For 11 years of our marriage pornography sucked the life out of us.

Watching it, masturbating to it and expecting my wife, Alisa, to reenact what was happening on the screen demoralized her.

She didn’t want anything to do with me as I was fantasizing about the girl on the screen instead of making love to her.

We share our story of how Pornography: A Secret That Can Destroy a Marriage so that you can begin to take the steps necessary to rid yourself of porn.

If you are wondering what impact pornography has on your spouse make sure to listen to this show we did from Alisa’s perspective, The Impact of Pornography on Your Wife.

It’s time to make a positive change in your life so that you and your spouse can enjoy the sexual intimacy you desire in your marriage.

For more resources, check out 25 Top Resources for Overcoming Pornography today!

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  1. I have read a couple of research papers on this… the implications are scary… people start seeing sexual situations where there are none; like an adult male with a minor female holding hands or hugging and thinking that something sexual is going on… this is probably why the vast majority of calls to CPS are unfounded and very few of those are referred to a district attorney for prosecution … as a result, families are traumatized because somebody has a wild imagination and perverse fantasies…

    • The studies that are coming out about porn and the brain have been interesting. It’s great to see these as they are bringing up why there is a huge problem with the viewing of these images.

      Your insights on what is happening among adults and minors when it comes to calls to CPS is disturbing. Like you said these leave a family traumatized as well as a girl/boy facing issues as they get older.

  2. One of the things I find frustrating is the fact of how easy porn can be accessed. If you have a child and you want to protect them from pornography it is very difficult. Pornography is free on the internet yet if you want to download an app or some type of program that blocks pornography it cost money. So the problem is free but the cure costs money.