A marriage can change in 7 days. May 8th, 2011 we hope it is the start of something new in your marriage.

One week = 7 days. Join us and the ONE community as we have sex for 7 days and nights.

It’s an amazing opportunity for you and your spouse to come together as you experience intimacy in a whole new way.

We will explore the 6 forms of intimacy during the week, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, financial, recreational, & sexual.

Read Here We Go Again! post.  Here you will get all the details on what to expect, how to sign up, and more.

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Each day we will be giving away a prize to one lucky couple.  Each day we’ll have a post with a specific instructions you and your spouse can work on for the day.  Leave a comment and you are entered for that days giveaway.  We’ll use to pick to pick our winner.


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Don’t miss out on your chance to have SEX for 7 days straight and these great prizes.

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