Sex, making love, sexual intimacy, and other words like these conjure up images and thoughts in our minds of some of the most amazing times in our marriage beds.

There is passion, romance, toe curling excitement that send shivers down our backs.  Are you tracking with me?  Sex is AWESOME!!!

Maybe you hear these words and you aren’t so excited.  

Sex has become stagnant and boring.  Not sure what to do to get the spark going again in the bedroom.  We’ve been there.  Don’t wait any longer join in on a week of fun and excitement.

Can you relate to these questions…

  • Our marriage has lost some of the spark because life keeps getting in the way. We’re talking about bills, jobs, and all of the other commitments you both have.
  • Are you ready to make a change in your physical intimacy that would push the limits of what you’ve done sexually in your marriage?
  • Are you excited about this challenge, but don’t know what to do. You’ve come to the right place…

We are excited to have you join us for the 2nd Annual ONE Extraordinary Marriage 7 Days of Sex Challenge! Last year we had over 130 couples from 5 countries join the challenge for a fun filled week of passion, romance, different positions, places, and more.

Ready to be part of the challenge?  Keep reading.

What is the 7 Days of Sex Challenge?

At the most basic level it is you and your spouse having sex for 7 days straight from May 8th to May 14th, 2011.  But it really is so much more than just sex.

  • This is an opportunity for you and your spouse to really focus on each other and make all forms of intimacy a priority in your marriage.  These are Emotional, Intellectual, Financial, Recreational, Spiritual, & Physical/Sexual Intimacy. Order Stripped Down: 13 Keys to Unlocking Intimacy in Your Mariage to learn more!
  • This is a chance to take your communication to the next level as you plan each day’s rendezvous and negotiate through life as well.
  • It’s a time for you to get creative-let’s face it, having sex in the same place, same position and at the same time of day for seven days straight will get a little boring.  We’ll help you with some ideas during the week.
  • Use this challenge as a way to break out of your routines and try something new, romantic, and different.

Ultimately the 7 Days of Sex Challenge is a way for you and your spouse to get Stripped Down before each other and ignite the intimacy in your marriage, for these 7 days and well into the future.

Why Should You Join Us?

1.  It will be an adventure!
2.  You will have sex for 7 days straight, something that most married couples have not done or at least not since their honeymoon.
3.  It builds the ONE Community and makes you an integral part of the it.
4.  You will have the support and encouragement from the ONE Community going through this amazing experience.  It’s much easier to embark on an adventure with support and community than to do it by yourself.
5.  The communication in your marriage will be better. It is very difficult to have sex with someone for 7 days straight if the communication aspect is not there.
6.  Think of all of the calories you will burn with daily exercise.
7.  Your marriage will be stronger as a result of making intimacy a priority.
8.  Daily Prizes!

Prize #1: 15 Minute Marriage Makeover eBook by Dustin Riechmann with Engaged Marriage.  Thank Dustin for this generous offer by Tweeting him @EngagedMarriage.

Prize #2: Buck Naked Marriage eBook by Dr. Corey Allen with Simple Marriage.  Make sure to Tweet “You Rock for supporting the 7 Days of Sex Challenge” to@SimpleMarriage.

Prize #3: Get Lucky with the Wife eBook by Sarah Baron with Anonymous8.  Share the love with Sarah & tweet her @a8forwomen.

Prize #4: The Marriage Refresher Course Workbook for Couples by Lisa Kift, MFT with Give her a shout out on how you are doing this week @LisaKiftTherapy.

Prize #5: 7-Day Marriage Challenge by Jordan Hall with Tell Jordan about your rocking marriage @JordanRYM.

Prize #6: The Super-Charged Guide to Financial Freedom by Jeff Nickles of My Super-Charged Life. Thanks @jnickles for making a change in our finances. You ROCK!

Prize #7: Passion, Sex & Intimacy: Keep the Fires of Passion Burning E-Workbook by Richard Nicastro, Ph.D. Share your marriage with @RelationshipAid and the passion you have for each other.

We’re In, What Do We Need to Do? <= Follow these instructions!

  • Leave a comment to this post before we start the challenge on Sunday May 8th, 2011. This lets us know who is up for the challenge (no pun intended).  Please let us know how long you have been married and what state you reside in.
  • There will be a blog post each day during the challenge, please comment and let us know how you two are doing.  It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate just a line or two about what’s going on in your marriage as a result of the challenge.  You can share as much or as little as you like.  We would also love to have you leave listener feedback and/or send us a video clips with the two of you sharing about the challenge.
  • Click on this link,, to Tweet a message to all of your followers.  Also use this hash tag #7DaysOfSexChallenge when mentioning the challenge.
  • Become a Facebook Fan of ONE Extraordinary Marriage.  Share the 7 Days of Sex Challenge with you Facebook friends.
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  • Subscribe to ONE Extraordinary Marriage via RSS.  By subscribing to the RSS you’ll get each days post sent directly to you so that you can keep up with how everyone in the challenge is doing.
  • Don’t miss the ONE Extraordinary Marriage podcast on iTunes.  You’ll get a weekly dose of Tony & Alisa sharing married life like you’ve never heard before.

That’s it!  We are looking forward to walking along side of you guys during this challenge.  Our goal is that you will encourage, share, laugh, and enjoy each day of the challenge to ultimately get closer and more intimate in your marriage.   It is going to be an adventure for each of us.  Let’s get it on!

***Special Offer***

Use Discount Code: 7Days to get 15% OFF any version of Stripped Down: 13 Keys to Unlocking Intimacy in Your Marriage.  Don’t hesitate, pick up your copy of Stripped Down today!  This offer won’t last forever!

Finally, please pass this on to your Facebook Friends, Twitter Folks, post the 7 Days of Adventure badge to your blog, as well as ask your friends and family to join the challenge.  The more couples who join in the more each of us get to witness the amazing things that God can do in each of our marriages.  In turn the ONE Community becomes a pillar where others who are seeking truth, knowledge, openness, and intimacy can find the support they so desire.

Love you guys,

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