Let’s Go Out

Date Night: those two words bring a smile to my face.

It means that my wife, Alisa, and I get to go out without the kids.  Dinner, uninterrupted conversation, and then a walk, drive, or movie at home.  If you’re like us you probably spend a lot of time going back and forth trying to figure out where to eat and what to do so much so that the joy of a date night is lost.

It took us awhile but we realized that we needed something different and implemented “Take the Lead” on our date nights.  It’s not difficult-it just means that either Alisa or I plan out the entire date night.  When you Take the Lead you release your spouse from having to decide anything, it becomes an opportunity for them to just be spoiled by you.  This becomes such a welcome change because, let’s face it, both husbands and wives are constantly making decisions all day long, we become mentally exhausted.  Taking the Lead is a throw back to the early days of your relationship when one of you would plan a romantic evening, down to the very last detail…just because!

Here are some ideas to help you Take the Lead on your next date night:

• Choose the restaurant and make reservations
• If you know what your spouse likes preorder and have appetizers or dinner ready when you arrive
• Plan the date’s activity-a movie, a walk in the park, a drive

Things you can do on a date night:

1.  Museum/Gallery
2.  Zoo/Wild Animal Park
3.  Lunch/dinner at a park
4.  Long drives
5.  Walking on the beach
6.  Hiking/backpacking together
7.  Sit by a lake, a pond, a creek
8.  Playing a board game together
9.  Watch a movie
10.  Think outside the box

Date night is a special time for the two of you to reconnect, to focus on your relationship. Remember that you should never stop courting your spouse, wooing them, making them feel special.  Take the Lead and be in the moment with the most special person in your life.

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