“When we invite fear, doubt or worry to occupy seats in the boardroom of our heart, all kinds of things can wreck the joy of our marriages.” —Anonymous


Fear is a natural human emotion. It has a biological purpose to enable us to perceive danger and make wise choices. But it creeps way beyond its healthy place and is wreaking havoc on marriages around the world today.

Fear is not always met with a rapid heartbeat and beads of sweat. It’s often the silent weight that you carry that keeps you behind, walking through life and marriage instead of leaping. Being stuck in the past, or overly concerned about the future limits how you can experience the present. Quite simply, fear steals your joy.


It may sound backwards at first, but the data is clear — couples who have defined, shared boundaries regarding interactions with people of the opposite sex have fewer trust issues than those who don’t.

Think of it like installing a fence around the backyard before letting young kids out to play. The fence sets a perimeter that both keeps out unwanted dangers while allowing kids the freedom to know what space is safe for unrestricted fun.


“The only thing better than having an orgasm? Having another orgasm.” —Anonymous


There aren’t a lot of hard-numbers on this topic due to the private and self-reported nature, but 45% of married women and 20% of married men say that they can have multiple orgasms in a given sexual encounter (see more stats like that here).

Everyone’s body, preferences and experiences are different. For Tony and Alisa, we spent the first five years of marriage with Alisa faking orgasms.