Think of a romantic retreat space you’ve either been to or seen a picture of. There’s no clutter and the surfaces are clear.

3 Simple Ways to Create a More Intimate Bedroom

Whatever is in there has been carefully chosen to help you relax and create a mood of intimacy.

Now, think of your bedroom.

Is it a cozy haven of intimacy? Or is it more like a catch-all, with haphazard piles of stuff, clothing strewn about and Lego land mines waiting to be stepped on?

For many years our bedroom, our sanctuary was a complete mess. Everything seemed to make it to our bedroom and stay there.

There would be stacks of laundry, blankets the kids had left behind, stacks of books on the floor and nothing, no paint, no pictures on the walls.

It was a place to sleep at best and nothing near a place for us to get away and enjoy each other.

That all changed when we realized the need for a space in our home that was ours.

If you’d like a room that’s more of a cozy haven, here are 3 simple ways to create a more intimate bedroom:

3 Simple Ways to Create a More Intimate Bedroom

Ditch the excess

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to declutter your bedroom when you know it’s a space that requires so little. There’s a lot you don’t need in your bedroom:

  • Toys
  • TV
  • All the stuff that has no home

And one of the best ways to create more intimacy in your bedroom is to get rid of all the stuff that doesn’t belong there. This may take an afternoon or a weekend, but make some time to declutter your bedroom.

Clear off surfaces.

Put things in their rightful place.

Get rid of the stuff that has no home or no longer suits you (like all the clothes that are never worn, the pile of books you’ve been meaning to read for three years and stuff that’s more suited to the garage than your intimate space).

And, for the sake of intimacy, ditch the TV.

Define your intimate space

Now’s the time for a micro-date with your spouse.

Brew some coffee, pull out some chocolate and have your notepad ready.

It’s time to define what an intimate space feels like for each of you (this may not be the funnest thing for everyone, hence the chocolate).

One of you may have a very clear vision of a crisp white comforter, log round nightstands, a potted plant or two and a few beeswax candles for romantic lighting.

The other may not care so much – as long as there are no hot pink ruffles or creepy paintings.

Whatever the case may be, it’s much easier to create a more intimate room when you’ve both expressed your desires for the space and you know what feel you’re trying to achieve.

Just remember that you don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of stuff to get this feel – you probably have most of what you need already and simplicity is key.

Keep it simple

Now that you’ve gone through the process of clearing out the excess clutter, now is not the time to bring more in. When it comes to stuff, be selective about what stays in your room.

  • If you have a nightstand, keep a lamp and a book or journal. Maybe a small vase with flowers.
  • On your dresser, maybe put a framed photo from your wedding, a potted plant and a candle.
  • If you’ve both settled on candles for romantic lighting, think three, not three dozen.

We know it’s cliche, but less is more.

This is your space to relax and connect intimately with your spouse.

The less you have, and the more treasured the items that you keep are to you, the easier it is to make it peaceful haven.

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