Form a New Habit Starting Today

It’s been said that a new habit can be formed in 21 days.

Want to make exercise part of your daily routine, do it for 21 days straight and you now have a new healthy habit.

Prayer not happening right now then set aside 10 minutes a day for the next 21 days. find a quite place to pray and in 21 days you have a new prayer habit.

I don’t know about you, but I have found that it takes me much longer to change a habit. Honestly, it can take me upwards of 90 days to form new habits.

If you are wanting to change a habit in your marriage it’s going to take longer than 21 days.

The reason being is not only are you having to make this new habit part of your life, but you have a spouse who also has to be actively seeking a new habit as well.

Because of this it is in our opinion that it takes much longer for the two of you to make a new marriage habit.

When we embarked on our 60 Days of Sex Challenge we set the number of days around a Bible study we were leading at the time. In hind sight we needed 60 days to form new habits in our marriage.

There was lots of sex and that was good and yet the new habit we gained was our emotional intimacy.

Before our 60 Days of Sex Challenge communicating after 11 years of marriage was usually short and shallow.

After days, weeks, and months of diving into our emotional intimacy we formed a new habit that has now lasted 5+ years.

To make a new habit sustainable in your marriage you are going to have to put in the extra effort, how does 77 days sound?

77 Day Marriage Challenge

To start off this challenge grab Connect Like You Did When You First Met. At your fingertips you will have 101 proven questions on emotional, intellectual, financial, recreational, spiritual, and sexual intimacy.

Your challenge for 77 days is to sit down with your spouse for 10 minutes each day. During this time you will both ask and answer one question a day. Take off your masks and share honestly about each area of your life. When your spouse is answering listen and take notes to refer back to at a later time.

The 77 Day Marriage Challenge isn’t for the faint of heart, but this challenge is for the couple who is wanting a deeper level of intimacy.

Are you up for the challenge?

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14 thoughts on “77 DAY MARRIAGE CHALLENGE

  1. Tony, I love this idea. (It’s because I really enjoy my wife and sex). I’ve found in my marriage (3 1/2 years) that the secret to a happy marriage, is a humble heart and communication. Plus a thousand other things, but I think we can agree to disagree 😉

    • Hey Alex, great to hear that you dig this idea. It’s a big one for a couple to take on together and yet I have seen the impact it has had on couples who have done it. Their lives and marriages were changed in many ways. From the emotional intimacy to their sexual intimacy to everything in between.

      There are many other things vying for our attending, but this lays a solid foundation for many years to come.

    • Hey Kelli,

      Did you sign up for the newsletter and then were not able to get access to the questions? You should be able to access the sign up to get these questions on your iPad as we have had many do this.

      If not, go here, https://www.oneextraordinarymarriage.com/talktoday, and you will be able to enter your info to get the 77 Questions.

      You can email us directly if you have further issues at info(at)oneextraordinarymarriage(dot)com.


  2. Hi, probably a stupid question, but what do you mean by “your favorite Calendar ‘It’ moment? Thanks and plan to start the challenge tonight!

    • Hey Dale,

      Ask each other the same question each day. This way you both can learn about the same thing you are asking and answering. If it sparks further in depth conversation go with it.