There are many articles about husbands and wives reigniting their relationship after being on the edge of divorce, loss of a child, financial stresses, and the decrease in sexual intimacy after children.

All of these are being highlighted in the media lately, it’s only natural to ask yourself what you can do to help your own marriage.

For one, there is no such thing as a perfect marriage.  

But there are marriages that are happier because of the actions both partners take.

One choice a couple can take is to hug each other. Hugging. It’s as simple as that.

Hugging is very beneficial to the health of a person and a couple.

Hugs have been proven to release those warm and fuzzy feelings, meaning when you and your spouse share a hug, you are not only taking a moment in time to say that they are important to you, you are also helping them physically.

Benefit #1

When you hug your spouse you immediately give them the benefit of boosting their oxytocin levels. The oxytocin levels are responsible for how a person feels. So a simple hug can reduce the feelings of loneliness, isolation and anger for your spouse.

Benefit #2

When you hug for several moments you can lift their levels of serotonin. This can improve your spouse’s mood.

Benefit #3

A hug between you and your spouse can reduce blood pressure and stress. When you can help your spouse release their stress it can make a marriage stronger.

Benefit #4

A hug a day keeps the doctor away. Hugging daily is important because you can keep your spouse healthy.

When you hug there is an easy pressure that is placed on the sternum which creates an emotional charge activating the Solar Plexus Chakra, stimulating the thymus gland, which takes care of body’s production of the white blood cells and those keep a person free from disease and healthy.

Benefit #5

When you hug your spouse daily the non-verbal physical contact will help them sleep better. Better sleep leads to an array of benefits for your spouse. Studies have shown that a hug lowers stress, which means better sleep.

Benefit #6

Hugging can lead to kisses and kissing may lead to more intimate moments. A hug a day can improve the intimacy in your marriage. It can even lead to a more vibrant sex life.

Benefit #7

You should hug your spouse each and every day as an act of showing your love to them. Giving a hug is one of the simplest way to show your love. Anytime, anywhere a hug can is a healthy reminder to your spouse of why you love them so much.

It’s now time for you to go and hug your spouse each and every day, so that your marriage will become stronger.

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  1. The physical benefits of hugging are so fascinating to me. To think that hugging actually changes one’s body chemistry. The person who offers the hug benefits as much as the person who receives the hug. Plus, we associate closeness with the other person with feeling better physically and emotionally, which bonds us. God knew what he was doing, again. 🙂

  2. I have been a hugger for most all of my adult life, I see a friend at the store, down town, and I do a lot of hugging at church. It’s not the hugs that are the problem, it’s the idea of getting close enough for fear of a argument starting. I’m over 60 and for the first time in my life I made a serious commitment but I am steadily losing ground.