(the ONE-honest truth)

There’s probably not many people you speak with about your sex life completely, openly and honestly. Nothing is wrong with that — what you do in the bedroom is between you, your spouse and God.

But, because there is a huge knowledge gap, most of us assume everyone else is either just like us, or just like the media shows it. Let’s be honest – neither are true.

That’s where the power of the ONE family can help us all out! We conducted an online survey on sex & orgasms and thanks to hundreds of you who completed it, we can share what’s REALLY going on in married bedrooms.

Some things confirmed what we already knew, but some things surprised us. You will find yourself in some of these numbers; but no matter whether you’re in the majority or minority, know that you are not alone.

Every marriage and spouse is unique. That’s why we love what we do here at OEM so much — there’s no one right method to do marriage, sex, or life, and we get to learn from each other.  

One caveat: We share this with you so that you can see the diversity of sexual intimacies and be encouraged to grow together – not to be a barometer of how “good” you and your spouse are (we have a whole show dedicated to the comparison trap).  

If there’s an area you want to grow in, let us help you! Check out some of our resources below, or learn more about joining the Position of the Month Club.

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4 thoughts on “[INFOGRAPH] SEX & ORGASMS

    • Hey Jamie,

      Thanks for the question on how often a couple has sex. It’s 100% accurate because if you have sex 10 times a month, you also qualify for the row of at least twice a month. For this one in particular it’s a cumulative function not a histogram.

  1. Hi,
    Hi please tell me I’m not the only one that is going through this but my husband and I have sex maybe once a week if I’m lucky and he oragasms and then goes to sleep. Please tell me what I am doing wrong

    • Hey Stacy, what are you specifically asking about? The amount of sex that you two are having each week or your husband falling asleep after sex?

      If it’s about the amount of sex you are having we would suggest that you discuss and implement the Intimacy Lifestyle into your marriage.

      As for falling asleep there are many studies on this and it actually fairly common. Here are two suggestions why this happens.

      First, sex often takes place at night, in a bed, and is, after all, physically exhausting (often more so for the man than the woman, although this certainly varies). So when sex is over, it’s natural for a guy to fall asleep.

      Secondly, in order for a person to reach orgasm, a primary requirement is to let go of “all fear and anxiety.” Doing so also tends to be relaxing and might explain the tendency to snooze.

      Hope these help.

      Love you guys.