New year, new marriage. That’s what many couples wish for this time of year. But it takes more than just words. You have to take action if you want a stronger relationship for the new year. A fun way to get started is with a New Year’s bingo card for married couples.


By playing New Year’s bingo as a married couple, you can check off the boxes as you strengthen all of your 6 Pillars of Intimacy® in exciting ways.

Whether you express more appreciation for your spouse, try new things in the bedroom, grow together spiritually, or focus on other areas of your marriage, this New Year’s bingo card will set you up for success. So grab your spouse, pick your favorite bingo boxes to check off, and make this an incredible year!

New Year’s Bingo Card

This New Year’s, a fun way to get intentional and take action is by playing bingo. Click here to download the New Year’s bingo card for married couples. Then, read below to find details and examples for each action.

You can jumpstart your marriage by going for a bingo by crossing off five boxes in a row, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Or you can go for the blackout and see how long it takes you to check off all 24 boxes!

However you choose to play this New Year’s bingo, know that your marriage will be stronger because of the actions you take.

New Years Bingo for Married Couples

24 New Year’s Bingo Ideas for a Stronger Marriage

Take a Romantic Getaway

Going on a romantic getaway with your spouse is a great way to break the routine and prioritize your intimacy this year. Whether you take a one-night staycation, a full weekend getaway, or a longer trip together, getting away can help you strengthen communication, reconnect, have adventures, and reduce stress. 

Have Sex Outside the Bedroom

Having sex outside of your bedroom can be a playful and spontaneous way to boost sexual intimacy with your spouse this year. Stimulate your creativity and sense of adventure by spicing up the routine. Whether that be in your kitchen, living room, car, or somewhere special to the two of you, add some excitement and variety to your sex lives just by changing your scenery

Disclaimer: Please obey all local laws in your area. We understand that laws vary from city to city and state to state. We do not condone any activities that would be considered illegal.

Start A Daily Devotional

If prioritizing your spiritual intimacy is one of your goals this year, a simple step is to start a devotional with your spouse. By spending a few minutes reading a devotional or other spiritual book with your spouse regularly, you can explore and deepen your faith and relationship as one.  

Shower Together

Need a quick and easy way to boost intimacy with your spouse? Try showering together! This can be an intimate way to connect without distractions. Plus, you can do it in the morning, evening, or whenever you find the time.

Create a Budget

Start the new year strong with a focus on financial intimacy. To begin, create a budget or set financial goals for the year. The practice of transparency and goal setting helps keep the two of you on the same page. And it gives you something to work towards together. 

Fall Asleep Holding Hands

Physical intimacy is the loving, non-sexual touches that you share with your spouse. Holding hands is a great way to strengthen this pillar. Try falling asleep while holding hands to boost your connection and experience the physiological benefits of skin-to-skin contact with your spouse.

Pray Together

Praying with your spouse is another powerful way to strengthen your spiritual intimacy. When you pray for and with each other, you create a sense of unity as a couple. Additionally, it’s an opportunity to acknowledge both the blessings and hardships you are experiencing and present it all to God.

Send a Sexy Text

Sometimes, the simplest actions are the most forgotten. If you want to spice up your sexual intimacy this year, send your spouse more sexy texts. These messages are a quick and easy way to surprise your spouse and express desire. It also creates more opportunities to discuss sexual expectations and shake up your routines.

Bring Breakfast in Bed

An act of service like bringing your spouse breakfast or coffee in bed is a simple yet thoughtful way to deepen your emotional intimacy. Taking the time to get up before them and bring them a treat allows for a special moment for the two of you to connect before the day starts. 

Have a Spa Day

A spa day or spa night affects several of The 6 Pillars of Intimacy®, making it an ideal activity to strengthen your marriage. Unwind and connect by lighting some candles, drawing a bath, and giving each other a massage. As you relax, you can share meaningful conversations, give loving touches, and create new memories.  

Exercise Together

If you or your spouse want to prioritize your health this year, take the opportunity to strengthen your recreational intimacy along the way. Whether you join the gym together, take up hiking, go on walks, or attend a workout class, you and your spouse can both enjoy a new form of time together. Adding exercise into your routine together can turn into new adventures, interesting conversations, and even a new community of friends.

Cuddle on the Sofa

Spend quality time together while boosting physical touch by cuddling on the couch together. You can watch your favorite show, have a conversation, or listen to music while holding your spouse. This is also a great way to enjoy a comforting and calming atmosphere in your home during any regular day. 

Say “Thank You” More

This year, focus on showing appreciation to your spouse. It can be as simple as saying, “Thank you.” Try writing it down on a sticky note, sending it in a text, or telling your spouse the next time you see them. Ultimately, acknowledging and appreciating your spouse’s efforts creates an environment where they feel loved and valued.

Buy Something New for Sex

Explore new experiences with your spouse this year by buying something new for sex. This might include new toys, sexy clothes, sex furniture, or a sexy game. Adding something new into your sex life can open up communication about each other’s desires and help prevent your sexual intimacy from feeling monotonous.

Give a Compliment

Complimenting your spouse on their appearance, achievements, or positive qualities can boost their self-esteem and create a more uplifting atmosphere for your relationship. Try giving regular compliments to each other. As a result, you’ll create a cycle of positivity that helps strengthen your emotional intimacy. 

Have a No-Screens Night

These days, digital distractions can come between you and your spouse far too easily. So consider having a no-screens night to enjoy genuine, quality time together. Without the distractions of phones, computers, and TVs, you and your spouse can slow down and be mindful of how you are connecting. You could go for a walk, play a game, cook dinner together, or simply have a calm night enjoying each other’s presence. Putting your screens away allows for more intentional connection, relaxation, and better sleep. 

Attend a Workshop

If you and your spouse are interested in learning something new this year, consider attending a workshop or class. There are plenty of marriage seminars, conferences, and classes for special skills that can help you strengthen the intellectual side of your emotional intimacy. Plus, the experience could be a fun and educational time to spend time together. 

Plan a Date Night

Practice being intentional with your time this year by planning a special date night for your love. You could choose to surprise your spouse with a special night or plan something together. Whether you decide to go simple or extravagant for your plans, switching up your normal routine and getting special alone time is a great way to prioritize each other and your relationship.

Go to Bed at the Same Time

If you and your spouse are a couple whose schedules don’t line up at bedtime, consider choosing at least one night this year where you promise to go to bed together at the same time. Spending time together before bed can be the most intimate time of your day. Sharing your nighttime routine and getting into bed at the same time encourages natural conversation about your day, ideas for the future, or concerns you may have at the moment. This time before bed is an opportunity for intimacy in all forms.

Sleep Naked

There are many reasons to consider sleeping naked this year: it promotes better sleep, better health, and better connection between you and your spouse. Sleeping naked can be a simple, fun, and effective way to increase intimacy with your spouse this year. Best of all, it requires very little planning. 

Set a Long-Term Goal Together

This year, you and your spouse may want to ditch the list of resolutions and come up with some long-term goals instead. The goals could be in any area of your marriage, but think about which Pillars of Intimacy® don’t get enough attention. When you have a clear vision of what you are striving for, it’s easier to encourage one another and keep each other accountable throughout the year. 

Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude has been shown to improve mental and physical health, as well as strengthen relationships. As a couple, strive to practice gratitude this year. For example, share a gratitude journal, express your thanks to others, or simply take time each day to share the things you’re grateful for with each other. Gratitude might be a mindset you both need to adopt for the new year.  

Read a Book Together

Whether you read aloud together or read independently and discuss later, reading a book with your spouse creates an opportunity for quality time and connection. The book you select can help you explore shared interests, introduce each other to new topics, and prompt intellectual discussions.

Seduce Your Spouse

Romance and initiation are key elements of sexual intimacy. But too often, these actions fall to the back burner. This year, explore new ways to amp up your flirtation, teasing, and romance. Whether you wear sexy clothes, send your kids to the grandparents, or engage in sensual touches, there are plenty of creative ways to seduce your spouse.

Download the New Year’s Bingo Card for Married Couples

Start the New Year on the right note! Click here to download the New Year’s Bingo card for married couples.

Remember, you can aim for a single row or stretch yourselves to check off all 24 boxes. Best of all, no matter how you put the bingo card to use, you’ll be taking action to create the extraordinary marriage you desire.

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