Planning a scavenger hunt is a fun way to lead your spouse to your predetermined “X”.

scavenger hunt

Surprise your spouse with a fun romantic scavenger hunt. These are easy to throw together at the last minute if you need to do something different, or you can plan for weeks if you want to end with a vacation or night at a hotel.

There are endless possibilities in creating a night of hunting for love.

Rev Up Your Imagination

Get the gears in your imagination going by thinking of exciting ways to lead your lover through their messages to get to the last message. Whether you’re leading them to a romantic getaway or a sweet gift, let romance take the lead.

Think about the things your spouse enjoys as you map out your hunt. What do you want to include? Where do you want them to find clues? You can even get a friend to take the first clue to them. It all starts with brainstorming.

Write It Out

You don’t need to be a professional writer to figure out some intriguing clues.

Some people enjoy using limericks composed of five lines. Your spouse has to read through the lines to get the clue. And each clue leads to the next clue. Use things that mean something to both of you.

The last clue needs to hit it home.

Make sure your spouse can figure it out, so they aren’t wandering around forever while you wait. You can wait with flowers and candy and the last love note.

Simple Ideas

It might be tough to think of ideas as you write the clues. The simple route is the best way to get ideas flowing.

If you’re hiding a clue in the freezer, talk about where you store the meat. If you’re hiding a clue in the oven, talk about how your spouse heats the room. Have fun with the clues!

Make sure each clue mirrors something in your relationship, but don’t make them too difficult or your spouse may get lost. The clues also don’t need to be extravagant to be effective. This is all about doing something new in your relationship.

The Last Clue

The most important part of your scavenger hunt is where it ends.

Do you want to end at a fancy restaurant? Would you like to be in a bubble bath waiting for your spouse? How about a nice hotel room? This makes it so easy to figure out where to send them. You can even send them all over town as they narrow it down to the last clue. Or, you can simply send them all over the house as they scoot from room to room.

Even if you’ve been together for years, it’s exciting to share new adventures. Strengthen your recreational intimacy pillar with a romantic scavenger hunt. It’ll show them you deeply care as you thoughtfully write out the clues and hide them all over the place.

Strengthen your recreational intimacy with a romantic scavenger hunt that is both thoughtful and flirty. Get ready to have some fun together.

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