It’s been stated time and time again that communication is important in our marriages.

We hear that we need to make time each day to sit down with our spouse, find out about their day, what events have happened, etc.  All of us need this interaction for a healthy marriage.

The next question, in my mind, is this…have you taken that talk to your bedroom?

Now I’m not talking about communicating the way I described above, but talking about the dreams and desires that each of you have in regard to your physical intimacy.

Have you communicated to each other about those touches that send a chill up your spine or the caresses that make you melt at the knees?

Husbands, have you told your wife how she can touch you in such a way that will make your love making more enjoyable and memorable?

Wives, have you told your husband what touches please you and what you would like him to do to your body?

Can the two of you explain to each other two, three, or four sexual positions that send your love making out of this world or that you would like to try?  Sexual intimacy is about trust and being comfortable with your spouse.  I do not advocate trying something that you and/or your spouse are not comfortable doing.  Both of you need to be in agreement to make this time special.

Do you know what your spouse desires?  Have you asked?  What’s holding you back?

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