There are many stories about husbands and wives reigniting their relationship with simple actions.

Whether you’re facing disconnection, financial stress, decreased sexual intimacy, or another challenge, it’s only natural to ask yourself what you can do to help your own marriage.

benefits of hugging your spouse everyday

Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. But there are marriages that are happier because of the simple actions both partners take.

One choice you can make is to hug each other.

It’s as simple as that.

Hugging your spouse is very beneficial to the health of each of you and your relationship.

Hugs have been proven to release those warm and fuzzy feelings, meaning when you and your spouse share a hug, you are not only taking a moment in time to say that they are important to you, but you are also helping them physically.

In fact, there are seven clear benefits of hugging your spouse every day.

Physical Intimacy in Your Marriage

Here’s the wonderful thing about hugging your spouse: it is a simple yet powerful way to strengthen your Physical Intimacy Pillar.

Perhaps you hear the words “physical intimacy” and immediately think of sex. While sexual intimacy is an aspect of a strong and beautiful marriage, it is only one of 6 Pillars of Intimacy® that contributes to the health of your marriage.

Intimacy is more than just sex.

Physical intimacy is all about the loving, non-sexual touches you share with your spouse. From kissing to cuddling, holding hands, and hugging, physical intimacy is an important way of becoming close and connected as spouses.

In your marriage, you are constantly either strengthening or weakening your 6 Pillars of Intimacy®. When you put one pillar on the back burner, it can create cracks. Since the pillars are all interconnected, a crack in one pillar can often lead to challenges in other pillars.

That’s why keeping physical intimacy a priority in your marriage is crucial.

It’s easy to ignore the simple actions of physical touch. However, this is an area of your marriage that can create incredible breakthroughs with simple actions if you give it a try.

7 Benefits of Hugging Your Spouse

Now that you know how hugging your spouse impacts your physical intimacy, it’s time to discover the top seven benefits of hugging your spouse.

Remember, by hugging your spouse every day, you can contribute to the strength and beauty of your marriage in a simple way!

Benefit #1

When you hug your spouse, you immediately give them the benefit of boosting their oxytocin levels.

The oxytocin levels are responsible for how a person feels. So, a simple hug can reduce the feelings of loneliness, isolation, or anger for your spouse.

Benefit #2

The second benefit of hugging your spouse each day is that it can raise your levels of serotonin. This is another feel-good hormone that can improve your spouse’s (and your own!) mood.

When you each feel good, you can be the best version of yourself for your spouse. As a result, you can experience less frustration and conflict in your marriage. Imagine that!

Benefit #3

Giving your spouse a hug can reduce blood pressure and stress. Stress is a barrier to all kinds of intimacy. The physical contact of a hug can help decrease cortisol levels, which contribute to the fight-or-flight stress response.

When the two of you are less stressed, you can experience a happier and stronger marriage.

Benefit #4

A hug a day keeps the doctor away! Another benefit of hugging your spouse daily is that it can help keep them healthy.

Hugs place a light pressure on the sternum. In turn, this activates the solar plexus and the thymus gland, which take care of the body’s production of white blood cells.

White blood cells help you fight illness and infection, so keeping these numbers at the right level is vital to your health. Fortunately, a simple hug can help make sure your immune system is firing on all cylinders.

Benefit #5

Another benefit of hugging your spouse every day is that it can help them sleep better. The hormones released through the non-verbal, physical contact of a hug help your body relax and feel at ease. As a result, it is easier to fall into a deep and restful sleep at night.

When you’re tired, conflict tends to arise more often. You might misinterpret what your spouse says or blow things out of proportion. Sleep is essential for the health of your body and your marriage.

Benefit #6

Sometimes, hugging can lead to kisses, and kissing can lead to sexual intimacy, whether through romance, initiation, foreplay, or sexual intercourse.

When something has the potential to strengthen two pillars of intimacy at once, it’s a good idea to pay attention and incorporate it into your daily life.

Benefit #7

Finally, you should hug your spouse each and every day as an act of showing your love to them.

Hugging your spouse is one of the simplest ways to show your love. It’s an action you can do any time, anywhere. Plus, a hug is a healthy reminder to your spouse of why you love them so much.

Take Simple Actions to Transform Your Marriage

The great thing about the benefits of hugging your spouse is that they apply to you, too! So be generous in giving hugs to your spouse. Make this a regular part of your daily routine, and you’ll both reap the benefits.

There are tons of great ways to improve your marriage with simple actions.

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Just like hugging your spouse, sexy board games are a simple yet powerful way to transform your marriage.

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