How does one acquire the “World’s Best Husband” trophy? Does the criteria differ from couple to couple?


You may be a sensitive IT programmer who drives your Toyota Prius straight home after work sharing stories of the events of every day.

You tend to the yard on the weekends and plan for special occasions.

Or you may cruise home on your Harley, giving your wife a big smooch with Chinese take-out, and a movie ready to go on Netflix.

With those being two extremes, we think there are still a few things that embody an international language of love.

Some actions that can carry a marriage of any type through the depths of any valley. There are simple rules to follow to keep the respect, which, in turn, keeps the love alive.

What you did to get her is what you need to do to keep her. We’re going to say that one more time.

Keep Doing What You Did

If you brought her flowers once a week when you dated, keep bringing her flowers weekly.

If you cooked dinner for her every Friday night, cook dinner with her once a week. It’s quite simple, really.

She fell in love with you for you, the things you do and the things you say.

If you tell her she’s beautiful once a day, look into her eyes every day and tell her she’s beautiful. It’s the things you start but don’t finish that push your wife away.

Keep the Daily Reunion Fresh

Have you ever seen the opening sequence to the “The Simpsons?” Where the end of each intro differs from episode to episode?

Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie get mixed up in a unique way to somehow end up on the couch together every time the show airs, keeping it fresh from the get-go.

If you can incorporate this type of diversification in your everyday life upon coming home, you’ll be that much closer to being the best husband ever. Some ideas?

  • Stop for a moment and actually look into her eyes with that look that asks her to kiss you; with eyes that say you’re happy to be home in the place you feel safest and happiest
  • Bring a single flower every day for a week
  • Come in singing
  • Grab her hand and twirl her around
  • Smack her butt and run

You could assign opposite weeks to entertain each other upon coming home. One day you may end up with the greatest gift a man could spontaneously receive from the best wife ever.

Keep Laughing with Her and at Her

One of the reasons you married her is because she makes you laugh.

If you remember to listen to her, she is still really funny. Once you stop laughing with (and at) her, it means you stop noticing her.

Then she begins to fade away and stops being funny. Laughter is good for the soul so keep laughing and continue to make her laugh.

Take the “Big Risk” Off the Table

What is the big risk? The “D” word, Divorce.

When you take it off the table and make it not an option, that’s when the real growth begins.

The minute you decide to actually take this woman as a partner for life is the minute you free yourself and your beautiful teammate from the chance of ever leaving each other.

You can each be real and confident that you can get through the hard times.

Be the best husband ever and lead the way. She’ll give you what you want in return just watch the magic!

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  1. My wife and I almost divorced, but are still together only by God’s grace. Unfortunately when I ask her not to use divorce as a joke (it really does hurt my feelings when it’s used as a punch line), she tells me that she lives in the real world and that it’s always a possibility. I don’t know how she could do that after what we went through, but it makes me think that, to her, it’s still on the table. 🙁

    • This is tough for sure as you are walking on egg shells when this is happening. The two of you really need to have a State of Our Marriage talk.

      I understand that you live in the real world and yet there a many couples who have taken the “D” word out of the equation. We’re one of those couples. We almost got divorced too. What we learned was that if we wanted our emotional intimacy to grow that we had to respect one another. That means not even joking about divorce.

      You may have to dig deeper into why she is saying this. Really listen to what emotions she is talking about when discussing as this will allow you to learn about what may be the underlying reasons.

      • I know the reasons why she feels this way, I just can’t do anything to change them. Her parents divorced when she was younger, and I know that contributes as well. We are seeking both marriage and individual counseling for various issues. I know she loves me, but I feel as though she still feels she has the option of deciding our marriage isn’t worth the trouble and leaving. We are both saved Christians, but some bad events have left us in a weird spot.

  2. Yes, it’s important to keep doing what you did because this is what she was attracted to you for in the first place. She doesn’t know why it creates those feelings of attraction for her, but it does. Of course a bit of variety is necessary. So keep doing what you were doing overall, and change up the specifics. Good write up.

  3. What if you had a good marriage with laughter and intamincy and yohr spouse fell into the grasp of a midlife crisis ? Also moving out, abandoning his wife and children for another woman.