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You are committed to your marriage but are really struggling with the way your sex life has changed over the years. You remember when the two of you had that spark and you’d love to get it back.

Your primary desire is to be on the same page with your spouse when it comes to your sexual intimacy.

You don’t want sex to feel like such a tug of war in your marriage. You want it to be a partnership with romance and connection.

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You find yourself thinking “What’s wrong with us? I bet other couples don’t have this problem.”

You’ve had more conversations than you care to remember around will we or won’t we tonight. You’ve talked about what you’d like your sex life to be and yet nothing seems to change.

You find yourself thinking this shouldn’t be that hard. You remember when it wasn’t a challenge to be intimate and you wonder where those days have gone.

It seems like everything else in your marriage is a priority except for this.

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Every single day we help people in this same situation, folks just like you that need that first step. Folks that need the answer to the question: How do we jump start our sexual intimacy?

You’ve tried “Let’s have more sex.” Crickets

You’ve tried, “Just tell me when you are ready for sex and I’ll be ready.” Nothing.

You’ve tried, I’ll just wait until he/she initiates. And nothing has happened.

You’ve tried everything that you can think of and it hasn’t worked.

It’s OK, that’s in the past.

The good news is, you are here and you’re willing to try something different.

What you need right now is a way to jumpstart your sexual intimacy. You need a way to make the expectations clear for both of you AND you need a way to help the lower desire spouse get on board with trying something new.

You need a way to demonstrate to your spouse how making sexual intimacy a priority could dramatically change your marriage.


Because healthy marriages are strong in both emotional intimacy and sexual intimacy- you cannot have one without the other.

Over time it’s easy for couples to fall into a rut and find themselves more like roommates than lovers. You need a way to break out of that routine and bring the spark back to your marriage. You need to reconnect sexually, making your marriage a priority as you intentionally make time to connect. You just need a little help.

Think of it this way…

How would you feel if you had a game plan to help you break out of the routines in your sexual intimacy?

What could be possible in your marriage if the two of you were able to get on the same page when it comes to your sexual intimacy?

With your busy life, you need it to be easy to bring the spark back. You need a plan on how to have that sexual connection with your spouse.

It’s time to get the fireworks back! It’s time to reconnect sexually with your spouse.

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