Stripped Down Small Group Podcast

Tony and Alisa’s commitment is helping you and your spouse achieve the intimacy you desire in your marriage.  Come along for the journey as Tony and Alisa talk to you about all 13 Keys in this 6 week small group podcast study.  Listen as they talk about the highs and lows of their marriage and share with you how having an extraordinary marriage can happen when you give it a chance.

Week 1 – From the Top Down
Chapter 1 – What is Intimacy
Chapter 2 – From the Top Down
Chapter 3 – Enough Already

Week 2 – Can We Talk?
Chapter 4 –  Lets Talk
Chapter 5 – Money Matters
Chapter 6 – What Do We Do Now?

Week 3 – Pencil Me In
Chapter 7 – Calendar “IT”
Chapter 8 – Take the Lead

Week 4 – Looking Good and Feeling Good
Chapter 9 – Get Physical
Chapter 10 – Dress it Up

Week 5 – Is Your Bedroom a Sanctuary?
Chapter 11 – Radio Shack to Love Shack
Chapter 12 – A Little Romance

Week 6 – Heaven Help Us!
Chapter 13 – A Change of Scenery
Chapter 14 – Prayer Works


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