Some years back we were struggling with how we wanted to live out our lives and our marriage.

We had goals set for our finances, time spent together, personal growth, and other areas.

The problem for us was even though we had these goals set we wanted something that would intertwine each area of our lives.

We felt disjointed, out of sync, and unable to live our lives with a purpose.

It was during this time that we began brainstorming ideas when we came up with One Word for the Year.

Unlike resolutions, goals, or milestones that have you planning out what it is you want to accomplish, One Word for the Year is just that.

One word that you will live by for the upcoming year.

This is a word that you will come to during your quiet time and prayer. It is a word that encompasses where you want to grow in your life and your marriage throughout the year.

Picking your One Word for the Year can sometimes take weeks to determine and other times it comes within a day or two.

When you are searching for your One Word for the Year take 5-10 minutes each day to be in a place with no interruptions.

Go to a place where you can read your Bible and focus in on what Jesus wants for your life.

Again, the word may come to you quickly or it may take several weeks.

Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t come quickly.

We have both done this for many years and we have both struggled as well as come up with our one word quickly.

When your One Word presents itself to you, you will know deep down inside that this is the one.

This is the word you’ll be living by throughout the upcoming year.

Below are some of the words that we have had over the years.

They came to us at different times and for a multitude of reasons:

  • Victory
  • Confidence
  • Stewardship
  • Prayer
  • Faith
  • Grace
  • Commitment

After your word presents itself to you it is now time for you to write this word down somewhere.

It could be inside your Bible, on a 3×5 card, a poster, or any way that will remind you of your word.

The year that I had the word prayer for my one word I wrote “Pray” on a 3×5 card. I then placed it in my car where I could see it every time I got in.

Get creative as this is your One Word for the Year and it should be where you can refer back to it.

It’s now time for you to take action and pick your One Word for the Year.

We’d love to know what word you will be focusing on for this upcoming year.

Share your word in the comments below.

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