & we’ve been married for 8 months & love these kinds of challanges!!

  34. We are both more than happy to be a part of the challenge! 24 years and it only gets better! We may have to add a word to our state’s motto “Show-me intimacy!”

  35. my husband and i have been married twelve years, after four kids its hard to make time for sex, well hard for me anyways, i decided this is just what we need and he agreed to help me out with it, sure hope it works

  36. My hubby is nervous about committing to this because I will be ovulating around May 8…and we have gotten pregnant while using birth control FOUR times–LOL. So will you so generously contribute oh, $200K toward the raising & college tuition if we do wind up pregnant? 😉


  37. Yay, we’re up for the challenge! Sounds like fun! Been married 6 and a half years, and we live in Utah.

  38. Just learned about the challenge from a friend. I forwarded the info to my husband. I am pretty sure he will be onboard. We will be married 20 years this June and live in Kentucky.

  39. Welcome all of you who joined the challenge today. We are so excited to have all of you on board and ready to have passionate, romantic, & fun! We will be releasing a short video on Saturday to get you updated on what to expect for the challenge.

    For now, if you would like to get some quick tips from us on what you might want to do before the challenge even starts go to our Facebook Fan Page, and join the conversation.

    Tony & Alisa

  40. Hi Tony and Alisa,

    Saw the challenge on Fox, showed my wife, we talked it over and decided to join in. We have been married 28 years, in Southern Calif for the last 23, and have a very fullfilling sex life. Twice a week is about our norm, but the notion of seven in seven certainly appealed to me, and she wasnt exactly a hard sell either…./chuckle.
    The single concern that my wife has is that her “reset” button sometimes doesnt repop for 8 or 10 hours. I have been blessed … mine resets substantially faster. Consequently, there are times when our lovemaking involves only me reaching the very top of Mt Fuji. Our question then becomes….is a requirement of the challenge that we both climax every day? Or does it still “count” if she is shy of the summit once or twice?
    We are looking forward to the fun, thanks for the great “excuse” to have more sex!


    • Lou, we are glad you are joining us for sunny SoCal. We live in San Diego.

      It is not a requirement of the challenge that both of you climax each day. Having done a 7 day challenge twice and a 60 day challenge once, there were times when Alisa didn’t climax or I didn’t climax or both of us didn’t climax. The thing is that we were present and there for each other.

      At it’s core the challenge is about sex, but the bigger impact is the closeness and connection you gain in all intimacies over the course of the week.

      Glad to have you on board.

  41. We’re in! We’ve been married for almost two years and we are still drooling honey!! Hehe, But with 3 kids in the house it gets difficult for US time. This challenge should be a motivator that we both will enjoy very much. Looking forward to this Win-Win !!! Lovin, touchin, squeezin…:0

  42. We’ll Do IT =) from California and we’ve been married for 3 years and loving every minute!!!!

  43. My husband and I ahve been married 2 1/2 years. We have a 3yo son (turning four and having a birthday party during the challenge!) and a 3 mo old son as well. This should be interesting!

    • Your hands will be full next week Kassie. Make a commitment now to each other and from our experience, even with all that is happening in life, everything seems to go smoother. Happy to have the two of you joining us.

    • WOW!!! Honored to have you two joining in on the challenge with us Doug & Janet. To have a couple who has been married 41 years it is going to be really cool to hear about your experience throughout the week.

      So cool and a true blessings to have you joining us.

  44. I was ticked when I found my husband had e-mailed me about the challenge. =oD We are totally in!
    We’ll have been married 6 yrs in Dec 31. We’re from Edgerton, WI. Go Rascal.

    • I’m curious to know how this goes down as we have a 6 month old, probably why my hubby thought this would be fun to reconnect..and then there is our other 8 kids. =oD We can Totally Do it! <3

      • Holy guacamole!!! You two need to stay engaged in your marriage with that many kids running around. Commit to this and even if you miss a day of sex don’t let that detract you. Connect in another form of intimacy if need be. Glad you are joining us and we look forward to hearing how it goes.

  45. We are in, we have been married for 9 years this July and have 3 kids between us. We live in SE Tennessee and are looking forward to the challenge.


  46. We are an engaged couple who have been together for 3 years and have one child and have been suffering in bedroom department lately and hurting our entire relationship. We accept this challenge and pray that it betters our relationship and helps us to move on with our future marriage.

  47. My hubby and I are up for the challenge. May 25th is our 20th anniversary! Can’t wait for that day to come. I decided a few weeks ago that we needed to work on our marriage because we were stuck in a rut and more like roommates then husband and wife. We both are so happy now and can’t wait to see what the 7 day challenge will bring to our marriage.

  48. Ok, we’re in!! I haven’t told my husband yet but trust me….he’s on board. This will thrill him beyond words. We have been married for 4 1/2 years and live in Oregon.

    • This challenge will hopefully set you two on the right track for many years to come. Make sure you dive into the other forms of intimacy during the week such as, emotional, spiritual, financial, and recreational. Alisa and I would both agree that if we knew about all of these when we were newlyweds our marriage would have started out a lot better than it did.

      We are excited for the both of you and happy to have you joining us.

  49. Super excited to do this!!! We just celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary 2 weeks prior to the start date, and we live in Annapolis, Maryland.

  50. We are will celebrate 4 yrs of marriage in June and when I mentioned this challenge to my husband he agreed we could give it a shot 😉

  51. Tony & Alisa, my dilema is much the same as Null0 (comment 65 I think). Next week is 5 years & I don’t need to use all my fingers and toes to count our #, literally 19 or 20 times. We tryed a religous based group couples weekend “weekend to remember” – no help. I caught a glimpse of her comment card as we left and she’d put our marriage at a 2 before & 3 after the weekend, the same as me. I went to our pastor to discuss & she refused to go talk to him, he’s been her pastor her whole life. Before I went to see him I wanted his help to convince her we have something worth saving. The arguments were so bad in the 4 days until I saw him by the time I got to him I needed his help to convince me. I have reached my breaking point & am tired of putting all the effort with no help, as my best friend says “all I give is Roses, all I get is sh** in return”. Our pastor found us a licensed counselor & she has begrudingly agreed to go, I should have my first appointment next week and then she will meet induvidaully & then hopefully we can start going together.
    I apoligize for going all over the map here, I guess I should backtrack a little. In December she said she wanted a divorce when I wouldn’t stop pressing her for an explanation of her excessive spending & collection calls. My world fell apart, and over a few weeks I was able to convince her to try again.3 weeks ago we had our most heated argument yet & I left her notes (on pictures from our happy days). The notes basically said that she had won (her divorce), look at what she lost (a relationship that was envied by everyone & the happiest couple out there) and I told her I was done/I wanted a divorce if she wasn’t willing to seek counseling. I was already going away for the weekend and all day at work & all weekend she sent kind/sweet texts and emails. I guess I struck a nerve because it was when I got back that she agreed to the counseling. She has been working on how she treats me but her promises of sex keep getting replaced with, my back hurts, my stomach hurts, I’m tired, Aunt Flo, etc. After work today we’re heading out of town for the night & since we have a hotel the promise has been made again, I guess we’ll see. I’ve printed off 2 copies of they 77?’s and I will fill mine out today & I’m going to ask her to do hers while I drive.
    Finally I’ve reached my question. Do you think I should even propose this to her or are we too far gone?
    No kids, just dogs. Married 5 years next week. We live in West Virgina.
    Since I see the reply option I also welcome any input from others who may have been in similar situations or just have advice to offer.
    Thank you & God Bless.

  52. Sounds like a FUN challenge for us! We’ll celebrate 25 years of marriage later this summer!

  53. Didnt have to twist the hubby’s arm very hard to convince him that we should do this 🙂 We have been married two years (will be 3 in September) and we are in Sacramento, CA

  54. Hi my husband and I have been married for four years
    And we are interested in joining this challenge. We are from Maryland.

  55. We live in Texas. By God’s grace, we’ve been happily married for forty years and 12 children. We enjoy seminars, retreats and challenges to enrich our marriage and that will also be potentially be helpful to others. May God richly bless each marriage represented in these comments.

    • WOW! Praise God for your love for each other over the last 40 years. It is so awesome to hear that even with 12 kids you made time for your marriage. You understand the importance of keeping the marriage and that is awesome. Thank you for your blessings and we are excited to hear how you do over the upcoming week.

  56. Didn’t take much to talk hubby into this! We are going to be doing this challenge! We have been married for 8 years and we reside in Hampton, VA.

  57. Teresa and I have been together almost 30 years. We dated only 6 weeks before deciding to get married. Coincidentally, our 30th anniversary of our first date is May 15th, the day after the 7 day challenge ends. I guess this May 15th we may be resting or we could be making it an 8 day week. We live in Georgia and have worked together everyday in our business for the last 25 years. Over the years life too often got in the way leaving little time for us. Both the kids are grown and now is our time. We are both anxiously looking forward to the challenge and to the conversations from others. Good luck everyone!

    • Go for 8 days Steve and Teresa. Props to both of you for your love for each other over your years of marriage. What I find even more mind blowing is that you’ve been in business together for 25 of those years. That to me, being self-employed, is a testament to your love for each other. I’m sure it hasn’t always been rosy, but well worth the time and energy.

      Glad to have you on board for the challenge.

  58. We are in for the challenge. She will find out soon that I signed us up. This is going to be a good experience, and I’m looking forward to the prizes.
    Michael & Jeanette Gibson
    married 12 years

  59. We are definitely up to the challenge though my wife will be traveling during a good portion of the week. Tony & Alisa: would you recommend waiting until she will be home for 7 days in a row or “practicing” for the first few days of the challenge and then starting over when she gets home? We are not in a rut, but always look to improve. We will be married 13 years the end of this month.

    • Aaron – An option for you guys is that when your wife is around you have sex, but when she is traveling maybe go to Skype or phone sex. This is something that Alisa and I have talked about on a podcast. If it is done between a husband and wife it is a way to speak to each other and share our feelings to heighten arousal. Just an idea. If it’s this isn’t for you guys I would say do a practice round and then hit the 7 days when she isn’t travelling.

      Let me know what you two decide to do. We would love to support you now or in the future.

  60. Roy and I are in 🙂 My husbands birthday falls on the 11th, and our anniversary falls on the 17th. Hopefully the challenge will make these days even more special! We live in MA and have 4 children ages 5-13 that we homeschool.

  61. We are joining you this year for the first time. We’re from the States (Indiana and Hawaii/California), but we live in Ukraine where we are missionaries. We’ve been married for eight years, and we had three children in under four years, the youngest of whom is only 7 months old. Intimacy has become a challenge in recent years, although we continue to fight for it week by week! We’re excited about this week! (Unfortunately, my husband is on a trip right now and won’t be returning until Tuesday, but we video chat every evening after the kids are in bed. Maybe we can get creative with that for the first two days of the challenge.)

    • Wow, thank you for what the two of you are doing to spread the Word. We are so happy to have the two of you joining us so that you can make intimacy a priority in you marriage this week and for years to come.

      Get creative with video chat while he is away to start things off and if the two of you would like to extend the challenge a couple days at the end you can do that too.

  62. We have been married 11 years & live in Louisville KY.
    We ate excited to be a part of the challenge. 😉

  63. We are in our 26th year of marriage and ready to spice things up a bit since we’re finally experiencing a bit of spring here in Michigan. Looking forward to the week!

    • Very glad to have you on board with us as you spice things up in your marriage. Glad to hear that spring is coming as there may be a day when we ask you to change things up, like get out of the bedroom. ; )

  64. This is going to be hard since we work completely opposite schedules- I guess those 15 minutes we see each other a day better count!

  65. We’re in! We live in Ontario, Canada. We’ve been together for 4 years and married 7 months. It’s going to be a busy week, no pun intended…I (Marta) am doing overnights at work this week and 12 hours days. So needless to say, it’ll be a challenge but we’ve made the commitment!

    • We are so happy to have you guys on board. We know about busy, but it is well worth it. We’ll be talking about making time on Monday’s video. Looking forward to hearing how the week progresses for you two.

  66. This is our first time to participate but we are excited!! We will be married for 6 years next month and live in New Mexico!!

  67. Well, we’re in. We’ve been married 6 1/2 years, and live in CA. We decided to gift ourselves this week, since it starts on Mother’s Day and ends on my husband’s birthday. Here’s praying that the stress of pre-deployment doesn’t get in our way.

  68. We’re going to give it a try. We’ve been married almost two years and live in Canada. Finding time for sex is hard for us. My husband works nights and sleeps late during the day, so, instead of 24 hours, we have about 5 available hours during the day.

    • Angela – This is going to be a time for both of you to really talk through when will be the best time to make love. Don’t expect it to just happen without you guys sitting down and looking at your calendars. Put each love making session down on your calendars and then follow through. We’ll be praying for you guys.

  69. This should be interesting as we are getting ready to leave for a trip to Mexico on Friday. Maybe it will end up being 12 days instead of 7. I just finished a study with a small group of ladies using the book “Intimate Issues,” so we are ready for the challenge.
    We have been married almost 24 years & live in Wisconsin.

    • Perfect timing to put into practice those questions Christian women ask about sex. We are excited for the two of you and your trip to Mexico. What a great way to finish off the challenge and then a little more.

      Blessings to both of you.

  70. My husband Todd and I will be joining you all this week. We have been married 2 years this month and we are from Missouri. We’re both looking forward to the upcoming week!

  71. Heard about this a couple of days ago, it sounds like fun so we’re in…We’ll be married 2 years June 21st and live in Brooklyn, NY.

  72. We’ve been married almost 20 years and have never done anything like this. We’re both excited to try this out.

  73. We are in! We have been looking for ways to bring the intimacy back and us closer together. We live in Indiana, have been married 9 years this past February 25th. This is our first time doing this, looking forward to all it brings to our marriage!

  74. We’ve been married 10 years, live in SoCal (Inland Empire). I’m planning on it this week, I haven’t discussed with my husband yet (will tonight), but I don’t think he’ll mind. 😉

    • Glad to see the IE representing. We lived in Loma Linda in the early years of our marriage and I, Tony, grew up in Banning. Hope your husband is up for the challenge. ; )

  75. We did this last year and we thought it was so good for our marriage that it became our new “lifestyle.” I’m very happy to say that my wife & I now have sex more days than we miss. Not bad after 20 years of marriage & 7 kids!

    • Kevin & Shelly – We are so excited to hear about how last years challenge changed your marriage. Two thumbs up! Hope this year is as good as you continue to grow in your marriage.

  76. Been married for 21 years, live in Oregon. First time for the challenge for us, my wife thinks I’m crazy but she’s willing to give it a go.

  77. We have been married 25 years and live in Tn. First time challenge and we are looking forward to an exciting and challenging week.

  78. We are going to give it a go. We joined last year but had to cut it short due to complications. We were looking forward to it but some things that have been thown at us in these last few days before the start are going to make it difficult to start, and even more so to keep it going all week.

    We have been married 21 years, live in the Atlanta, GA area, and I am posting Incognito because my wife is a bit uncomfortable using our real names. Here is to hoping we last longer than last year.

    Tony – You and Alisa will know who this is, once I send you a message. Been around for a little while 🙂

    • Do your best you two. Life does throw us curveballs, you know that after 21 years of marriage. We are excited that you are up for the challenge again and if there is anything you need let me know.

      Love you guys.

  79. We have been married 17 years. We live in NC. I think it will be fun, it may be just what we need. A postive challenge!

  80. We are going to do the challenge! We live in NC and we’ve been married almost 6 months. Fresh meat 🙂

  81. WOW!!! We have one heck of a group here this year. Thank you all for joining in on the fun and excitement. This year we have a diverse group of couples from newlyweds to 40+ years married. No matter where you fall we always need to make intimacy a priority in our marriage. This week we are going to do just that.

    If you haven’t seen today’s post giving you the details of what to expect go check it out now,

    Also, make sure to join us on Facebook, We plan on putting up short videos each day there too.

  82. Curious about how this works and what it’s all about. Live in the Quad Cities, IL. Married for 17 and 9 months.

  83. And we’ve been married now for 16 years. This is truly a challenge for us since we’ve been struggeling with our sexlife for almost all these years. But we have decided to take a leap of faith so here we juuuump.

  84. We’re officially in (as of about two hours ago!)

    We live in Minneapolis, Minnesota and just celebrated out 1 year anniversary last month!

    Also just wanted to say thank you Alisa and Tony for your awesome podcasts. For us, listening is about getting our marriage off to a running start and we love the example that you have set. Keep up the great work!

  85. We are in!!! We live in Texas and will have been married 20 years in June!!! Looking forward to the challenge!!

  86. We commenced our Challenge with a lovely mothers day shower!! Off an running!! Any rules on more then once a day or should we stick to 1??

  87. We’re excited about the challenge:) We have been married almost 6 years and have two children (2yr. and 10 month old). We live in Fort Wayne, IN.

  88. Does it count if only one spouse, me is up for it?
    We’ve been married 14 years, and hail from Minnesota. 🙂 Our love life is grand, but frequency is only about 3-4 times a month. Meh!

  89. We’re in! We’ve been very happily married for more than 10 years and are always looking for ways to make our marriange fresh and exciting. With 4 kids, it’s not always easy- but it is always, definitely, worth it. Gotta run, Hubby has started singing Marvin Gaye. (Connecticut)

  90. We are in! Married almost two years from Portland Oregon and looking forward to seven days of love making 🙂

  91. We’ve been married just over a year and we started the challenge this afternoon! We’re both excited to do this, we live in Wisconsin.

  92. It’s a great start, but what happens after the 7 days are over? Not to toot my own horn, but have any of you tried The Forty Beads Method? It’s a Method I stumbled upon that totally transformed my marriage so I got other couples using it and wrote about it in my new book Forty Beads. Okay, a little tooting of my own horn, but would love for you to give it a whirl and keep me posted! ::Carolyn

    • Book looks awesome! We would love to ready it if you would like to send it our way. What started this all off was our 60 Days of Sex Challenge that we did 4 years ago. When you get a chance you can listen to us talk all about that experience,

      Since our first 7 Days of Sex Challenge we implemented the Intimacy Lifestyle. That is where we have sex twice a week. 3 nights are my nights to take the lead and initiate sex and the other 3 nights are Alisa’s. It’s been a great way for both of us to be pursued and to have the other spouse pursue.

      Intimacy doesn’t stop after this week of sex. Our hope is always that folks will find the joy in sex and continue.

      Great website BTW. Love to connect with you more and talk.


  93. We have been married for 14 years in July. I am not sure i know what I am getting into but I am always up for a challenge. I am looking forward to seeing how god can use this in our lives. We have eight children.

  94. We’re in. Hope it’s not to late.We just agreed to do it for the second year. Last year it was a real boost to our intimacy. We need another shot. I am praying for all who are taking steps to strengthen their marriage that God will show up in a big way. Thanks for the challenge. We are from PA. Married 29 Years.

  95. Kendalyn and Taurean are up for the challenge. This is our first attempt at the 7 day challenge and we hope that it is sucessful. We currenly live in Augusta, GA and we have been married for 5 years. Good luck to everyone 🙂

  96. My husband and I are up for the challenge! We actually have done it twice today! happy Mothers day to me! This is our first time trying this challenge. We have been married for 19 years!

  97. Sorry to post so late (just got off work) but we are in! Going on 4 years of wonderful marriage this July!

  98. we are on year 18 this oct. i am in but i am not sure if the wife is to excited about it…i am going to try to make it happen.. i am assuming that it does not have to be always intercourse every time.. she might go for some heavy petting and mutual masterbation to climax..
    wishing everyone a great week of fun and making your marriage sure to be open to one another and have an open mind when it comes to oral sex and anything both of you might like to try. also when it comes to trying something new give it more than one time to make a decision on continuing that one paticular thing.. it also needs more than one time to get better at it and to make your own changes to make it even better for you.. i guess i will be transparent is so hard for me to get the wife to try anything new. i want to add spice to our sex life and it seems so hard to get her to change.. all she says is i am never satisfied no matter what she does to change. she says i always want something different and continue to want more and something different. we tried to have oral sex just after we were married,but she only left me try it about twice and said no more.. it makes me so upset with her sometimes that she does not want to try anything new… a few years ago i was so hungry for oral that i made a time to meet a woman at a motel to have a hour of any kind of hot sex including oral,but the good Lord had other plans and it did not work out and she called and cancelled on my way to the motel…i just want to say that if you or your spouse want to try oral or anything else be open and willing to please and do it wether you really like it or not… i am of the belief that if you keep at it you will enjoy it and want to please your spouse..what i am trying to say is give your spouse no reason to want to have an affair. make him/her so excited to be with you and cant wait to see you after a long day at what you can to it a hot and exciting time to be with you….i need to tell you i do love my wife and plan to stay with her and do what i can to make her happy. I guess it comes from the way she was raised and has some baggage form that.

  99. I hope it’s not to late to sign up. Dh and i were intimate last night 🙂 so we’re still on track for the challenge. we’ll be married for 10 yrs in about 2 weeks, and i’m not longer the “refuser”

  100. We have been married 15 years. We have two children 11 and 8. We started yesterday – but forgot to get signed up.

    • No problem Lori & David. We are excited to have you joining us. Keep up with the daily challenge and comment once you complete the day. Hope you have a fantastic week.

  101. If you don’t mind another couple tagging along, my husband and I are in. We live in NJ and have been married for 5 and a half years.

    • The more the merrier. Great to have you joining in on the challenge. Go through the last couple of post for the challenge to get up to date. Basically, watch the daily challenge and then comment after you have had sex that day. There is a great community of couples here have a great time and encouraging each other.

  102. We are in. We have been married 12 years, but have hardly been together due tot he military. we have twin girls and Im looking forward to strengthening our marriage

    • Thank you to both of you for serving our country. Living in San Diego, we know first hand the strain being a part has on our military folks. We are so excited that the two of you are going to take this week to strengthen your marriage for years to come.


  103. We are ready, and hopefully not late for our wonderful 7 days. We have been married for 19 years and live in Florida.

    • Not to late William and Kathy. Glad you are joining us and after 19 years we know this will be a great experience for the both of you. Enjoy and we look forward to hearing how the week goes for the two of you.

  104. It’s Day #2 everyone. Go check out today’s challenge, like the video, and make it happen before the clock hits 12:00am. Comment when you completed your day and we’ll pick today’s daily prize winner tomorrow afternoon.

    Hope you are having a fantastic start to your week.

    I also put up a quick video on Facebook too.

  105. Better late than never…
    We’ve been married for 28 years and live in California. We both feel very satisfied with our sexual intimacy but don’t think we’ve ever experienced 7 days straight! This will be challenging – let’s see how the equipment works that many times in a row! Ha Ha – we’re in.

  106. We are a day late, can we still join in? We are willing to do some extra credit to catch up. 🙂 We have been married for 20 years this September and live in Oregon.

  107. We just found out about the challenge today and want to get started right away… 🙂 we’ve been married for a little over 4 years and we reside in San Diego California.

  108. I am so going to do this…although I’ll have to do it once I’m done healing from my wisdom tooth surgery removal (or else its probably not going to be nearly as enjoyable). I’m sure my hubby will comply. 🙂 I think we should do this more than once a year…maybe twice!

  109. I know we are way late but we started early (Saturday). So will try for 8 days. We have been married for 28 years and live in south Florida.

    • Great to have you on board Kenny. Make sure to comment on the daily post so we know how you two are doing. Tomorrow, May 12th, will be Day #5 and the post will be up at 12:01am PST.

  110. It’s amazing that once you commit to the challenge it seems everything in the world comes up to try and interfer, but so far we’re going strong. I’m enjoying the need to be purposeful throughout the day to ensure we find our way to the bedroom before midnight. It really encourages me to think about my husband and sex during the day rather than waiting until nightfall.

    • Awesome! That’s what this is about. Thinking about our intimacy and not something that is leftover at the very end. It’s at the top of the list so that as a couple you can connect and grow together. Keep it up.

  111. We have been married 14 years and we live in Austin Texas. We saw the challange on Fox nes and started on Sunday. Every day has been awesome, but each day just gets better. What a great week this will be!!

    Chris and Dani

    • After 14 years of marriage ourselves we know the importance of the challenge. Everyday does get better and the best part is that after the challenge we are going to share how to keep it going for years to come so that your marriage continues to grow.

      Great to have you two joining us this week.

  112. My husband and I are doing the 7 day challenge – we started on Sunday (i didn’t know I needed to comment on here, I just had heard about it and we decided to do it!) Three days in and we’re doing great! 🙂

    • Fantastic Stacey. Great to have you two on board. We would love to hear how your challenge is going each day. Post your comment on the appropriate post that we have for each day.

      Keep it up we are almost done.